Suffering From Indigestion? 5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Gas

You know you could have easily ignored that fried potato dish but who knew it would lead to bloating and this much discomfort, right? with stress perplexity, arise maladies. Distinguished by an abnormal state of the body, the disease interrupts the structure and role of parts of the body including intrinsic functioning and the immune system. 

A state of illness is associated with anxiety, dysfunctions, weaknesses, or shifts in behavior followed by societal changes and physiological changes. To heal the abnormal state of the frame we are compelled to involve expensive tests, high dosages of medicine, and expensive therapies in our lives. To avoid the mad circle of extravagant therapies and experiments, we must turn to the precursors to our healing. 

Using old methods of yoga and meditation along with variations in diet and lifestyle, yoga can become our best support to fight the effect of diseases and become conscious of surroundings along with developments in our body. Along with a mental supporter, yoga decreases pain and discomfort in any part of the body and provides for better functioning of organs.

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 It is well said that our stomach is our second controller. Mental distress has an important impact on our cells and the functioning of our digestive hormones and could exaggerate signs. 

Furthermore, a bad endless cycle of digestive dysfunctions can make our lives rather uncomfortable and sorrowful. Yoga and meditation can benefit us by establishing peace with our bodies, and destroy signs over time. 

So now that you have done the deed, let us move past it and try these yoga poses to relieve gas, shall we?

Yoga Poses To Relieve Gas


To get into Sukhasana, we need to find a suitable place to sit and relax our bodies. An alternative lies to sit atop a table. You need to stretch the spine through to the crown at the tip. Easy pose is deemed to be a great opening position as it does not need a lot of effort and is restricted.

Yoga Poses To Relieve Gas

To give relief to stomach problems, you can put your hands on your abdomen to relate better with the problem domain. Keep your eyes shut and just concentrate on your breath.

As you breathe in, you need to feel your lower stomach opening and upon blowing out, you need to push your belly button back and in towards the spine. The position helps give a concentration against organs.

Parivritta Sukhasana

To do this pose, you need to bail in your arms up towards the sky, taking a puff in along with drawing your eyes up. We need to lower our shoulders down away from the ears and concentrate on extending through the side bodies and the rib cage area. We need to breathe in and upon exhaling, shoot our right hand towards the back of the rug and our left hand upon our right knee turning and forcing our chest towards the right. 

Yoga Poses To Relieve Gas

We must make sure to proceed to root down through both our sitting bones. Upon inhaling, we need to take both our hands up towards the sky, reaching through our side bodies, and further bring a twist to the other side by placing our right hand down to our left knee and our left hand towards the rug’s back.


To do this asana, we need to come back to squatting, with our legs stretching forward removing an additional layer of fat from our sitting bones, and then squat up tall to lengthen up through our spine.

gas relief yoga

We must flex our toes towards our front and sweep our forearms up through overhead. We need to take a puff in to expand and as we exhale, stretch at the hips to bring the body down. By drawing the hands down to the rug, turn your thumbs in and spin your fingertips out.

The position helps decrease the belly and begin the movement of inactive energies inside the digestive tract. It also permits your body for a deep backstretch of the whole body from the heels to the top of the head.

Savana Muktasana

To do this asana, you need to gradually lower down on your back and bring your knees pulling them towards your bosom. You need to delicately cover your arms around your knees intertwined at opposite elbows. Moreover, loosen your shoulders neck, and head down to the rug and join your sacrum part and lower spine to the ground.

gas relief yoga

The wind releasing pose compresses the organs and uplift healthy movements inside your belly. Taking deep breaths to fill up the stomach can help in the creation of extra space in the belly region and squeezing the knees down can easily pump out blocked or leftover waste matter.

Supta Masyendrasana

For this asana, we need to keep our knees pulled towards our chest and our arms making goal post shapes. Then drop your knees to the right side of the rug and make both your shoulders join downwards. You can also move in a block under your knees to support the pose fluidly.

positions to relieve gas

With every puff in, we must make sure to reach our spine and with each exhale, keep turning a little deeper. Moreover, upon breathing draw the legs back through the core and then drop your knees to the different side.

The mild twist can allow for following movements inside the belly and gently, one can see stomach dilemmas moving down and out of the body. The position also supports lengthening and realigning the spinal cord.

The takeaway

Hence, including the above positions into your everyday workout regime will not only ease the difficulty of waste matter in the body but will help in bowel movement along with creating a healthy, flexible abdomen.  Read about Aqua Yoga.

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