6 Common Causes Of Clear Semen!

The human reproductive system is a complex network and each of its components needs to be in perfect health for the proper functioning of the system. But have you ever thought that what can happen if any of these factors is not operating properly? The main aim of the reproductive system is to ensure the survival of species and if the functioning components of the system get hampered, it will create an impact on the extinction rate. 

We know ailments can occur at any time but our body starts producing warning signs way before that. If we properly listen to our body and observe the symptoms and with the help correct diagnosis and right medications, it can be easily rectified. Therefore with that being said, we are going to talk about a condition known as clear semen which is generally considered as a symptom of many underlying chronic conditions.

Intriguing right? Keep on reading the article to know more about this condition and how you can effectively treat it.

What is clear semen?

The male urethra releases a fluid known as semen during ejaculation. The semen consists of spermatozoa and fluids secreted from the prostate and other male reproductive organs. It is made up of a variety of minerals, proteins, hormones and enzymes that all contribute to the composition of the ejaculated fluid. 

The general consistency of normal semen is whitish and thick in texture. It is whitish-grey in colour and has a jelly-like texture. However, due to various factors, the colour and viscosity can be highly altered. And one such condition is that of producing clear semen. So, have you been thinking, why is my cum clear, no worries, because we are here to provide all about clear semen. 

Some quick facts about clear semen are:

  1. Clear semen is usually seen as pre-ejaculated fluid or as pre-cum 
  2. Clear cum is less viscous and less cloudy
  3. It has a low sperm count and therefore less efficient for reproduction 
  4. Unlike normal semen, clear semen does not clot easily and instead, it spreads out like a thin liquid substance

This watery, clear cum can be caused due to a variety of reasons which we will be discussing next.

Causes of clear cum

You may wonder why is your cum clear? Well, clear cum is a relatively common occurrence and resolves on its own within a few days of occurrence. However, it is considered as a sign of poor reproductive health especially if it continues for a considerable period of time.

Some of the most common causes of clear semen are:

1. Low sperm count- 

Medically speaking, oligospermia or low sperm count is a condition where fewer than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen are produced. This causes the semen produced to be less viscous and more clear in nature. Having a low sperm count results in low reproductive health and it can make the process of conceiving harder. 

The factors that can lead to oligospermia are:

  • Genetic conditions like Klinefelter syndrome 
  • Hormone disorders 
  • Infection
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Excess body weight and certain medications

2. Varicocele- 

Varicocele is a condition of swelling of veins of the testicles in the scrotum. It has a very common occurrence in males and can be easily treated with the help of proper medications. Varicocele leads to a decrease in sperm quality and it can lead to oligospermia. 

3. Frequent ejaculation- 

If a male masturbates or engages in sexual activity frequently, it can lead to ejaculation of watery semen. The body does not have enough time to produce enough volume and quality of semen and therefore leads to clear cum. 

4. Retrograde ejaculation- 

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which during ejaculation the semen instead of passing through the urethra and out of the penis, travels back into the bladder. This affects the semen viscosity and produces semen which is light in density.

5. Zinc deficiency- 

Despite being a micronutrient, zinc plays a very important role in many functions of the body. It not only enhances reproductive health but also helps in DNA synthesis and fighting off infections. It plays a very important role in sperm production and its deficiency can lead to poor semen quality and also in some extreme cases, infertility. Try to include oysters, different kinds of meat, whole grains and yoghurt in your daily diet to avoid deficiency of zinc in your system.

6. Infection- 

Sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhea or inflammatory diseases like Epididymis can cause the production of watery semen.

Presence of large numbers of anti-sperm antibodies in the system, the formation of benign or malignant tumours in the scrotum or in the other parts of the genitalia and hormonal imbalance in the body can also be the cause of the production of clear semen by the body.

Treatments for clear semen

As we already said, clear semen can resolve on its own without any treatments and medications. However, by following some effective measures, you can easily prevent the frequent reoccurrence of production of clear semen.

Some of the tips that can be followed are:

  1. Changing a few lifestyle habits will help you to boost sperm count and also the quality of sperm.
  2. Quit smoking cigarettes and reduce the consumption of alcohol as much as possible.
  3. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight for the body.
  4. Including more zinc-rich contents in your daily diet.
  5. Abstaining from sexual activities for a short period of time will cause a reduction in ejaculation and will increase the seven quality.

Apart from the above-mentioned lifestyle tips, if the production of clear semen is due to some underlying chronic conditions, some effective treatments can also be provided for curing your conditions

  1. If clear semen is due to some bacterial infection, antibiotics are generally prescribed to treat the underlying microbe.
  2. Hormone therapy is recommended for hormonal imbalance.
  3. For treating varicoceles:
  • Laparoscopic surgery- Repairing, blocking and removing of the varicoceles takes place through this procedure.
  • Percutaneous embolization- A surgeon inserts a coil or balloon in the swollen vein and then enlarges it to facilitate the blood flow back into the testicles.

Now there you go, everything you need to know about the condition of clear semen. Clear 

cum is predominantly considered as a symptom for low sperm count but as we can already see, this condition, except when due to an underlying chronic condition, can easily be treated with help of proper medications and treatments. 

Most of the chronic conditions can easily be treated too. They generally resolve on their own, however, that being said, if you notice symptoms like uneasiness and discomfort, unusual discharges, nausea and fever, immediately consult with a professional medical advisor then. Early diagnosis will help to get to the root of the problem and with proper medications and treatments, it can be easily alleviated.

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