15 Chair Exercises To Burn Belly Fat For Elderly & Working Individuals

Are you looking for easier ways to burn belly fat? Well, You have come to the correct place! 

Losing belly fat can be difficult and if you are over the age of 65 it is harder for you to try HIIT workout and strength training. If you have a packed up schedule then do not worry, you can try these chair exercises to burn belly fat. All you need for this workout session is a chair. You can do these chair exercises anywhere, your workplace or home. 

Chair exercises are easy to do and you do not need to hire a personal trainer for them. It has multiple benefits for your body. It improves your posture, reduces back pain, alleviates body pain, provides better flexibility and range of motion, increases blood circulation and muscle strength, lowers your stress levels and gives better balance. 

There is almost a never-ending list of exercises you can perform in a seated position on a chair. Let’s focus on some of the important and effective chair exercises.

Chair exercises to burn belly fat

Arms exercises 

1. Y-Press
  • Place a chair and sit at the edge of it with a dumbbell( any cylindrical object) in each hand. Hands should be up near your shoulders and palms facing outwards. 
  • Straighten your arms upwards, forming a Y shape with your hands and body. 
  • Back to the original pose and do 3×20 reps.
2. Overhead Triceps Extension
  • Sit at the edge of the chair and hold a dumbbell in each hand. 
  • Lift your arms upwards over your head and upper arms over your ears. 
  • Bend your elbows and lower the dumbbell behind your head. 
  • Stress on the backs of your upper arms and raise the dumbbell back up. 
  • Repeat the same and do 3×20 reps.
3. Hammer Curl
  • Sit at the edge of the chair with a dumbbell in each hand and palms should be facing your legs. 
  • Upper arms should be rooted against your ribcage. 
  • Lift the weights towards your shoulders, doing a curl. 
  • Repeat the same and do 3×20 reps.

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Leg Exercises

1. Seated Heel Raise
  • Sit at the edge of the chair and slowly lift your feet off the floor. 
  • Stress and contract your calf muscles. 
  • Put pressure on the balls of your feet and stay in that position for 20-30 seconds. 
  • Do 2×10 reps. 
2. Pilé Squat 
  • Place the chair before you and stand behind it, feet wider than shoulder-width apart. 
  • Hold the chair slightly and stack your shoulders over your hips. 
  • Bend your knees and do a half squat. 
  • Knees should be right above your toes and lower your hips. 
  • Your chest should be at the same level as the chair. 
  • You can do a full squat if you want to. 
  • Do 2×10 reps.
3. Reverse Lunge
  • Stand behind the chair with your feet hip-width apart with your left side next to the chair back and hold the chair with one hand. 
  • Step your left leg back and your shoulders should be down and at the back. 
  • Both the knees should bend forming a 90-degree angle. 
  • Put pressure on your right heel to get up and repeat the same on the other side. 
  • Do 2×10 reps.
Core Exercises

1. Knee-to-Chest 
  • Take a comfortable position on the chair and keep your straight back. 
  • The core should be tight and stick your chest out. 
  • Place both hands at the sides of the chair and hold the chair. 
  • Place your legs out and raise them while bending your knees. 
  • Try to get it close to your chest. 
  • Repeat the same and do 3×10 reps. 
2. Modified Planks
  • Stand facing the chair and hold the sides of the chair with your hands. 
  • Shift your legs backwards and arms slightly bent at the elbows, forming a diagonal position in front of the chair. 
  • Stay in that position for 30 seconds and do 2×10 reps.
3. Extended Leg Raise
  • Sit comfortably on the chair and keep your back straight. 
  • Place both feet far out and they should be diagonal to your hips. 
  • Lift your right leg as high as possible and hold that position for 15-20 seconds. 
  • Repeat the same on the other side and do 2×10 reps on each side. 
Stretching Exercises

1. Triceps Stretch
  • Sit comfortably on a chair, raise your arms and bend it towards the opposite side. 
  • Raise your other hand and pull the elbow towards your head. 
  • Stay in that position for 20-30 seconds and do 2×10 reps on each side. 
2. Torso Stretch 
  • Sit comfortably on a chair and keep your feet on the ground. 
  • Twist your upper body to the right side and rest your right arm on the back of the chair. 
  • Stay in that position for 20-30 seconds and do 2×10 reps on each side. 
3. Hamstring Stretch
  • Sit slightly at the edge of the chair and extend out the legs. 
  • Reach towards your toes by bending your upper body and hold that position for 20-30 seconds. 
  • Do 3×20 reps.
Air Chair Exercise

For this air chair exercise, you do not even need a chair. 

  • You can perform this air chair exercise against a wall. 
  • Keep your feet at shoulder-width apart and point them straight out. 
  • Take a squat position and support your back with the help of the wall. 
  • Make sure to descend your hips lower than your knees. 
  • Slowly do a half squat, get up and do 2×15 reps. 
Captain’s Chair Exercise

You need a special type of equipment for this exercise, you can buy it from the internet or use it in a gym. Captain’s Chair is a seamless chair having a backrest and armrests. 

Captain’s Chair Exercises include leg raise and knee raise.

1. Leg Raise
  • Place your back against the chair’s back support and rest your forearms on the pads, holding the handles tight. 
  • Contract your core to keep your upper body straight and raise your legs in front of you with knees bent. 
  • Your legs should be parallel with the floor and hold that position for 5-10 seconds. 
  • Do this captain’s chair exercise for 15 reps.
2. Knee Raise
  • Take the same position as the earlier one and raise your knees upwards towards your chest. Just as your knees get above your hips, hold that position for 5-10 seconds and get back to the original position. 
  • Do 15 reps of this exercise.


You can include these exercises in your busy schedule and even in your workout session. These chair exercises to burn belly fat keeps you fit and improves your overall health. You can consult a doctor in case you feel extreme pain in any particular muscle or joint. You can add additional movements to these exercises and improve their benefits. 

Start today and see really good results! 

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