Sweat Out Your Stress: 5 Best Workouts For Depression

The feeling of unhappiness, dejection, sorrow, suffering, and hopelessness is usually termed Depression. With growing stress and dejection- every second person has had bouts of depression. In this article, we give you information about the 5 Best Workouts For Depression. 

There are two ways to treat it, one is a medical treatment which includes therapy sessions, taking medicine, etc., and the other is self-treated which includes working out, doing physical activities, loving yourself, sharing your ups and downs with your trusted people. Women are more likely to be depressed than Men.

5 Best Workouts For Depression and anxiety are as follows

1. Boxing

Boxing is a battle where two opponents punch each other and defend themselves for a particular period in a boxing ring. It is fine if you do not have an opponent, you and the punching bag are enough. Boxing may seem easy but it ain’t everyone’s piece of cake. 

Boxing is an excellent form of exercising that concentrates on your entire body. Instead of lashing out at friends and family or trying to hurt yourself, it is extremely healthy to take out the repressed anger and pain in the boxing ring or at the punching bag. Through this workout, your body facilitates the flow of endorphins which manage your grief and sadness. 


Pilates is aimed at improving body posture, muscle balance, joint mobility, and strength which consists of flexibility and endurance movements. It is also an essential exercise for strength training. 

Doing pilates for a continuous period reduces the flow of cortisol which is responsible for your stress and balances the flow of hormones like serotonin and endorphins. They act as a natural anti-anxiety agent for your body and also helps improve your memory

3. Box jumping

This is one of the best exercises for depression and also it is a part of High-intensity interval training. This workout consists of 7 steps. The steps are:

  1. Place a small table or box and stand before it with your feet shoulder-width apart. 
  2. Do a half squat by bending your knees with arms at back and putting weight on your hips and heels.
  3. Do the reverse motion by extending your hips and legs and jump onto the box with your arms forward.
  4. Without making noise, land softly on the balls of your feet.
  5. Again do a half squat but with your arms forward. 
  6. After getting on top of the box, straighten your legs and stand.
  7. Get down by one foot and alternate the legs as you continue to do the jumps. 

The purpose of this exercise is to facilitate the flow of endorphins, giving you the feeling of joy.

4. Man maker

This works for everyone struggling with depression. It oils up your joint movements and your body starts to function faster than usual. It is a pearl for enthusiastic people. This exercise includes 7 steps, which are:

  1. Lay a mat and hold dumbbells each in one hand, lower them down while taking a push-up position. 
  2. Bring the chest to the deck and do a push-up.
  3. After completing the push-up, raise one hand holding the dumbbell and now all the pressure goes, on the other hand, laying on the mat. 
  4. Lower the raised hand to its initial position and raise the other hand just as before. Do the same exercise 2 times for each hand.
  5. Bring your feet forward, eliminating the push-up position from a wider base with the dumbbells still touching the mat.
  6. Get up and do a full squat with both the dumbbells in your hand.
  7. Finally, get up completely and raise the dumbbells in your hand above your head.

You must do each of these steps. This helps you speed up the flow of happy hormones in your bloodstream and helps keep negative thoughts at bay.

5. Skipping and sprinting 

Skipping is considered a warm-up exercise but it is very helpful to lose weight and reduce stress. Skipping is the continuous action of jumping over a rope whose both ends are held by yourself or someone else. It is also known as hopping 

Sprinting means running but with a faster speed and in a particular duration. It acts as a total body workout building long, lean muscles and it is a motor learning skill. 

These two make the best of the combinations for curing depression. You have to skip for 15 minutes and then sprint for 10 minutes. At first, you can start with smaller durations of time and then increase it as it becomes a habit. 

Running will help your body deal with mental exhaustion and tension. It increases the flow of norepinephrine managing stress. Under the sun you get vitamin D which lessens the tenure of stress. It also makes us stretch more and more each time, making us productive. 

These were a few workouts for depression. You can do more additional exercises for depression or easier ways to get rid of stress.

Some other low intensity workout to be feek happy

If your sole purpose is to get rid of depression without doing intense exercises, then here are a few ways you can cure your depression by normal exercises:

  • Playing outside:

By playing outdoors one can achieve mindfulness and be calm no matter how hard the problems are. You can spend time with your loved ones and do some stretching exercises for depression. It builds up endurance, confidence and increases self-esteem. 

  • Yoga:

It is the most common way to calm our minds. In this hectic life, just a few minutes is enough to do yoga. A few asanas to cure depression include Shishuasana, Halasana, Savasana, Adho Mukha Svanasana, Setu Bandhasana, Surya Namaskar, etc.

  • Hiking and Trekking:

Hiking is a normal walking exercise but for a longer duration. It makes you energetic and makes you aware of your surroundings thereby distracting you from your hardships. 

As a mountain person, trekking is the best option to freshen your mind. You can go on long adventures in a very different atmosphere than usual. 

  • Swimming:

Swimming is considered a wonder for some people dealing with intense stress and anxiety. It facilitates the path of endorphins and the working of brain cells.

  • Dancing:

It is an elegant way to get rid of depression. People love to dance and some even start tapping their feet involuntarily when they hear music. It helps take your mind off things and makes you concentrate on the moment at hand.


There is no doubt that daily exercise empowers depressed people to fight back and get out of depression. Exercise is a genuine and justified way of treating yourself when you are struggling with stress and anxiety. They act as natural antidepressants. 

Try changing the exercises if they are not helpful and even after doing everything you still feel depressed then consult a doctor and convey your issues. Some people long for physical touch so console them by holding their hands and hugging them, this will help them get rid of depression. 

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