Try This Childhood Trick To Keep Fit: 6 Amazing Benefits Of Jumping Ropes

The global pandemic of 2020 made us reconsider and learn various things and one of the things being to learn to exercise and work out without using any gym equipment. 

And therefore, one exercise that came into the forefront and became an instant hit among fitness enthusiasts and everyone else was jumping ropes. It is convenient, easy and super effective, and also extremely fun. 

Jumping ropes is one of the most underrated exercise routines of any regime but it provides abundant benefits to its practitioners. Skipping ropes not only can improve your physical strengths and strengthen your muscles, but it can boost your brain functions too. 

Want to know more about the abundant benefits of skipping rope, continue reading the article then, as we share with you all the details. 

Benefits of jumping ropes

1.  Very effective for weight loss

Jumping ropes for even 10mins can burn 200 calories which is more than brisk walking. If you are a beginner, jumping rope at a moderate speed can burn 10 to 16 calories a minute. Skipping ropes helps in activating all the muscles of the body. Therefore the more you work out, the more calories and fat you burn

2. Builds agility

When we jump ropes, we land on our toes. This helps the body to make connections with the brain so that our brain can make neutral muscle adjustments so that we can keep our balance. This, in turn, helps in improving our balance and also increases the coordination with our brain.

Our brain remains focused on our feet for sustained periods, even when we do not remain conscious of our actions. That is the reason why jumping ropes is so integrated into the training sessions of boxers. 

3. Boosts functioning of the brain

Jumping ropes not only provides physical benefits but also contributes to mental functions. 

The exercise has a positive impact on cognitive functioning and turns out to be one of the best workouts for the brain. The exercise involves coordination, strategy and challenges the brain to maintain a rhythm. You can also try doing rope tricks as it is said to be extremely beneficial for the brain. 

Also, it is believed that jumping ropes can help you to become smarter. It aids in the development of the hemispheres of the brain by enhancing awareness, increasing memory, and makes you more mentally alert. Jumping ropes also help you to remain calm in difficult situations and ameliorates the stress out of your body. 

4. Aids heart health

Jumping ropes is considered an extremely beneficial form of cardio exercise. The regime makes your heart pumping and is great for cardiovascular disease and heart health. 

Jumping rope increases the VO2 Max which is a measure of oxygen used during an exercise and the higher the VO2 value, the more cardiovascular endurance the person has. The exercises are also said to be beneficial for people who are at risk of cardiovascular ailments. 

5. Strengthens bones and muscles

Bone density refers to the strength of our bones and the higher the density value, the lower is the risk of breaking or being fragile. 

Jumping ropes can help you to increase your bone density. Having a high bone density can also help you to ameliorate the risk of osteoporosis in later years. 

According to a study conducted by the Korean Society for Bone and Mineral Research, jumping ropes helps in strengthening bones and muscles through impact training. When we impact the train, we stress our brain more aggressively which helps in remodeling the bone to become denser and stronger. 

6. Decreases risk of injury

Suffering from ankle or foot injuries is common for athletes or for someone who is involved in professions that require a lot of brisk running. As mentioned earlier, jumping ropes not only help in improving coordination but also strengthens the muscles around the ankle and foot. This in turn helps in reducing your risk of foot or ankle injury in later years. 

What to keep in mind for skipping rope? 

There are certain factors that one should be aware of before including skipping rope in one exercise regime

  1. Try to warm up for at least 10 minutes before you start jumping rope. 
  2. Wearing shock-absorbent socks is an absolute must
  3. Hydrate yourself thoroughly. If possible drink electrolyte water before and after exercising. 
  4. Since the exercise includes a lot of jumping, wear a sports bra to support the breasts.

Pick up the right jumping rope for you. If you are a beginner, you should start with a beaded rope as it will provide you with a better grip than  vinyl or a lightweight cloth rope. 

Before using
  1. Hold the handles, step on the rope and adjust the rope. 
  2. Now shorten the rope so that it can reach your armpits. 

Try to jump in a proper spacious area. Do not jump over carpet, concrete, asphalt or grass surfaces. You can use the jumping rope over a wooden floor, or on an impact mat. 

How to jump? 

This guide can be extremely beneficial if you have stopped jumping ropes since the second grade. 

  1. Practice foot and arms movements separately. 
  2. Hold both of the rope handles in one hand and swing them so that you can develop the rhythm. 
  3. Now jump without using the ropes. 
  4. At last, put them together. It will be a little out of coordination initially but you will soon get a hang of it. 

How can you incorporate jumping ropes into your exercise regime? 

Jumping ropes can be done anywhere at any time. You can do it for 10 minutes or even for an hour. It completely depends on you. 

To integrate jumping ropes into your life:

  1. You can jump rope 10 minutes before you start doing your exercises. 
  2. Incorporate five minutes of jump ropes between rounds of resistance training. 
  3. If you are a pro at jumping ropes, you can include a minute of speed jump ropes in between rounds of pushups or situps. 

Skipping workout

  1. 5-10 rounds
  2. 30 seconds on- 30 seconds off
  3. Single unders i.e., one rope rotation per jump
  1. 5-10 rounds
  2. 60 seconds on- 30 seconds off
  3. Single unders
  1. 5-10 rounds
  2. 30 seconds on- 30 seconds off
  3. Double understand i.e., two rope rotations per jump

Now there you go, everything you need to know about jumping ropes. It is a very effective form of workout and provides abundant benefits. Now go on, include this exercise in your regime and bask in the magic it provides. 

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