Is Beet Juice Good For You? 11 Benefits That Will Convince You

Beetroot is a root vegetable used in many dishes to make the color of the food vibrant. Beet juice provides similar benefits and some more. In the following article, we will be answering the “Is beet juice good for you?” question.  In the end, you will have a clear idea of whether drinking beet juice has the same health benefits as eating one or not.

Here are some benefits of beet juice;

Helps in lowering the blood pressure

Frequent narrowing down of the blood vessels results in high blood pressure. A spike in blood pressure paired with some other harmful symptoms can increase the risk of chronic diseases. 

Drinking beet juice can help your body to lower down blood pressure. It has been scientifically proven that people who consumed even less than half a cup of beet juice regularly had their systolic and diastolic blood pressure lowered. 

There are high amounts of nitrate present in beetroot. When beet juice is consumed, the nitrate compound converts itself to nitric oxide. The nitric oxide present in the blood helps in widening and relaxing the blood vessels. Thus, lowering the frequency of high pressure in the blood. 

Helps in uplifting the muscle power

It has been scientifically proven that nitrate present in the beetroots can improve muscle power in people with heart failure. It showed energy in the muscles a few hours after consuming beet juice. 

Gives stamina for exercising
Benefits Of Beet Juice

Our body needs steady energy while performing any kind of rough workouts. Not being active enough might result in fewer benefits from exercise. To avoid the shortage of energy, one can consume beet juice. 

Drinking beet juice boosts physical performance by making the plasma nitrate levels rise. To get this benefit of beet juice, consume two cups of beet juice regularly. This will improve your performance and help you to achieve your goal in a short time. 

Maintains a healthy weight

Beetroots are low in calories and so is their juice. They have zero fat content hence it is profitable for you to add beetroot juice to your weight-loss diet. 

You can consume beetroot juice as a morning energy drink or in the form of a smoothie. It will surely give you long-lasting energy and healthy nutrients to kick start your day. 

Slows down the progression of dementia

Dementia is a mental health condition that results in loss of memory, difficulty in language, and defects in problem-solving and thinking abilities. For example, Alzheimer’s disease. 

Now, the nitrates present in the beets might help this condition by increasing the supply of blood to the brain. It also helps in slowing cognitive decline in older people. 

In a study, after the candidates consumed beet juice along with a high nitrate diet, they showed a significant improvement. It was evident that there was an increased blood flow in the frontal lobes. This was a positive sign as the frontal lobes are connected with cognitive behavior and thinking. 

Gives prevention from cancer

Beets are rich in betalains, a substance is responsible for the color of beetroots. It is such a water-soluble antioxidant that has chemo-preventive abilities against cancer-causing cells. 

Betalains act as free radical searchers that find and destroy the unstable and harm-causing cells in our bodies. 

Rich source of potassium

Beetroots are filled with potassium. The mineral, potassium is such an electrolyte that helps the muscles and nerves to function properly. Drinking beet juice as and when required will help your body in maintaining the optimal level of potassium. 

It also prevents fatigue, weakness, and muscle cramps by providing the body with potassium. When the body is low on potassium it can give rise to abnormal heart frequency. 

Rich source of folate

Beet juice is a rich source of folate. To prevent neural tube defects, vitamin B is required. In such a case, folate can be useful as it is a type of vitamin B that helps in preventing defects such as Bifida and anencephaly. 

If you are going through a child-bearing age, it will be wise to add beet juice to your diet. It also lowers the chances of giving birth to a premature baby. To achieve this, including about 600 micrograms of folate in your daily meals. 

Supports the functioning of the liver
beet juice

The liver highly supports the excretory system. Malfunctioning of the liver will lead to damage of the organ as well as to our body. In worse cases, the liver can also develop a condition called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. 

This condition is caused due to:

  • Limitless alcohol consumption
  • Sedentary lifestyle 
  • A weak diet
  • Consumption of toxic substances 

Beetroots contain an antioxidant known as betaine. The presence of butane in the juice helps to reduce as well as preventing the accumulation of fat in the liver. Thus, making the liver work properly in terms of removing the toxins from our body. 

Helps in reducing cholesterol level

Doctors recommend the consumption of beet juice for people who suffer from high cholesterol. In a study, it was proved that beetroot extract can be helpful to patients as it decreases the level of LDL or bad cholesterol and increases the level of HDL or good cholesterol.

Additionally, it also reduced the amount of oxidative stress on the liver. The phytonutrients, such as flavonoids, present in the beetroots are likely to have cholesterol-lowering potential.

Good source of other minerals

Drinking beet juice will give your body the necessary minerals it needs for proper functioning. Some of the minerals uplift the immunity system whereas some help in maintaining the bones and teeth. 

Beetroots are rich in potassium and they provide optimal levels of the following minerals too: 

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Sodium
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Iron 

Now, you have a clear idea of how beautiful and nutritious beet juice is? Though it is available in the markets too, it is always advised to make your own. Including it in your meals will take only a tiny bit of your time. 

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