19 Quick Summer Meals To Beat The Sweltering Heat!

Summer is a great time to enjoy and have fun. In addition to it, this is a great time to try new foods and cook great recipes. But with the scorching heat, everyone loves something refreshing, easy, and healthy. 

And in contrast to what you might think, such recipes are not that hard to find. So here are the top 19 summer meals that you must try before summer ends. 

Summer Meals To Try Before Summer Ends

  1. Watermelon with yogurt and fried rosemary: Watermelon is a great fruit for summers. It is so refreshing and helps you beat the heat in no time. No wonder it is a summer favorite. This recipe is a great way to create easy summer meals because this salad with watermelon is not only tasty but is very healthy and refreshing. To assemble this, you use chunky bits of watermelon with crispy fried rosemary for the crunch. In addition to this, you can add in creamy yogurt and also grapefruit juice to give it even more flavors and make it more refreshing. 
  1. Charred Peach Panzanella with Pickled Pepper Vinaigrette: Peaches and salads are a great combo and can make for some of the best healthy summer meals. And this is what this recipe brings to you. It is essentially a tomato peach salad that includes hot pickled peppers and also their brine to make a vinaigrette. Another great addition to the recipe is the bread which is soaked with the peaches for it to marry the flavors of the salad.
  1. Cheese and Tomato cobbler: Tomato and cheese make the best combination possible. This is a great recipe in which you fuse the flavors of cheese and tomato in the cobbler. With this recipe, you’ll have people coming in for more servings because it’s going to be so delicious and fulfilling. 
  1. Tomato sauce: Sauces can elevate any dish and this tomato sauce is an example of that. With an easy-to-make tomato sauce recipe on hand, you can always make it in bulk when you don’t feel like doing much and add it to spaghetti or create bruschettas with it. The choice is yours. You just have to combine some basic flavors like garlic, basil, and oregano and mix them in this raw tomato sauce. 
  1. Grilled pizza: Are you looking to host a backyard summer party? Then this summer meal idea is going to blow your mind. Grilled pizza is a great way to prepare pizza and one of the best ideas for any backyard party. To make it even more fun, you can bring in some toppings and let everyone mix and match their toppings to create their ultimate pizza bite. Truly one of the best ways to catch up with long-lost friends over the summer. 
  1. Grilled Clambake with Miso Lime Butter: Grilled food can fulfill you and sounds much better than a fried snack most summers. This is one of the best light summer meals in the form of a classic clambake. You can add ingredients like corn, shrimp, and potatoes to get more flavors and intensify the textures. Finish the dish up with easy miso lime butter to take the dish to a next level. 
  1. Elote: You might have seen this Mexican street corn in many food festivals or over youtube. It truly is amazing. With only 3 ingredients, it can make for one of the best easy summer meals for you. The corn in Elote has so many flavors with being salty, grilled, creamy, and smoky at the same time. You truly haven’t lived summers if you haven’t tried this dish yet. 
  1. Caprese salad: Caprese salad is one of the best light summer meals. With its simplistic creation and amazing flavors, it forms one of the best things to eat when you don’t feel like doing much. This salad is truly a classic.
  2. Grilled chicken with tomato salad: For your protein fixes, this dish is perfect. The best part about this dish is the grilled chicken which is made to be sweet and tangy due to its mustard barbecue sauce which makes it so much more refreshing. With a tomato salad on the side, this dish is sure to hit all your spots. 
  1. Grilled corn salad with lime honey dressing: You can never get enough corn salads. There’s something just so summery and easy about them that creating something great out of it isn’t difficult at all. With this dish, you just grill the corn on the cob, slice it up and mix it up with your lime honey dressing. It comes out to be one of the best quick summer meals. 
  1. Tomato salad with oregano: Tomato is just so summery that creating loads of dishes with it in summer is mandatory. So this oregano tomato salad should be a great thing for you to try. Just add in all your ingredients, and serve with bread to dip in the juices of this salad. The explosion of flavors that it creates is unbeatable. 
  1. Grilled eggplant with harissa vinaigrette: Want to add some vegetables to your diet? This should be your go-to recipe. Create an easy harissa vinaigrette and toss your whole grilled eggplant into it. Smooth, delicious, smoky, this dish is just perfect to eat at all times. 
  1. Scallops with cream corn: Grilling is never going out of fashion and grilling scallops is just something amazing. With the soft yet crispy scallops, you can add in the cream corn for that smooth texture to hit all your taste buds at once. Truly one of the best light summer meals to try and prepare. 
  1.  Cantaloupe and cucumber salad: Salads are the most refreshing and with this cantaloupe and cucumber salad, you’re sure to satiate yourself. Try this salad with a coriander and cardamom dressing to make it even more refreshing.
  1. Tomato toast with chives and mayonnaise: This is a classic recipe for the summer. Toast some bread, add some tomatoes, mayonnaise and top it up with chives. So easy yet so delicious. 
  1. Squash and basil pasta: Pasta is comfort food for everyone. And this one hits all the spots. You just have to toss in some summer squash into your pasta to make a sauce out of it and then add some basil and add your cooked pasta to it. Truly one of the most delicious summer meals.
  1. Grilled coconut shrimp with shishito: Nothing screams refreshing as grilled coconut shrimp. All you have to do is add some shishito peppers to it and enjoy the amazing meal.
  1. Plum peach galette: Nobody should go through summer without trying this delicious recipe. Galette with fruits like plums and peaches just makes it healthier and so much tastier.
  1. Lemon-Blueberry icebox cake: Icebox cake can be the most perfect summer dessert. And adding lemon and blueberry to it just makes it taste even more refreshing. This dish truly touches your soul and screams flavor. 

Enjoy these summer meals asap!

There are so many summer meals that you’re yet to try. So get started with them and finish trying them all up before the summer is over. These dishes can be improvised just as you want and will make your mouth sing in the symphony of flavors that they have.