5 Gym Ball Exercise That Will Give You Flat Stomach Without In No Time

You must have noticed this ball in the corner of your gym with only a few experts using it for their workout routine because, well, not many people are aware of the actual use of this amazing gym equipment. It goes by the name of the gym ball, but it also has several other names like the Swiss ball, stable ball, Gym Ball Exercise etc. 

To give you a brief description of this ball—it is made up of a soft and elastic synthetic material and it is filled with air. You can adjust the air pressure by blowing air into it or deflating it by releasing the air from it. It comes in various sizes ranging from 14 inches to 34 inches—you can choose the most suitable Gym Ball Exercise for you, according to your preference. 

Now that we’ve given you a brief about this gym equipment, let us dive into more details about why you might need the gym ball for your workout sessions and in which ways it can help you improve your physique. So, let’s get started! 

Why do you need a gym ball?

The top 3 reasons why you need to get a Gym Ball Exercise routine are as stated below:

1. Gym ball improves body posture and balance  

Most people have problems with their posture these days because of the alarmingly increasing amounts of time that we have to spend sitting in front of the screen. Especially now that the COVID-19 lockdown is going on, we have to attend our online classes, submit office assignments—all while sitting slumped on a chair in front of our desktops! 

5 Gym Ball Exercise

But when you sit on a gym ball, it forces you to be in proper shape, leading to a healthy posture that helps you get rid of problems like back pain. If you do not sit on the gym ball with the proper posture, it will start to roll and thus, it keeps a check on your body’s balance. Thus, a gym ball improves your posture and helps you stand straight.

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2. Helps you to get a perfectly flat stomach 

Yes—a perfect advantage that you can get out of your gym ball is that they provide an awesome exercise that helps to tone your abdominal muscles. This will give you a flat stomach with regular use of the gym ball for fairly long periods. 

When you sit on a gym ball, you contract the lower muscles of your limbs and your abdominal muscles to maintain balance. This helps the muscles perform the exercise and they get toned. Thus, if you want a flat stomach with doing those god-awful planks and crunches then we will highly recommend you try a gym ball. 

3. Gym balls are good for preventing many orthopedic problems and other health ailments

A gym ball supports your lower back hence it can save you from severe back pain and help you to maintain a good body posture. Gym balls also help you get rid of fatigue as they activate your back muscles and abdominals when you sit on a gym ball. Also, it prevents diseases like gout as they improve blood circulation in your body. Overall, gym balls are really good for your health. 

5 Gym Ball Exercise

Besides, these balls are always fun to play with so—fun, exercise, and disease prevention–gym balls are surely power-packed gym equipment that you can use to get a great physique. 

5 Gym Ball Exercise that you can try

1. Push-ups with a gym ball
  • To perform push-ups with a gym ball, put your toes on the ball and your hands should be on the ground.
  • Then take the normal position of a pushup to allow your spine to stay aligned with hips and shoulder. 
  • To make it a bit more difficult, instead of putting your toes on the ball, put your hands on it.
2. Squats with a gym ball
  • Stand in front of the wall facing your back then press the gym ball from your lower spine against the wall. 
  • Make a perfect balance with the gym ball to make sure it won’t fall.
  • After getting the perfect grip between your body and the ball, perform a squat, to make it more challenging.
3. Crunches with a gym ball
  • Lie your middle body up on the ball, make a perpendicular with your feet and knee and place your hands behind your neck. 
    • Then push your upper body from your abdomen, not from your neck.
    • To make it more challenging try with one leg.
    4. Hamstring curls with a gym ball
    • Put a yoga mat then lie on it and keep the gym ball under your heels and your palms should be straight on the ground. 
    • Then try to bend your knees without moving your hips to make it more challenging, try to perform this with one leg. 
    5. Balance with the gym ball 
    • Sit on the ball and put your hands under your knees to make sure your back is straight. 
    • Put your feet on the ground then lift your one fleet and try to not fall and do the same with the other one. 
    • This exercise will also increase your concentration and patience. 

    Things to consider while buying a gym ball

    If you are planning to buy one for yourself these are some tips you should consider before buying– 

    1. Gym balls come in different sizes and each size is specified with different weight and height criteria. So, before buying, make sure it is compatible with your height and weight.
    2. Confirm with the salesperson that the ball you are purchasing is anti-burst. 
    3. Make sure all the accessories are included in the packet. If not, try to find another ball that comes with all the accessories. 
    4. Before buying, read all the instructions and safety features carefully. 
    5. Do not go for a cheap one. Health is more important than money, and it is a one-time investment, so make sure the ball you are buying is made up of good quality materials. 
    6. Do not throw away the manual that comes with the ball as it has a few simple exercises written in it. Gym ball exercises can help you to start if you don’t have a trainer with you.
    7. We highly recommend starting using gym ball with all the safety measures and if you can, then please consult a trainer. 

    Thus, we come to the end of our article on all the reasons why you should buy a gym ball. Pretty convincing, right? If this list of reasons helped you in any way, please share it with your friends and family and spread the good word! Thanks for taking the time to read this. We hope it helps you in any possible manner.  

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