Carry Your Gym Essentials In Style! 6 Best Gym Bags For Men!

Splurging in a good gym bag is always a good investment. It helps in getting all your Best Gym Bags For Men essentials in one place and makes exercising less of a task and more of a treat. Gym Bags For Men are designed so that it helps in making your exercising regimes fun, efficient and more enjoyable. 

After all, carrying your gym bag with all the essentials packed in will help you to never forget your headphones at home so that you can always exercise while jamming to your favourite music. Also, imagine how much extra money you would be saving by carrying your towels and other essential toiletries to the gyms. 

However, we do understand that buying a gym bag can be quite overwhelming and confusing, especially if you are just starting your workout journey and therefore, through this article we have brought to you, our list of 6 of the best gym bags for men that will help you to make your gymming experience more fun.

But before we move to our list of best gym bags for men, we have created a short checklist that will help you to buy the correct gym bag for you. 

  1. The bag should have ample space to carry all of your gym essentials. 
  2. It should be of durable quality and woven from water-resistant and breathable fibres. 
  3. Go for gym bags that are made up of materials like leather, nylon and canvas. Nylon is most sought after since it helps in creating lightweight gym bags
  4. Look for adjustable straps since you should be comfortable while carrying the gym bag with you. 
  5. Look that the bag has different compartments, pockets or pouches for easy access. 

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Best gym bags for men to look out for!

Now that we have the checklist out of our way, let us now look at the list:

1.Nike Brasilia: Overall best gym bag

One of the most popular gym bags for men has to be this stylish Nike’s Brasilia duffle bag. It technically can outperform every other bag due to its durability, size and carrying comfort. 

best gym bag For Men

The bag is available in medium and large size and has abundant space that can carry all your extensive gym gears. Also, extra points for the bag being machine-washable, weather-resistant and of polyester finish. There are also several zipped compartments on the outside that give you quick access to all your essentials. 

The bag is available in several colours including the classics like black, navy and grey. This gym bag ticks every box to be your ideal workout companion. It is purpose-built for the task and is overall an all-rounder. 

2.Puma Men’s Contender Bag: Best value gym bag

When it comes to finding a great gym bag within your budget, then Puma’s contender bag is a great shot. 

According to reviews, the bag’s offer is supposed to be good to be true. 

It comes in large sizes and the material is of high quality and is also very attractive. 

You will be getting a separate footwear compartment so that storing your sweating trainers does not become a hassle. Multiple zip pockets will help you to store small accessories more efficiently. For carrying, there is also an option to choose between short connecting webbing handles and long shoulder straps. And with the padded bottom panel, provides added abrasion resistance too. 

3. Bellroy Transit Work pack: Best modern design gym bag 

If you need to run to your gym just after finishing your office, then this work pack will be your best friend for you. Also, the Bellroy’s transit work pack is a gym bag that perfectly nails the 21st-century cool look.

The bag has ample space for all of your workout gear as well as for a laptop. There is a front zipped pocket, internal zipped pocket and two pouch pockets that will help you to keep all of your gym gears organized as well as allow easy access to them. 

It is made from premium environmentally certified leather, recycled materials, water-resistant fabrics and is extremely durable. The backpack is also available in different sizes and therefore you can choose according to your convenience. 

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4. Herschel Supply Co. Sutton Herringbone Canvas Duffle: Best high-end gym bag

If you want to include a little bit of luxe factor in your gym gear, then Herschel’s gym duffel bag is the perfect option for you. 

This bag really gives you the old-school vibes and makes you look stylish when you head out to burn your calories. 

This workout bag is made of Herringbone’s canvas material and the army green colour only adds to its cool vintage vibe. 

But do not think that the bag is ticking only in the looks compartment, the bag is also a strong contender for an all-rounder. 

It is a water-resistant bag featuring front zipper pockets and when you are carrying, you can easily convert the handles into backpack straps. Plus it comes with a capacity of 50 litres. Now that is a steal deal!! 

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5. Alpha Industries Crew Duffle: Best small gym bag

It is always not necessary to look out for a large bag to carry to your gym. If you are someone who wants a small gym bag but does not want to compromise on the features, then Alpha industries’ duffle bag is a great choice for you. 

The duffle bag is streamlined and extremely stylish. Despite its small size, it can easily pack all of your essential gym gear as well as a small laptop inside. There are external zipped pockets for easy access and the bag is made of 100% nylon, therefore is extremely lightweight. 

6. Montblanc Sartorial Duffle Bag: Most stylish gym bag

If being stylish is in your second name, and you prefer to step in fashion when you head out to burn your calories, then Montblanc’s duffle bag can be an ideal partner for you. 

Its jet black exterior with a cross-grain leather look may just urge you to work out more frequently. Also, if you think that it might not be able to carry your gym essentials, then think again. This cool duffle bag is ideal for carrying heavy loads and is scratch and water-resistant too. 

Now there you go, our top picks for ideal gym bags for men. With some being most sturdy while some being high-end, hopefully, the article was able to cater to all of your needs. 

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