6 Popular Celebrities To Follow On Instagram For Workout Inspiration

If you also fall in that category of people who make elaborate workout plans every weekend but as soon as the weekday starts, it is as usual forgotten, then my friend feels assured when we say you are not the only one alone and we all are guilty of doing this. 

Did you know according to recent research when people were asked why they gave up so easily on their workout plans, the biggest factor that came out was lack of motivation? We can actually understand that cause. Waking up every day to sweat yourself up in the gym, feel your muscles turn sore and especially if you are just beginning your workout sessions, then you do need some inspiration to keep yourself going. 

If you are also someone for whom lack of motivation has been a big factor in giving up on your workout sessions then you have stumbled upon the right article where we will be discussing how you can use Instagram for your workout inspiration. 

Yes, you read that right. Instagram is a place where you can get anything and everything under a roof. Be it cooking videos or interesting DIY reels, you name it and you will get it. Now using this facility of Instagram, instead of just simply scrolling by, you can follow some celebs that can provide you with workout inspiration. Seeing them huffing and puffing in their Instagram workout videos, we are sure that it will finally provide you with the necessary inspiration to hit the gym. 

Top celebrities to follow on Instagram

Celebrities are always in the limelight and therefore they have to maintain a certain shape of themselves. In order to maintain the shape, they have some of the best nutritionists, cooks, doctors and fitness trainers in the business. So if you follow some of the fittest celebrities on Instagram, you would be getting the best fitness tips and advice and much more and all of them for free. 

Now without much ado let us go through some of the best celebrity workout Instagram pages

1. Dwayne Johnson

Instagram handle- @therock

Courtesy: Dwayne Johnson Instagram

There is no way we could have started off the list other than The Rock himself. There are many celebrities who post their workout videos on Instagram but no one does it better than Johnson himself. Be it crushing workout programs at 4 am or pulling off inhumane stunts in his movie sets, there have been numerous instances where this MME monster had dominated Instagram with his insane workout videos. He is always juggling between different projects but he also makes sure that he hits the gym every day even if it is in an odd hour. 

2. Serena Williams

Instagram handle- @serenawilliams

Courtesy: Google

Look at Serena Williams’s Instagram account and you will understand why she is known as the boss lady of the tennis court. With several videos on how she sweats it out in her gym every day, Serena shows how much hard work, dedication and passion goes behind the form that has helped her to become one of the greatest tennis players of all-time winning more than 23 major single titles. 

3. Michael Phelps

Instagram handle- @m_phelps00

Ever wondered what is the fitness routine of one of the greatest athletes of all times, then head to the official Instagram page of Michael Phelps and have all your queries solved. Winner of more than 22 Olympic medals, Phelps’ Instagram page is filled with videos where he pushes himself to the furthest limit to be the best version of himself. 

4. Simone Biles

Instagram handle- @simonebiles

An Olympic gold medalist gymnast, Simone Biles has to be the best person out there on Instagram if you are looking for motivation to start your workout sessions. One of the most celebrated gymnasts of all times, Simone Biles shows through her Instagram why she is considered as a role model for callisthenics and agility workouts worldwide. 

She regularly posts her workout photos on Instagram especially for her fans and other aspiring gymnasts who look up to her as a role model. If you are a follower of her social media handles, you would know she has a lot of fitness and health advice to offer on her platform, so make the best use of her Instagram page.

5. Henry Cavill

Instagram handle- @henrycavill

We are sure that seeing Henry Cavill on the screen as the daunting Superman, you may have wondered what type of workout regime he has gone through to have that body shape. If your mind is also bugged with this question, head towards his Instagram page immediately and you will get to see his excruciating workout regime. In a recent interview, he told how he surprises himself daily at the gym where he pushes himself to such an extent that he never knew could be even possible. 

6. Vidyut Jammwal

Instagram handle: @mevidyutjammwal

Closer home, we have Vidyut Jammwal who is a true fitness fanatic who regularly updates insta feed with his insane workout videos. With a whopping 5.5M followers on Instagram, he has quite made a niche for himself in the fitness world and if you do not believe us, do follow his Instagram page to check the amazing workouts that he posts every day. 

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Having trained in Kalaripayattu, a traditional Indian martial arts form since the age of three, his page is the evidence of all the hard work that it takes to build the body that can make anyone green with envy. 

Now there you go, you now know where to head towards when you lack motivation but we do want to provide you with some preventive measures and cautionary tips before you start following your idols workout regimes. 

  • Those workout routines shown by the celebrities are of high intensity, therefore, do not forget to assess your fitness level before starting off the regimes that are shown on the pages.
  • Make sure to do the workouts under a skilled trainer and abide by the guidelines as said by your coach.
  • By seeing the workout videos, do not jump directly into those high intense workout training sessions. Be patient while training. Build up your stamina first and then you can move towards those intensive workout programs.
  • Make sure to follow up the training with a proper diet that will help you to replenish all the nutrients that got lost through sweat.

Also, make sure to be patient while you follow these fitness influencers. Remember Rome was not built in a day and therefore do not rush yourself while following them or get demotivated when not getting your desired results. 

Now go on lookup these pages and fuel your passion for hitting the gym instantly.

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