14 Ways To Stay Healthy During Lockdown

The one thing that the pandemic has taught us is nothing can be as precious or invaluable as our health. No wealth can be of any worth if we aren’t healthy. Thus, it is integral to our well being to stay healthy.

Are you pressed for time? Quick 14 Ways to stay healthy during lockdown and beyond

1.Plan ahead

The more time you spend planning something, the better results you will get. Just simply writing down what you have to do with a proper schedule is half the task done. 

Plan your day or even an entire week in advance, so that you can find time for office work, household chores, as well as exercising and practicing mindfulness or mediation.

2. Decline

People start to take you for granted if you keep being nice to them all the time and say “yes” to everything they ask you to do. It’s perfectly alright to say NO. Declining politely will not offend the other person while keeping you from feeling burned out.

3. Hard tasks at first

We always tend to delay what we fear and keep putting it off for later. And this leads to reduced productivity and inefficiency. This can further add to your stress and create havoc in your schedule and ultimately mental peace.  

So, always start with the hard task first, it will give you a sense of achievement when you complete it.

4. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is a great way to save up your time which could have been wasted. If you have a dog then you can go for daily walks which will help you stay healthy. At home, while running on a treadmill you can check your emails and review articles. Even in offices, during breaks, you can go for short walks with your colleagues. 

5. Get rid of your distractions

Working from home can be challenging as it is filled with distractions- from a wailing child to a clingy doctor or even impending household chores. You should demarcate a space as your work area and fix a time when you can kindly request everyone to stop interrupting you.

Also, keep your phone and other gadgets at bay, so that you don’t up endlessly browsing your social media or binge-watching an OTT show

6. Break from the Internet and Social Media

The biggest distraction in today’s world is the Internet. Many people get so addicted to it that they forget they have a life. Engaging too much on social media may lead to procrastination and even affect your eyes if you look too closely. Keep away from it until you are done with the work in hand.

Think about the free time you will get if you stop scrolling on social media too much. You can be productive and useful to yourself. 

7. Delegate

Delegate your work among your teammates. It will help ease your burden and also allow you to relax and indulge in activities that can help you remain healthy. 

8. Early to bed and early to rise

A proper sleep-wake schedule is important to stay healthy and to also be productive. Early mornings are the best time to practice mindfulness exercises like yoga or even mediation.

9. Make use of online services

Online services are there for a reason- to help you out. So, whether it’s ordering groceries, clothes, food, or even medicine- now everything is one click away. You can also seek the assistance of online services like UrbanClap to help you with your house work and maintenance.

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10.Concentrate on the plate of food

Mothers often resort to YouTube videos to feed their children and even adults often end up watching their favorite show during mealtime. This not only makes us unaware of our consumption quantity and this can be an extremely unhealthy practice.

Rather spend this time, talking with your family or partner.

11.Tabata workout session

Tabata workout is aimed at giving benefits within a short time. This is a type of HIIT workout including intense exercises for 20 seconds and 10 seconds of resting period. This is a great time saver as you just have to spend 20 minutes. It is very effective for burning fats and weight loss journey.

12. Gym 

If you are too lazy or lack the gumption to work out if left alone, then it’s best to opt for a gym membership and actually going there. When training with others and under the tutelage of a trainer you will have regularity and also remain fit and stay healthy.

13. Always opt for stairs 

This is not at all complicated, you simply have to go for stairs in place of an elevator or escalator. If you are too busy to do exercises, then this will help you to be fit.

14. After work meditation

Meditating at the end of the day can be a great way to unwind and relax. It is important to take care of our own mental health needs. It will also help to let go of the day’s stress and tribulations and also prepare you for the next day’s work load.


Learn to stay healthy irrespective of your situation. These 14 easy to implement stepwise guide can help you to reclaim time, physical and mental health. Staying healthy during lockdown has become very cumbersome with all of us being sequestered within the confines of our home.

Remember it is alright to say NO or seek help- it doesn’t make you any less productive or efficient. Take time for yourself whether to exercise or meditate. Watch what you eat because it is easy to binge eat or eat junk food, especially during stressful times like now.


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