5 Sporty Swimsuits To Show Off Your Beach Bod!

Ladies say adieu to normal black one-pieces and boring swimwear. Explore more and you will be able to find everything from bandeau-style tankini tops to flattering high waist bikinis. We bring the perfect guide to buying a sporty swimsuit for yourself. Finding stylish high-quality swimsuits online has never been easier, especially now when there are thousands of choices available in the market. 

These seaworthy swimsuits boast performance-driven design elements such as fast fabrics, built-in bras, compression, and higher necklines for added support. They are perfect for water sports like aqua cycling, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, swimming, and diving. 

You will find a lot of bathing suits, some of the best bathing suit brands include Aerie, Haight, Louisa Ballou, Andrea Iyamah, Everlane, Hermoza, Summersalt, J.Crew, and Left On Friday. 

Why Is A Bathing Suit Important?

Sporty swimsuits are not only designed to preserve your dignity but also to help you swim more efficiently. Until and unless you get into a nice bathing suit, you will not realize that you have a perfect bikini body

  • you could inspire others: Maybe there is someone afraid of wearing swimsuits or hesitant about showing too much skin and the same person gets to see that you are confidently wearing the swimsuit. They will start to gather courage, think better of themselves and be inspired by you. 
  • you will be comfortable with the beachy atmosphere: With the not so cool beach atmosphere, you will feel hot and sweaty. For these reasons, you need to wear something open such as a swimsuit. 
  • fashionable: Who wouldn’t want to look good with itty-bitty bikinis and off-the-shoulder one-pieces? The designer swimsuits will make you and your body look amazing!
  • It’s fun: Enjoy to the fullest while you are on your best days. You are likely to view yourself as bigger than you actually are, so wear that swimsuit if you don’t want to regret it later on. 
  • faster swimming: Tight swimsuits tend to make you swim faster and more streamlined in the water. 

Top 5 Considerations To Make While Choosing Bathing Swimsuits

  1. Determine your size: Take proper measurements of your bust and other parts. Study the size chart carefully if you are buying a swimsuit online. Try on your swimsuit if you are buying from a store. Even though it might seem like it will perfectly fit you, you have to try it. 
  2. See if you like it or not: Don’t just believe in what others say, if it’s you who’s wearing the swimsuit then you should decide you want it or not. Make sure to try your swimsuit in a good lighting place, see how you feel and how your bikini body looks. You can even dance and see if it stays in its place or not. 
  3. Order 2 different sizes: If you are unsure about your size, order the same swimsuit in 2 different sizes. But make sure to check the return policy before buying, if everything seems reasonable then you’re safe to buy 2 swimsuits or even 3 swimsuits. Once you try the swimsuits, you will find out which one is better and you can return the other one. 
  4. Quality: Make sure to go through the review section to check whether the bikini holds up to washing more than a couple of uses or not. Take a look at the stitching, test the stretch, compression and cloth quality. All these things should look stable and clean, if not then you know they are not worth it. 
  5. Price: You cannot break the bank just to buy a cute bikini, so don’t buy bikinis that cost more than $150. Always consider buying good bikinis whose prices range from $30 to $100. 

Best Sporty Swimsuits For Every Body Type

Keep reading and you will be able to find the best bathing suits for your ideal body type and style. 

It has a classic coverage bottom in a solid tone that keeps your hips and body in a good shape. You can easily pair it with an eye-catching patterned or printed bikini top to nail the look.

Price- $53.00

It comes with a soft pink hue and blue and white stripe pattern which helps you to be a part of one of the coolest colour trends. It will make you comfortable and keep your baby safe. Not only are they cute and flattering but also have a style-forward detailing.

Price- $19.98

It is called the unicorn of swimsuits and is one of the best-selling swimsuits of The Sidestroke. It offers a lot of butt coverage, compression and has removable cups which lets you customize your chest support.

Price- $95.00

If you have no experience with swimsuits then this might be it! The classic lines of this suit will make you look amazing and flattering. It is also available in other colours including black, white, navy blue, cherry red, and siren. It will give you major ballerina-on-the-beach vibes and you will feel happy.

Price- $95.00

It is made up of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex. It has a padded push-up bra and neck hook closure to provide shaping and body support. The see-through mesh will give you a more charming, awesome and chic look. This swimsuit’s ruched pattern in the torso accentuates your curves and hides any imperfections of your body. It comes in multiple colours such as black, red, white, blue, pink, green, yellow, royal blue, purple, etc. 

Price- $12.99 to $30.99


These sporty swimsuits will hold everything in without causing any discomfort. Also don’t forget to carry your beach essentials such as a high-SPF sunscreen, towels, deep conditioner, and moisturising lotion. Stop hesitating and order a cute or sexy bikini just now! 

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