Want To Explore The Flavourful Asian Cuisine? 10 Best Asian Cookbooks To Guide You!

Asian cuisine is known for its spices, aroma, and unique taste. According to a survey conducted by a popular food magazine over the different restaurants in the world, it was observed that Asian cuisine is extremely popular among restaurant-goers and it is also quite famous as a form of street food too even in the Western regions of the world where more subdued flavors have always reigned. 

Therefore, it is quite natural that if you are curious and want to explore more about the rich Asian cuisine because such is the power of the Asian foods that draws you in. 

And one of the best ways to learn about Asian cuisine is through cookbooks. Cookbooks are always one of the best ways to learn more about any place’s local cuisine but Asia is the largest continent in the world and it is not possible for one cookbook to cover everything about the different and varied cuisines.

But do not be disheartened because we have curated the list of the best cookbooks for you that will depict each of the zones’ different spice palettes and their uniqueness. 

1. Coconut & Sambal: Recipes from my Indonesian Kitchen; Lara Lee

Written by Lara Lee, we have to admit it is the cover of the book that draws you first to this cookbook. 

Indonesian foods are delightful to the senses and this cookbook helps us to gap our knowledge of the Indonesian culture through the author’s recipes and her stories as she grew up spending her childhood in Indonesia. 

The title is because coconut and sambal, which is a type of chili sauce, can always be found on any Indonesian table and are also sometimes the key ingredients of dishes. 

This book includes from street food snacks to main dishes and also contains over 80 dessert recipes. 

2. The Food Of Vietnam; Luke Nguyen

This Asian cookbook will transport you to the rich cultures of Vietnam. 

The author who is a TV host and chef travels from South Vietnam to the North and this book is a form of the chronicles of his journey. 

This cookbook includes some very easy-to-follow recipes and mouth-watering photos of the dishes that will have you cooking in no time. 

Also, if you just want to know more about the country, then this hefty book is perfect for you as it marks the celebration of the culture of Vietnam through the eyes of the author. 

3. Chai, Chaat & Chutney: a street food journey through India; Chetna Makan

Indian food is extremely diverse. It is full of flavors and each of the different zones of India varies in its cuisines. 

This amazing cookbook is sure to take the reader through the different zones of the country. The cities of focus in the book are Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi. 

There are around twenty street food recipes special to each of the areas and it also has a dedicated chutney and masala section where you can learn how to make the delicious chutneys of the place. 

4. Our Korean Kitchen; Jordan Bourkee and Rejina Pyo

This Asian cookbook can make you fall in love with the Korean culture and the foods available there. 

The cookbook contains around 100 different dishes with detailed recipes and as well as recipes on how to make kimchi, pickles, and savory pancakes. 

This cookbook is perfect for a beginner who wants to get introduced to flavorful Korean cooking. 

5. Atsuko’s Japanese Kitchen: Home-cooked comfort food made simple; Atsuko Ikeda

We often tend to associate Japanese food with healthy and delicate dishes that are served in high-end restaurants but this cookbook helps in bringing out the more satisfying and hearty meal recipes. 

The book takes you through Japan’s eight major regions and showcases the differences in their cooking styles effectively. 

It has easy one-plate meals to noodles, soups, and delicious dessert recipes

6. Complete Chinese Cookbook: Ken Hom

Asian cuisines are heavy on spices and flavors and Chinese cuisine is no exception to the fact. 

This cookbook is for those who want to delve into the traditional cuisine of China and want to know more about the different cooking styles of the different provinces. 

The cookbook contains recipes that are clear and detailed and it shows how history has greatly impacted Chinese cuisine. 

You can also find lessons on how to eat Chinese food, what are the various equipment you need to cook and more. 

7. Kaukasis The Cookbook: The Culinary Journey Through Georgia, Azerbaijan & beyond; Olia Hercules

Another great cookbook that shares the recipes of some lesser-known Asian countries. 

This cookbook is considered a powerhouse of knowledge and storytelling and can completely throw you off the stump with some never-known ingredients and recipes. But the cookbook is a best seller and dishes are said to be extraordinarily delicious. 

8. The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen; Laura B. Russell

Finding an entire cookbook on gluten-free food can be quite a task but this cookbook does the job perfectly. 

The book contains recipes for sauces and dumplings that can be made gluten-free and for someone who follows a gluten-free diet and wishes to substitute some ingredients without changing the dish dramatically can be extremely invaluable. 

9. 101 Asian Dishes You Need To Cook Before You Die; Jed Tila

From growing up in a Thai and Chinese family to becoming a prominent Asian chef, this cookbook chronicles the journey of the author. 

The cookbook showcases his journey and knowledge of the dishes he has gained over the years. You will also be able to explore the secrets of making your favorite Asian meals. 

10. Lemongrass and Lime: Southeast Asian Cooking At Home; Leah Cohen

Lemongrass and lime are the most key ingredients used in Southeast Asian cooking and if you want to experience the delicious dishes of Southeast Asia from the comfort of your home, then this is the perfect cookbook for you. This book has a massive collection of dishes with easy and detailed recipes. 

Now there you go, some of the best cookbooks on Asian cuisine. As mentioned earlier, Asia is a vast continent and it is not possible to cover the diversity in this list. But we have tried our best and brought to you some of the best of the best cookbooks. We are sure that after reading the cookbooks, you all will be ready to cook up a storm in your kitchen. 

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