6 Ways To Overcome Lost Motivation And Feel Productive Again!

                     “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Motivation, one of the key components that help us to strive towards our goal. A necessity that provides the energy to fuel our journey towards our dream. 

But it is not uncommon to witness people losing their motivation during their journey. 

You will find that when you do not have the motivation, the work that was supposed to get done, gets delayed and eventually it leads to a point where things are put off and the work or the project is entirely given up. 

Well, we can assure that from a middle school student to a highly effective executive, everyone suffers from this seemingly inexplicable feeling but the good news, it can be overcome too. 

Here are some basic values for you- how to overcome motivation deficit in depression

If you are also someone who has been experiencing this period and do not know how to combat it. Then you have stumbled upon just the right article for you, my friend. We can provide you with some easy measures that will help you to overcome lost motivation. 

However, before we move any further into the topic, let us first look at some of the causes that generally lead to lack of motivation and the common signs that accompany the period

  1. Your self-analysis has become extremely critical. We are sorry if this seems rude to you, but it has been found that how people judge themselves plays the most important factor in someone’s psychological development and motivation. If we stop valuing ourselves, then there is a high chance that it can lead to an unmotivated version of ourselves. 
  2. The goal becomes overwhelming to one. 
  3. There are not enough reasons to keep on pushing towards the goals. 
  4. The environment around a person is cynical and unsupportive. 
  5. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle in general. 

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Common signs that accompany during the period

  • Reduced interest in activities that generally used to spark an interest or were pleasurable previously.
  • Having a messy sleep schedule and eating pattern. While may suffer from insomnia and witness lack of appetite and while some may become heavy sleepers and have increased desire to eat and can gain weight tremendously.
  • Mood swings, restlessness, irritability or lack of energy, and fatigue in general
  • Difficulty in concentrating on day-to-day tasks
  • Being self-critical, lacking self-confidence, and having a poor self-image in general.

It is also essential to acknowledge here that losing motivation is often considered a primary symptom of depression by many psychologists and therefore experiencing frequent periods of lost motivation can be a forewarning of something deep within. It is important to consult a psychologist in this case.

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Now that we have looked through the potential causes and signs, let us now look at measures that can help you to overcome the situation.

How can you overcome lost motivation? 

It is quite amazing to witness that tweaking some minute changes in our daily lifestyle can have a vast impact on us. 

Different websites and magazines list a variety of changes that help in overcoming lost motivation but we bring to you some of the most common and easiest measures that can help you to overcome lost motivation. 

So without further ado, let’s dig into it. 

Set your goals

Goals play a huge role in our journey. It is the final destination that we work for, therefore, the goal set should be something that one feels inspired and strives towards and does not get overwhelmed instead. If you feel that you are lacking the motivation of achieving a particular goal, try to set small and manageable goals first. You will notice that completing the manageable goals helps in boosting self-confidence which motivates you further to work on it.

Leave positive affirmation

As mentioned previously, tweaking small changes can go a long way, therefore, the next step on our list is to leave some positive affirmations in the places where you can see them easily. For example, “Yes, you can do it”,  ” Do not give up” or “It all begins with a small step”. Our brain digests whatever we create, therefore feeding the brain with positive thoughts can help you to feel better and work through the day. 

Ditch the routine

If exercising is something that you always detested, then try to include it in your daily routine during this period. It has been scientifically studied that exercising helps the body to release endorphins, which are the body’s feel-good hormones that will help in overcoming your lost motivation in the long run. 

Congratulate yourself on every task you accomplish, 

Try and learn to appreciate every small achievement, even if it appears to be not a big milestone It is important to understand that there is a very thin line between “being productive” and “being overprotective”. 

Being productive helps in achieving your goals and also helps you feel productive, if you tend to become over-productive, you will soon overwhelm yourself and that can possibly lead to burnout. Therefore, never take up too many chores, more than you can handle. It’s is always better to say NO. 

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Leave out negativity

We mentioned how our brain works on what we feed it. Therefore, try to avoid negativity and avoid people or circumstances that leave you feeling drained or negative.

Also, a quick tip, if you feel that you have emotions pent up inside you but no one to share, you can start journaling. Journaling is an excellent way to vent out all your negative emotions and make space for positive thoughts. 

You should follow content that motivates and inspires you. Read uplifting stories and content and surround yourself with positive people. 

If you are looking for YouTube channels to aid you through the process, then here are four youtube channels that help in doing the job: Big ThinkTEDx TalksTrue Inspirations, and MotivationHub.

Try to stick to a routine every day. 

Often following a particular routine works wonders when it comes to overcoming lost motivation. As you write down your routine, stick it to a place where you will be able to see it and use check marks as soon as you finish a task. 

It has been studied that the sense of accomplishing daily tasks helps in promoting a sense of well-being which inspires us to aim higher each day. 

Now there you go, some effective and practical measures that can help you to overcome lost motivation. 


Becoming unmotivated and unproductive is an extremely common occurrence. People experiencing such periods, instead of worrying, should take a break and analyse the factors that have been causing the wreck. Give yourself time to look deep within the matter and identify the nuisances. 

And if despite all the above-mentioned measures, as we mentioned previously, experiencing frequent periods of lost motivation is generally considered an early symptom of depression. Therefore, to overcome depression deficit in depression, consult a competent psychologist in that case, for proper guidance, medication, and treatment. 

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