6 Natural Ways To Balance Hormones

The most subtle thing about hormonal imbalance is that we don’t realize we are going through it ourselves. Nonetheless, hormonal imbalance is a pretty huge deal, especially in the lives of women. Are you lately feeling too flustered and irritable? Is your husband complaining about your short temper? Or maybe you’re noticing that you’re gaining a lot of weight and a number of acne have suddenly made their appearance on your face? 

If your subconscious said a “yes” to any of these questions, then it is time for you to gather some knowhow about hormones and how to balance hormones. Now, you will find that there are various tablets, pills etc. available in the market that claim to balance hormones for you. But experts recommend you to not go for those. They can have serious side-effects as they are tampering with your hormones. So, your best bet is to look for knowledge on how to balance hormones naturally. 

In our article, we have taken up this issue for today and we want to give you some tried and tested natural ways to balance hormones. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Avoid having too much sugar and refined carbs

Hormonal imbalance is one of the prime reasons why your face might be looking like a galaxy of acne-stars, and the simplest way to balance hormones is—refrain from having sugary stuff, beverages like cold drinks, and refined carbs. If you can follow this simple rule, you will be able to combat obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes and of course, hormonal imbalance. 

Do you know most sugary foods contain fructose and fructose is hugely responsible for insulin-resistance? Insulin resistance causes polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS. So, if your periods are running late, ditch the pastries and go for a moderate-carb diet.

Exercise regularly

If you visit your gynecologist with problems that may have arisen due to hormonal imbalance, the first and foremost thing that he will advise you to do is—exercise regularly. Scientists have claimed, physical activity can have a major influence on your body’s hormonal health. Regular exercise can help your dopamine levels. Dopamine is the happiness hormone that helps you fight stress. Your serotonin levels can increase due to routine exercise. Serotonin helps you sleep peacefully and combat insomnia.

balance hormones

And most importantly, exercise can help you maintain the levels of estrogen and testosterone in your body—this will maintain your menstrual cycle, slow down natural signs of ageing etc. So, if you’re looking for how to balance hormones naturally, put on your gym clothes and run a few laps around your neighborhood!

Learn to manage stress

Stress and tension—these are your most ferocious opponents when you try to regulate hormones in your body. The two major hormones that are affected by your stress levels are cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol is, in fact, the stress hormone for all human beings. It comes into play when your body is threatening to shut down from all the stress and anxiety. And adrenaline or epinephrine is the fight-or-flight hormone that plays a role in the situations where you can sense some impending danger. 

Extensive cortisol levels can cause obesity, huge calorie intake etc. To keep these hormones in optimal levels, try yoga, stop taking too much pressure, indulge in your hobbies and ultimately, try to relax a bit.

Get enough sleep

A consistent, deep sleep can do wonders on your body. So, if you’re wondering how to balance hormones efficiently, the solution is very simple—you have to go get some quality sleep. It is often seen in the women who have just recently given birth—they hardly get the time to sleep and thus, they get stressed and anxious about their baby, about postpartum life etc. 

balance hormones

Always remember, for undeterred functioning of the body, an adult human being needs at least 7 hours of sleep. If you’re sleeping right, you can be sure that your hormone levels are in their optimal state. Decreased hormone levels can cause increased hunger, reduced somatotropin (growth hormone) and increased insulin resistance. And as we discussed earlier—insulin resistance leads to PCOS.

Try a high fiber diet

Coming to nutritional requirements and preparing a perfect “hormone balancing diet”, try to include lots of fibers in your daily meals. Fibers are one of the six major components of food that are needed for proper maintenance of your body. Fibers act to increase insulin sensitivity, thereby fighting the chances of PCOS. Fibers can cause the secretion of hormones that make you feel full, thus causing you to consume fewer calories and lose more weight. 

There are two kinds of fibers—soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibers are easily absorbed by the body and have the most effects on your appetite. But insoluble fibers, too, have some role in helping you to balance hormones and lose weight. 

Drink green tea

We know we promised you 5 tips but we decided to add a bonus tip just for you! Green tea, as many of you know, have many health benefits and one of them is that it helps you regulate hormones. Green tea boosts your metabolism, thereby helping the breakdown of excess hormones. This helps keep your hormone levels in check. Experts have claimed that the antioxidants found in green tea help keep you healthy and lower insulin levels, reduce insulin resistance etc. 

Drinking green tea can get you a lot of advantages other than fighting hormone imbalance, so our tip would be for you to have one cup of green tea once a day, preferably early in the morning.

There you go! Now you have a list of 5 tips to help you combat hormone imbalance along with a bonus tip! You must remember that hormonal imbalance, though more prominent in women, can also affect men—so you must take precautions accordingly. While many medications are available for this, you can simply adopt some good habits and try to balance hormones naturally. 

In this article, we covered common questions such as what is hormonal imbalance, how to balance hormones naturally, what is PCOS etc. We hope you liked this article and you found it useful. If you did, please share it with your friends because everyone deserves some good information! Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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