Deconstruct The Smell Of Sex- 6 Reasons Why Sex Smells

What does sex smell like?  Does it have a definite smell? We reckon that this is not something a lot of people are informed about. majority of the people would agree that many can even recognize when someone has just had sex in a room they have entered.

And if you ask them what sex smells like, they will probably be clueless or you will be getting a range of strange answers but most of the time, people do not have an answer.

So, let us deconstruct the notion…

Does sex smell?

Yes, sex can smell of numerous things. A few of them are listed below.


If you sweat while having sex, then the salty scent will fill the room. Many people sweat more than others, and their sweat has a stronger smell. If you are one of the sweaty people,  from working out already, you will notice this more while sex and your partner will do too. Oops!

2.Fecal matter

Hygiene is not every guy’s best suit.  You will be astonished at the fact that many guys never really clean their butts or testicles! It is impossible to ignore that familiar stinky smell, a mixture of sweat and fecal matter.

3. Condoms

Do you know what a condom smells like? It surely does not smell like roses. Condoms are often made out of latex, they are used by masses as a sort of contraception and shield against sexually transmitted infections. But when you are amidst it, the blend of latex with physical fluids and friction may cause a discrete tangy smell. If you also use lube, its smell will add to it too.

sex smells
4. Vaginal fluids

It is not common for vaginal liquids to see the light of day. And Since you hardly ever smell your vaginal liquids (  because it sounds weird of course), the smell of a vagina is noticeable to noses passing you by while you are doing the deed. But Hey, your vagina is doing its job.

It is producing more of these liquids to accommodate your knight in shining armor. Composed of main mucus, protein as well as water, and vaginal bacteria, vaginal fluid usually has a distinct smell during sex.

5. Blood

Your menstrual cycle makes a lot of difference in how sex will smell. If you indulge in sexual activities while you are on your period or your partner is down. Although there is nothing wrong with it, and there’s nothing wrong with it, it will just smell more metallic.

You are most probably familiar with the scent of blood, which many people define as similar to a roll of pennies. It will not be pleasant. That is what sex will smell like.

6. Body odor

We all know that when sweat dries, body odour is left behind. So it is the reason why sex might smell a bit like a stinky armpit if you have ever experienced it and If either you or your companion needs a quick shower, it might even smell worse. Several parts of the body, such as the butt, testicles are known for smelling worse, so we advise you to at least scrub those areas if you can not take a shower before sex.

Now that we know what sex smells like, let us try to understand what measures to take to get rid of this smell because nobody likes it, right?

How to get rid of sex smell?

sex smells: getting rid of it

This is a trick question. So, dear ladies, When it comes to cleaning out your vagina, there is no such thing. The vagina is perfectly capable of cleaning itself after sex — even if the sperm is inside it. Also, if you try to take matters of cleaning into your own hands, it can do more harm than good. So, do not be fooled by these chemical products, and trust your V!

The same rule for the vagina also goes for the penis. You need not rush to the bathroom instantly but make sure that you lightly wash it by morning. However, if your foreskin is still intact, you would want to give the area a mild warm wash to limit any semen development or infection risk. You can try unscented baby wipes that can also get rid of the sex smell until morning. 

If you want to get rid of the sex smell in the room then you can light candles, they are the leading factors in sex and are also used for cleanup after sex. You must wash your sheets after the intercourse. Opening windows, once the fun time is over, is also a great idea as this will improve the air circulation throughout the room and will sweep the sweaty smell out.

 You can try using white vinegar that is quite similar to vodka in lessening odor.  Once you obtain a spray bottle, fill it partly with white vinegar, and start spraying around the room.  Since vinegar does not have alcohol to speed its drying means, opening windows will aid in this process. And Once the vinegar evaporates, the sharp smell that it usually produces will fade with it.

Another thing that you can use is vodka spray. If there is an extra spray bottle around, just fill it with vodka and spray it in the whole room.  Vodka is known for having the effect of getting within the fiber and counterbalancing odor.  As vodka evaporates, it lifts off much of the undesirable aroma.

Do not forget to dispose of the soiled tissues or condoms, if there are any. Make sure that you get rid of these as soon as possible in an outdoor trash bin.  If you leave them inside, they can evaporate into the walls and produce a distinctive smell within the room. That being said, have fun!

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