5 Freelancer Exercises For Those Who Work From Home

Working from home as a freelancer, where you spend a lot of time sitting on your desk and not moving throughout the day can make you lazy and destroy your posture. 

Well, you do not have to worry about that for yourself because this article consists of freelancer exercises with pro tips, only for you! 

As you stay at home a lot, you develop poor posture, stiff and weak muscles, poor cardiovascular health, back pain, neck pain, poor digestion and increased risk of chronic diseases. Even too much screen time makes it hard for you to sleep at night, causing physical strain to the eyes and body. 

It also affects your mental health, weakens your memory and impulse control. These are the reasons why you should practice the given freelancer exercises to keep your posture in check. 

5 Simple yet effective freelancer exercises 

1. Downward facing dog to upward facing dog


  • Get on all four. 
  • Your hands should be about 3 inches ahead of your shoulders and shoulder-width apart. 
  • Open your palms, place them on the ground and press down firmly with your fingertips to pull your forearms towards the fronds. 
  • Firm your triceps into your midline and spin your biceps forward. 
  • Tuck your toes under, press your hips back up and straighten your legs. 
  • Your body should be forming an upside-down V and your knees should not bend. [Downward facing dog]
  • Change the position and take a plank pose.
  • Straighten your arms as you roll over your toes, changing your foot position from toes tucked under to resting on the tops of your feet. 
  • Keeping your legs engaged, drop your hips towards the floor.
  • Do a push-up but do not touch the floor completely. [Upward facing dog]

Target- Chest, Shoulders, Abs, Triceps, Hamstring 

Benefits- This freelancer exercise strengthens your arms, abs, legs and posterior chain of the body. It relieves back pain and helps you to reset a good posture. 

Pro Tip- Place a block or small table under your head to do a recuperative pose.

2. Freelancer pull-ups


  • You do not need a pull-up bar for this, you can open any door in your home and place a towel over the top. 
  • Facing your door, reach up and place your hands over the top of the door with shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your legs and lift your feet. Keep your abdomen, chest and thighs in contact with the door.
  • Do a pull up by lifting your body to the door until your chin is above the top of the door. Hold that position for 2-5 seconds.

Target- Back muscles, Arm, Shoulders 

Benefits- It improves your grip strength, performance and fitness level. It increases your overall body strength which promotes muscle development and enhances your cardiovascular health. 

Pro Tip- You can wear a backpack(put weights in it) to get a better outcome. 

3. Lunge with spinal twist


  • Stand tall and take a big step forward with your right leg. 
  • Bend your right knee and take a lunge position while keeping your left leg straight behind you. 
  • Your toes should be on the ground and put stress on the front of your left thigh. 
  • Place your left hand on your waist and twist your upper body to the right. 
  • Hold that position for 60 seconds and repeat the same on the other side.

Target- Core, Glutes, Spine, Quadriceps 

Benefits- This freelancer exercise 3 helps you to build lean muscle, reduces body fat and boosts your resting metabolism. It activates your muscles to develop stability, balance and coordination.  

Pro Tip- You can hold dumbbells(any other cylindrical object) in each hand, to level up your lunge. 

4. Standing tree pose


  • Stand straight and place your right foot on the standing left thigh.
  • Join your hands like you’re praying, breathe slowly and do not take any support. 
  • You can take support only for the first few tries.
  • Hold that position for 30 seconds and change to the other side.

Target- Torso, Shoulders, Thighs, Hips, Groin Muscles 

Benefits- It improves your posture, strengthens your spine, hips, knees and calf muscles. It can improve your balance and concentration. This freelancer exercise will help you get rid of sciatic pain if you continue this daily.

Pro Tip- Keep your back and feet straight, avoid pressing your foot into your knee and align your hips.

5. Pike push-ups


  • Start by assuming a push-up position and move your hands closer to your feet. 
  • Keep your legs straight on a box or sofa, such that your body makes a square, like this:
  • Bend your elbows and lower your upper body till your nose nearly touches the floor. 
  • Keep your elbows tucked and your head should be in between both your hands as it goes down and comes up. 

Target- Shoulders, Triceps, Upper Back, Chest Muscles 

Benefits- It improves your core stability and strengthens your shoulders, chest, back and arms. This freelancer exercise tones and strengthens your whole upper body. 

Pro Tip- Wear a backup containing weights to get better results. 

If you are wondering “how to make your freelance exercise prescription?”, we have the right answer for you! 

Here is a freelance exercise prescription to provide you with the best services:

DaysWorkouts Duration/Reps
Monday CardioBurpeesPike Pushups Triceps Pushups Freelance Pull-Ups10-30 minutes 2×15 Reps2×15 Reps2×15 Reps2×10 Reps
Tuesday Warm-UpDownward Facing Dog to Upward Facing Dog Lunges Lunge With Spinal Twist 10-15 minutes 2×15 Reps2×15 Reps3×10 Reps
Wednesday Rest day/ Standing Tree Pose/ Meditation 20-30 minutes 
Thursday Cardio BurpeesPlanksPushups Freelance Pull-Ups10-30 minutes 2×15 Reps2×15 Reps2×15 Reps2×10 Reps
Friday Warm-Up Push-UpsFreelance Pull-Ups Squats Pike Pushups 10-15 minutes 2×15 Reps2×15 Reps 2×10 Reps 
Saturday Cardio 20-40 minutes 
Sunday Rest Day Rest Day 

The above example of “how to freelance exercise prescription?”, is very beneficial for your body and you can easily manage your time.


It will be good for you to consult a doctor if you feel pain in your muscles or joints. These freelance exercises are just a few examples, you can do many other exercises such as half-kneel stretch, ragdoll fold, chest opener, chair dips, side planks, deadlifts, hamstring stretches, bridges, standing hip flexor stretch, etc. These content writer freelance exercises will improve your posture, memory, brain function and mood, combat health conditions and diseases, boost energy and reduce your feelings of anxiety and stress. 

Sometimes a workout is all the therapy you need.

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