10 Most Popular Fitness Gifts For Him & Her In 2021

Having a birthday coming up? If your friend is a gym enthusiast then you have come to the right spot. Read more to find the most suitable fitness gifts.

Fitness gifts can be tricky to select. Birthdays come every year and always finding something new can leave you a bit overwhelmed. Your workout buddy has spent many hours with you fishing for gifts to do with you, making sure you have everything ready for your gym, looking out for you, and sometimes guiding you through exercises. They might even be your support through covid times and have worked out with you during this time. They might have shared new workout routines for you or have helped you get started with your beginner’s workout plans. 

Fitness gifts for your friend, your daughter who is starting sports, your wife or husband can vary. The budget has been a concern for many. If you want a low-budget gift then look out for making a small fitness box with goodies starting from healing patches, anti-skid socks, sweatshirts, tracks, bottles, and much more. If you have a high budget then go for watches, gym equipment for home workouts, and such. 

Fitness gifts are the perfect way to show your gratitude for their efforts. Keep scrolling to find something suitable for your gym buddy. 

Top 10 fitness gifts: 

1. Fitness band: 

Without a second thought, the fitness band is the first we all can think of. These days fitness bands come with a lot of amazing tech features. Does your friend listen to music while working out? It might be a hassle to get up from your place to answer calls or listen to music in between workouts. Help your buddy get through this with a fitness watch or band. They can operate changing of music, texting, or answering calls through this. 

Price range: it can start from a minimum of 2000 and go up. Find the best one in your budget and send it out. 

Brands: Fastrack, Redmi, Boat, Zebronics, noise, apple watches. 

2. Hydration belt: 

Are you planning to gift an athlete? Hydration belts are perfect for them. It’s a waist belt that consists of a bottle rack, mobile pouch, and other small spaces to keep the things you need on the run. Each belt has its own unique feature. They can be cost-friendly and lightweight. Some of them have two bottle holders while some have one, some have pockets for extras while some do. Find out what your friend carries on the run and buy accordingly. 

Price range: 600 onwards. 

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3. Jet blender: 

Everyone is getting health conscious these days and with the number of workouts, the actual weight loss agent is diet. Dieting is a crucial part and these days many diet plans are coming out. So why not think healthy? Buy your friend the perfect blend jet that can help them make smoothies, juices, and everything they like whenever they want. A personal blender might sound expensive but it can be affordable. It could be amazing fitness gifts for her if she’s on her diet and you want to help out. 

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Price: 3000 onwards. 

Brands: Blendjet, glen electric blender, brayden, wonderchef nutri blend, etc. 

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4. Hoodies

Does he like wearing hoodies? This could be a last-minute fitness gift for him. Hoodies are always a trend and most convenient to wear. You can even get it customized and get their favorite print on it. Choose a good material fitting for a gym workout. 

Price: 750 onwards. 

5. Sports fit yoga socks

These socks are amazing. They are antiskid and are best for workouts. If your friend follows workouts that revolves less around machines then this could help. These socks can be combined with other fitness gifts. 

Price: 450 onwards

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6. Gym start-up kit:

If your buddy is getting started to go to the gym this combo can be a good idea. They include gym bags, Skipping ropes, gloves, water bottles, and hand grippers. Find the best combinational fitness gifts for men that could suit your budget.

Price: 800 onwards

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7. Exercise dice:

These are real fun!. Working out at home can now be made fun for you and your buddy. This dice set has exercises in one of them and the other has numbers. Roll the dice and choose what workout you need to do.  

Price: 1500 onwards

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8. Combinations of home workout kit

Make a combination of the things you think are useful for home workouts. Resistance bands, ab roller wheels, tummy trimmer, foam handles, yoga mats, and more. These could be the best fitness gifts for your buddy. 

Price: any two combinations start from 700

9. Water bottle

Leave plastics behind. They aren’t healthy. Switch to metal bottles, copper bottles, or steel flasks. Nowadays there are fewer weight bottles that can help you switch to something fun. 

Price: 500 onwards

10. Shoes

Lastly, there are always shoes.  Who doesn’t love a good pair of shoes! Shoes are fitting for anyone. Running shoes or sport shoes, they now come in a wide range of colours. Fashion and fitness now go hand in hand. 

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