Now Comfort Lies In Your Hand: Top 5 Massage Guns In India!

We all know it is a proven fact that a hand massage by a professional masseuse is better than the 5 Massage Guns In India that any kind of machine, no matter how expensive, can provide to you. But, with our busy schedules and limited time to rest, it is not always possible to visit a massage parlor and let ourselves get pampered, right? Each one of us needs to unwind and relax every once in a while. So, then, how will you get a smooth massaging experience if you cannot visit the parlor? Don’t worry, we will tell you all about the Massage Guns in our article today.  

The reasons why massage gums are the raging trend of 2021 are—because of a pandemic, people are not taking the risk of going to massage parlors and they are preferring to get a massage treatment indoors, also, hand massage sessions are very expensive and the third reason is that hand massages are not very convenient while people can take their massage guns with them wherever they like and get a nice, relaxing massage all by themselves! 

Now that you’ve seen why you should try massage guns, it is time to check out which massage gun will be the best for you. For this article, we have researched a lot about massage guns in India and we found many options in the market. But we have handpicked five of the best massage guns in India and let’s jump right into their details.

Best massage guns and their features 

1.CareSmith Percussion Massage Gun

Pocket pinch: 2,900 INR

Why we love it-
  1. It has a very powerful motor that helps the gun move back and forth 55 times per second which is 3300 strokes per minute.
  2. This brand offers you 6 interchangeable massage heads that target different muscles for massage. You can use this gun anytime and anywhere you want. 
  3. It is very convenient to use and to carry it only weighs around 800 grams, this is just awesome for this powerful motor. 
  4. This comes with a 2500 mAH lithium-ion rechargeable battery which gives a 5 hours power back up after the charge.
  5. It also has a built-in LCD which shows the remaining battery and speed of the strokes. 
  6. One of the best massage guns in the market, that comes with lucrative features and an attractive price. 
5 Massage Guns In India
2. 4Beauty Vibration Massage Gun

Pocket pinch: 10,500 INR

Why we love it—
  1. This massage gun has a pulsating action which provides a great deep tissue massage. 
  2. The body design and shape of this gun are very subtle; you won’t face any hassle in teaching your joints. 
  3. This gun provides you strokes of 500-2400 per minute, you can also choose/set the speed accordingly. 
  4.  This gun is specially designed to give deep massage in the stiff area of your body. 
  5. The unique selling point of this gun is that it has a thermometer inside it, you can measure your body temperature after your heavy workout
3. Sagrach Massage Gun 

Pocket pinch: 5,500 INR

Why we love it—
  1. There are 4 interchangeable massage heads all the heads focus on different muscle massages. 
  2. It has 3-speed settings 30Hz, 40Hz and, 53Hz, you can set it according to your choice. 
  3. It is a new generation massage gun. It has noise cancellation thus it is silent enough to use anywhere you want. 
  4. The massage heads are detachable and thus, this machine is portable and you can take it with you to a hotel, your office, or any other place.
4. Un-Tech Deep Tissue Electric Massage Gun

Pocket pinch: 2050 INR

Why we love it—
  1. The best thing we found in this gun is, it is super silent and there is very minimal noise even at the highest speed. One very annoying thing about massage guns is their engine sound, thanks to un-tech they solved this problem for us. 
  2. It has 6 levels of speed settings ranging from 2100 RPM to 3600 RPM. The reason behind this phenomenal speed is their 24V motor. 
  3. This gun has a 2400 mAh battery which gives a 4-hour power backup on one full charge. 
  4. Overall, this gun is very handy and lightweight, it has led lights that show you the speed at which you are massaging, and it also has an on/off button on the handle so that you can control the gun. 
  5. The Un-tech deep tissue massage gun cost you about Rs.2050.
5. WellNEX Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun

Pocket pinch: 8,499 INR

Why we love it—
  1. This is a super light and ultra-compatible, convenient, and fun machine.
  2. It is super silent, hardly makes a noise at the top speed during the massage so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your roommate while massaging. 
  3. The weight of this gun is 75 grams and you can easily hold it in your palm which makes it unique. You can travel with this gun anywhere you want. 
  4. It has a very powerful brushless motor that offers you 3 adjustable speed levels from the range of 1500 to 2800 percussions per minute.
  5. This small gun comes with a larger battery of 3600mAh which provides a backup of 4-7 hours (depending on how you use it) with a full charge. 
  6. It has 6 replaceable massage heads each specified with different body parts. 
  7. It has a LED screen that shows the remaining amount of battery and the speed of the motor. 

Whenever you think of purchasing a massage gun, make sure it has a minimum of 4 interchangeable massage heads and a decent amount of power backup like 4-5 hours. Yes, comfy and efficient massage guns can be a bit expensive but along with their price, you get amazing service, longevity, and many more qualities.

Hence, we would highly suggest you not compromise with quality and choose the best massage gun in your budget, according to the list we have just provided to you. If our article helped you in any way, please share it with your friends and family and spread the good word! 

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