10 Healthy Late-night Snacks That Wont Make You Fat

Are you also craving late-night snacks regularly? Are you constantly trying to avoid needless snacking after dinner and failing miserably? 

No more! You do not have to avoid late-night snacks. Of course, late-night snacks are bad for your health but have you ever thought of eating healthy late-night snacks that won’t make you fat? 

Such minor changes can change your life pattern and you can maintain your weight or even lose weight.

Eating too heavy late-night snacks might cause excess weight gain as your metabolism is less fast at midnight. But if you are voraciously hungry, a light snack filled with proteins and fibre, about 200 calories or less works just fine. 

How do you find the right late-night snack for yourself? Don’t worry, we have multiple options only for you! 

Why Should You Consider Late Night Snacks?

It’s time to prove all the myths wrong about late-night snacking. Choose wisely and consume healthy late-night snacks that won’t make you fat. 

  • Body’s Appearance: Healthy late-night snacks consisting of 150 calories can help you improve your body’s posture and appearance. You will gain muscle weight, the only type of weight you desire to gain. Even after late-night snacking, you will look perfectly fit and fine!
  • Increased Metabolism: Metabolism is the process where your body uses foods and converts them into energy. The more the metabolism, the more you lose weight. 

When you consume a light night snack rich in proteins and fibre, it will boost your metabolism the next morning.

  • Better Sleep: At times you might crave snacks because you are not sleepy and bored. Consuming healthy late-night snacks that are rich in melatonin improves your sleep function. 

You will be able to fall asleep easily with a full stomach. It might also help people suffering from insomnia. 

  • Morning Appetite: If your goal is to lose weight, then late-night snacking might be the right choice for you! Late-night snacks will keep you full till the morning thus you will consume fewer calories in the morning and there will be a decrease in your calorie intake. 
  • Satisfy Ourselves: Once you have eaten healthy snacks, you will feel comfortable, happier and satisfied. 
  • Body Composition: Healthy late-night snacks prep your body to do workouts the other day, increase muscle mass and you tend to be more active than usual. 
Late Night Snacking– Pros and Cons 
Pros of late-night snacks Cons of late-night snacks 
Better and faster sleepMight be an indication of dehydration when you crave salty snacks
Increases morning metabolism and reduces appetite Can become a bad habit of eating junk foods 
Maintains weight and even helps to lose weight You might gain weight if you are consuming snacks having over 200 calories 
You feel happier and more comfortable You may experience indigestion if you eat too much at once
Healthy late-night snacks are a good choice Might turn out to be an unhealthy choice as you may end up consuming chips, pizza or cookies
You will be in a state of satisfaction You will be on a guilt trip 

10 Healthy Late-Night Snacks To Eat

Greek Yoghurt With Berries

If you are craving ice cream, then this is a healthy alternative. 

Greek yoghurt consists of proteins that provide energy and help to build muscles, bones, skin, hair, blood and cartilage. 

Berries help to decrease wrinkling, lower bad cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of heart diseases and inflammation. 

Together they can be one of the best late-night protein rich snack. 

  • A Cup of this healthy late-night snack consists of:
  • 100 grams of greek yoghurt- 59 calories 
  • 100 grams of blueberries- 57 calories 

This good late-night snack tastes very well and is super healthy. Pistachios are edible seeds from the Pistacia vera tree.

These seeds are a good source of protein, antioxidants, fibre and healthy fats. They have numerous benefits such as they may lower your cholesterol levels, blood sugar and blood pressure, help you to lose weight faster and improve overall health.

A 1-ounce serving(28 g, 49 pistachios) of this late-night snack consists of 158 calories, 6 g proteins, 3 g fibre and 8 g carbs.

Oatmeal With Nuts

Oatmeal is a very common breakfast with numerous benefits. 

Consuming oatmeal as a late-night snack lowers blood sugar levels and risk of developing colon cancer, promotes healthy gut bacteria, eases constipation, manages weight and relieves itchiness. 

Adding nuts to it increases its benefits and makes it healthier. 

  • A Bowl of this good late-night snack consists of:
  • 177g of oatmeal- 120 calories 
  • 10 almonds- 69 calories 
Baby Carrots With Hummus

You can have this good late-night snack with hummus or peanut butter. 

It is rich in vitamin A which keeps your eyes,heart and kidneys healthy. It also strengthens your immune system.  This is a great snack for people having eye problems or wearing specs. 

It gives better digestion, promotes healthy skin and keeps your gums and teeth healthy. 

A Bowl of this healthy late-night snack consists of:

8 baby carrots- 30 calories 

4 tbsp of hummus- 140 calories 

Air-popped popcorn

This is one of the best late-night snacks if you’re binge-watching a movie or series. 

Air-popped popcorn gives you the taste of regular popcorn but they are rich in fibre and healthy. 

Per serving of this healthy snack consists of about 120 to 150 calories.

Fruit Soup 

Consuming apples, bananas, pomegranate, etc with cinnamon powder and water as a late-night snack is a healthy option. 

Such fruits are filled with nutrients and numerous benefits. They improve your overall health, reduce the risk of heart diseases, protect you from different diseases and help you to develop good habits. 

A Cup of fruit soup consists of 177 calories, 45.79 g carbs, 0.19 g fat and 1.31 g protein. 

Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are a healthy snack, no matter when you consume them. 

They are full of tryptophan and protein. You will have a good sleep after consuming this. They’re easy to make and take less time too! 

2 large hard-boiled eggs consist of 154 calories, 1.2 g carbs, 10.6 g fats and 12.6 g protein.

Whole Grain Wrap 

If you’re craving something very tasty yet want it healthy, then this is it! 

Hold one whole-grain tortilla or leftover chapati, spread hummus, add some chopped tomatoes, unsweetened nut butter and chillies, as per your choice. You can add more stuff to this wrap such as veggies, cheese, paneer, but that could increase your calorie intake.

Per wrap(30-gram) consists:

1 tortilla- 94 calories 

1 tbsp of hummus- 25 calories 

Roti Pizza

It is the perfect alternative for pizza and a really good late-night snack.

You just have to use leftover chapati, spread a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup, add some toppings such as onion, tomatoes, and cheese if you want. 

This healthy snack that won’t make you fat consists of about 174 calories.

Avocado Toast

They are healthy, tasty and easy to make. They are rich in healthy fats, fibre and consist of the right amount of calories you need. 

They can lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They are loaded with antioxidants which are good for your eyes.

2 slices of avocado toast consist of 200 to 250 calories.  

Healthy Alternatives For Your Favorite Food

  1. Ice cream- Greek yoghurt or plain yoghurt 
  2. Hamburger- Turkey burgers 
  3. Pizza- Roti pizza or oats pizza base
  4. Chips- Kale chips 
  5. French fries- Zucchini fries
  6. Spicy noodles- Onion noodles or spaghetti squash
  7. Cake- Fruit cake
  8. Sugary soda- Sparkling water or lemonade 


You can opt for other healthy late-night snacks, beverages or green tea. Select smartly and be your boss! 

Enjoy whatever you eat and consider exercising the other day too!

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