10 Life Saving Sports Bras For Large Breasts (Price Included)

Men running on the treadmill is often a sight to behold but not so much for a woman. If you aren’t trying to recreate the iconic scene from Baywatch. Women are blessed with breasts and as seductive as it looks, it can at often times be a cause of hindrance. If you are a woman who has considerably large breasts, it becomes even more important to find the right support for your breasts when you are exercising.

It’s only natural to be held back by your breasts from the workouts and the exercises you desire to dedicate yourself to. The studies have proven this. The major population of women out there agree and relate to this.

And we are here to support you through this. While the options out there are numerous, we have come together to give you the best with respect to support, fit, and comfort. There clearly cannot be a one in all wonder bra for all types of activities as each of us prefers equally different things with respect to support, coverage, strap width, and back design. With all of this in mind, finding the best sports bras for large breasts is as crucial as it gets.

Importance of sports bras for women

Take a look at the body structure; your breasts are mainly fat tissues with no muscles. There are no bones to help out either. With such less support, breasts tissues and ligaments easily tear when inflicted with stress. This can cause pain and sag. 

If the breasts are stressed to an extreme condition, then the damages are irreversible. The ligaments tear and do not repair. The independent movement of the breasts from the rest of the body with repeated and continuous movements will eventually lead to pain, soreness, and sagging. This gives you all the more reason to own the right sports bra for your exercises. 

Best supportive sports bras can come in handy in such situations. Be it jumping, gym, or jogging, put on your sports bra that can prevent you from further damage.

Another important reason to wear a good sports bra is that you will be able to work out without any hindrance. The upper body muscle activity is increased, thereby straining your overall execution. It has also been shown to change the breathing patterns due to increased pressure on the rib cage. Most women tend to skip these workouts as the after-effects of bouncing are very stressful. 

Let’s look at sports bras for large breasts

1.Decathlon’s large high support fitness bra:


  • Available in sizes up to 5XL. 
  • Perfect for cardio workouts. 
  • Best high impact sports bra with zipper
  • Running or a treadmill workout
  • Material- foam with adjustable bra straps.

Price: ₹1299

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2. Velocity high impact sports bra: 


  • No bounce
  • For intense workouts
  • Proper encapsulation- it is similar to normal padded bras but with extra support
  • Comfortable with good soft material
  • Maintains shape and support longer. 

Price: ₹1297

3. Adidas ultimate bra: 


  • Made with recycled water absorbing materials. 
  • High impact bras for women with large breasts
  • Available in many colours and sizes. 
  • Best for yoga or medium intensity workouts. 

Price- ₹4299

4. Nike Dri-FIT alpha


  • Fitted with moulded separate cups and provides good compression
  • Maintains boob shape and reduces bounce
  • Best for running, or intense workout
  • Comes with an adjustable strap to wear in your comfort
  • Removes the weight felt on the shoulders and provides high support
  • Non-wired bras

Price: ₹2795

5. Seamless Long Dynamic Yoga Sports Bra


  • Crop-top shaped sports bra
  • Made for yoga and less intense workouts.
  • Good support without any compression 
  • Comes with removable pads and comfortable straps
  • Non-wired bras

Price: ₹999

6. Jockey women’s padded active sports bra: 


  • Mainly convenient for yoga and cardio workouts
  • Comfortable fitting with reasonable movement 
  • Lessens the weight on the shoulders
  • Straps are made wider for good support

Price: ₹739

7. Jockey sports bra for large breast:


  • Foam padding 
  • Non-wired
  • Holds your breasts in place and has lesser bounce. 
  • Wider straps for better comfort
  • Good for HIIT, running or any other intense workouts

Price: ₹615

8. Grosho sports bra for women:


  • Stretchable fabric with water-absorbent properties
  • Perfect for yoga, pilates, walking, cycling, or others. 
  • Medium support sports bra.
9. Decathlon’s cardio fitness sports bra:


  • Feasible for cardio workouts, running, jogging, HIIT, or walking. 
  • Comfortable foam with less boob movement and adjustable straps.
  • Also good for crosstraining and circuit training sessions. It comes in several sizes and with a racerback option. 

Price: ₹999

10. Nike’s women sports bra


  • High support with many sizes
  • Limited color options
  • Padded bras with a zipper front to give a sporty look.
  • Comfortable shape and prevents excessive bounce
  • Good for gym workouts, cross-training, tennis, and other intense workouts. 

Price: ₹3095

Why get a properly fitted sports bras for large breasts?

Choosing the right sports bra is crucial to your body that it can affect your body in ways you never imagined. Research has shown that not sporting a sports bra can change your running gait through a reduction in arm movement and body rotation. These changes further elevate to a change in your foot pattern, making it hustle to find the right fit for your feet when on that shopping curb for those shoes.


When looking for a sports bra, it is important to keep all of the above pointers in mind. Ensure good arm movements as well by adjusting the strap as per your comfort.

Also, we get it that finding the right fit bra, especially sports bras for large breasts, is like finding a unicorn. But it’s not impossible! So, what are you waiting for? 

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