Treat With Discreation: 5 Home Remedies For Penile Yeast Infection!

In tropical countries like India, infections caused by microorganisms are a real threat, owing to the warm and moist climate in this region. The microbes like fungi, bacteria, protozoans, etc. thrive in these conditions and they also require a dark spot for their growth of Penile Yeast Infection .

In our body, most of the surface is exposed to air and sunlight, so the microbes cannot grow here and that is why they tend to grow in the “areas where the Sun doesn’t shine”—the groins, armpits, at the junction of the thighs and sometimes, in our feet if we wear socks and closed boots all the time. 

Yeast is one such microorganism, coming under the division of fungi, whose infection is not very common in men but it is more common in women. With that being said, yeast infection in men, though rare, can occur in areas such as the penis, and other skin folds, at the corner of the mouth, etc. Various types of fungi can cause several diseases in the human body, but for yeast infection, the particular causative organism belongs to the genus Candida

There are more than 20 species in the genus Candida but the most commonly found one is Candida albicans so whenever we say Candida, we usually mean this single species. Candida is present on the skin of human beings and they mainly occur due to lack of cleanliness.

Our body tends to keep a balance between the outer and the inner environment but a yeast infection can break the skin and cause a disruption in this balance. So, this infection must be properly cared for, before it turns into something worse. 

The three most common reasons why you might have penile yeast infection are  

  • You might have diabetes 
  • There is a possibility that your immune system is not working well 
  • You might have had unprotected sex with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection. 
 penile yeast infection

One of the main symptoms of penile yeast infection in men is swelling and redness on the head of the penis and in medical terms, this is known as ‘Balanitis’. Other than this, you can also see a thick white layer in the skin fold of your penis. If you find these symptoms, there is no need to worry as yeast infection is curable. But we will advise you to go see a doctor for your problems as there might be other underlying causes of your yeast infection.

Now that we have talked enough about the disease, we will tell you about some home remedies that can keep your yeast infection under control. If you feel embarrassed about asking for a doctor’s opinion on this, try our home remedies and they might cure your condition. But if you don’t find any significant results, please visit a physician. Now let’s get started!

These are some home remedies you can try at your home!

1.Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil has many antifungal properties—recent research confirmed that tea tree oil has the abilities to kill yeast and fungus. You can directly apply tea tree oil on and around your penis head, before applying, please make sure that you are not allergic to tea tree oil because many people are. There are many options available in the market for tea tree oil but you find something raw like raw oil then dilute it with some olive oil. 

2. Yogurt 

Yogurt is a natural probiotic substance, but you need to make sure you purchase unflavored natural yogurt with live bacteria. You can add yogurt to your diet as it will create some positive bacteria inside your body which will eventually kill the yeast. Also, you can directly apply it on and around your penis

3. Garlic  

Garlic has many antifungal and antibiotic properties which can help you to overcome yeast infection. You can add garlic to your diet—it will surely help you because there are rarely any side effects of garlic but remember to not use this method if you are allergic to it. 

4. Apple cider vinegar  

It is medically proven that apple cider vinegar is a great antifungal agent against Candida, and it also helps you to maintain the ideal pH level of your body. You can directly apply to the infected area; you might not like the smell but don’t worry it will evaporate with time. If you feel any sort of burning sensation, then dilute it in water and then apply. 

5. Coconut oil  

Coconut oil has many health benefits, one of them is it very well combat a yeast infection. You can add coconut oil to your diet or you can apply it to the infected region. 

The best thing about coconut oil is they are very easy to find, you can get it from any nearby store. 

Risk factors for penile yeast infection

We are listing down 4 risk factors for penile yeast infection 

  1. If you have diabetes 
  2. If you are overweight 
  3. If you have sex with a woman who has a yeast infection 
  4. If you have a weak immune system or are taking antibiotics for a long time 

 You can control all of these risk factors in these ways

  • You can avoid having sexual intercourse with your partner if you know she is suffering from this infection 
  • You can work on your health and control any immuno-compromising chronic disease if you have one. 

Here are some tips for you to follow to keep your groins hygienic and clean. Wash your penis gently with warm water if you have a foreskin then softly pull it down and wash underneath it. If you have had a yeast infection, avoid intercourse with anyone until the infection is cleared. 

We hope these remedies worked for you, and if they did, please share this article you’re your friends and family members and spread the kind word. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and have a great day! 

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