Yoga Doesn’t Discriminate: 10 Plus Size Yoga Poses

Yoga is only for the young and thin.

Yoga requires flexibility and a slim figure.

I can’t fit into those petite yoga clothes.

These phrases are surely stuck to your mind if you think about yoga and you are a big-bodied person. It’s not your fault. The whole mass media & entertainment industry follows the same principle. You scroll through your feed and see ads of fit and muscular men/women in activewear, but none fitting your size. Decades of fat-shaming and fatphobia have brought this on us.

So, today we will show you some plus size yoga poses that are going to be easy-peasy for full-bodied beginners. Let’s get started!

P.S. plus size yoga pants and plus size yoga clothes are also available, don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise

Some wise man once said–“If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” Yoga is all about body positivity and self-love. Yes, you can lose weight, but that is not the point here. Yoga is all about accepting and loving yourself for who you are. Yoga can be performed by anyone of any age, weight, or gender and provides the same benefits. Some of them are building strength, increasing flexibility, calming your mind and many more.

Using yoga props

Full-bodied beginners may need some extra support to do certain plus-size yoga poses. If you practice at home, then it is wise to invest in a few props like yoga blocks. They help you to:

  • Keep you properly aligned
  • Make a pose accessible
  • Reduce difficulty

Plus size yoga poses

As you probably know, yoga offers many benefits. If you still have double-mindedness, whether you will fit in yoga pants or not, don’t fret. There are many plus size yoga pants out there with a variety of styles, colors, etc. Choose one of them and embrace the change.

Grab your favorite mat and do some of these poses!

1. Tadasana/Mountain Pose

People feel like Tadasana is just a simple standing pose. Yes, it is simple, but it is considered the foundation of all standing poses. It easily falls under plus-size yoga poses. It is a great way to improve posture, relieve sciatica, and strengthen the ankles, knees, and thighs.


  • Start standing together with your feet and firmly plant them on the ground. 
  • Engage your thighs and soft bend your knees.
  • With your arms by your side, face your palms forward and stretch your arms down.
  • Keeping your chin parallel to the mat, roll your shoulder blades up, back, and down. 
  • Focus on taking deep breaths.
2. Vrikshasana/Tree Pose

Standing on one leg is challenging. So, you can use a chair as a prop to maintain a proper balance. It helps you to strengthen your lower back, ankles and stabilizes your leg muscles.


  • Begin standing with your feet together. 
  • Shift your weight onto your left foot as you lift your right foot.
  • Place the sole of your right foot against the inner thigh, toes pointing down towards the ground.
  • Keep your breath steady and bring your hands together in Anjali Mudra, as if you are praying with your hands near your heart.
3. Uttanasana/Forward Fold Pose

This asana is a basic pose for most of the yoga classes out there. If you carry some excess bodyweight, then you can widen your posture and use yoga blocks to reach the floor.


  • Begin by keeping your feet together and hands on your hips.
  • Bend forward, folding your waist.
  • Let your head hang and relax the rear of the neck.
4. Adho Mukha Svanasana/Downward Facing Dog

This asana strengthens the upper body and lengthens the spine. It is also referred to as a resting posture – which is a great fit for plus-size yoga poses.


  • Begin on your hands and knees together with your arms straight. 
  • Tuck in the toes and start to straighten your legs as you exhale. 
  • Send your hips towards the sky, making an upside-down V shape.
  • Press your chest back towards the thighs and widen the shoulder blades (and keep breathing).
5. Balasana/Child’s Pose

If you’re suffering from tight hips and a sore back, practicing this asana can help relieve those symptoms. It is also considered as a resting pose to provide an active break.


  • Slowly lower your knees to the ground and bring your chest upright. 
  • Tuck your toes inwards, therefore the toes are touching the mat.
  • Now touch your big toes together, and spread your knees to the surface of your mat.
  • Bend your hips and slowly reach your fingertips forward, so your arms are extended ahead of you.
  • Focus on taking deep breaths and relax.
6. Utkatasana/Chair Pose

It is a great workout for your lower body which strengthens thighs and glutes. If you are looking for a weight loss option, this one works like a gem. This can be a bit challenging for full-bodied people.


  • Start by standing together with your feet hip-width apart.
  • Bend your knees and reach your tailbone, as you are trying to sit on a chair behind you.
  • Take your weight into your heels, and keep your back lifted.
  • Press your palms together in Anjali Mudra, and breathe.
7. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana/Bridge Pose

It offers gentle stretch to the chest, neck, and spine while strengthening your lower body.


  • Start with lying on your back with your knees bent and feet fixed at a hip-width distance.
  • Bring your arms to the sides, palms facing down.
  • Lock your upper back and feet into the ground. 
  • Clutch your glutes and lift your hips. 
  • Keep your knees aligned and breathe.
8. Virabhadrasana II/Warrior Pose II

It is an important strength-building asana and engages the entire body. People might experience hip pain in the back leg, if so, try turning the back foot a little inward.


  • Stand straight along with your legs hip-distance apart, arms on your sides.
  • Spread your legs wide apart. 
  • Turn your right foot out to face the edge of the mat.
  • Turn the other feet inward to make a forty-five-degree angle.
  • Go forward on your right knee making a ninety-degree angle, and let the other leg stretch properly.
  • Bring your arms parallel to the ground, stretched wide apart.
9. Ardha Matsyendrasana/Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

Ardha Matsyendrasana is a great spine twister that focuses on the hips, shoulders, neck, and back for an energizing upper body stretch. It is also known to enhance the digestion process.


  • Bend the right leg and place the foot over the left knee.
  • Then bend the left knee and place the sole on the right hip from outside.
  • Raise the left arm, and catch the right big toe from outside of the right leg.
  • Maintain the final position and gaze at the right side.
10. Savasana/Corpse Pose

Just like the Tadasana, people don’t comprehend the Corpse pose. It allows your entire mind, body, and spirit to fully relax from all that hard work from your yoga practice. It is the last asana of any yoga workout.


  • Lie down on the ground and relax the body.
  • Breathe long and slow.
  • Keep a gap between your feet. Palms should be a little away from the body, facing skyward.
  • Close your eyes and reflect that your body is relaxing.

These were some plus size yoga poses that are perfect to start your mystical (probably not) journey. With plus-size yoga clothes and these easy yoga poses, nothing is stopping you now to do them. Also, please refrain from practicing yoga during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, physical illness, and operations. Consult with your doctor or your yoga guru before practicing yoga.

Remember, yoga doesn’t discriminate, then why should you?

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