6 Common Ways To Remove Tattoo Scars

We carve tattoos on our skin to cherish things in life. But sometimes these beautiful paintings can leave a scar on our skin. Scars can be hard to remove if not taken care of in the early stage. So, let us dig deeper into this topic and get to know the origin of the scarring and how it can be treated.  

What causes scarring of tattoos? 

  • Poor healing

Sometimes even if the wound caused by the tattooing process is not severe, our body’s response to that damage might not be positive. This will dictate the wound about how well it will heal. 

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If someone heals in a poor manner from cuts and injuries or suffers from an underlying health condition, their tissues might not heal easily from the trauma by the tattooing needles. This causes scarring within the tattoo sometimes. Some people can be more sensitive as compared to others.

Tattoo Scars

Somebody prone to keloids or excessive scarring should avoid tattooing in the areas of tension. Tattooing in that sensitive area will increase the risk of scarring due to continuous stretching of the skin. 

  • Pulling the tattoo scabs

Picking or pulling the tattoo scab can also lead to scarring on the skin. A scab is a layer that forms over the tattooed area in order to protect it from destructive germs and bacteria. Scab also gives rise to the regeneration of the skin surrounding the tattooed area. 

Sometimes the layer of scab formed can be thick and rough enough to be caught on certain clothes and other fibers. These activities lead to picking and ripping off of the scab prematurely. This damages the skin and gives rise to the formation of scar tissues. 

  • Scratching the surface of the tattooed skin

The formation of a scab over the new tattoo can make its area and surroundings dry and very itchy. This will stimulate irritation and will stretch the scab. While scratching the scab, the germs transfer from the fingernails to the tattooed skin. These germs can be the reason for generating scars on the skin.

  • Infection

When the tattoo gets infected by germs and certain bacteria, it leads to a new chain of problems, including scarring. Though infections have their effects only on the tattooed skin if they become serious, they can cause other general health issues too. In this case, it’s better to consult a dermatologist. 

How to treat tattoo scars?

  • Ointment

Applying ointments will help to fade the scars. Oils such as bio-oil and ointments such as Mederma helps in diminishing the scar’s appearance. These contain advanced ingredients such as allantoin and allium cepa bulb extracts. 

Tattoo Scars

It improves the color, texture, and appearance of the scar. Apply the ointment generously on the middle of the scar and slowly spread throughout. Massage the cream until observed by the skin. Remember to apply sunscreen over the ointment to prevent darkening of the skin.  

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera is no less than the exile of life as it is full of skin-healing properties along with other health benefits. Aloe vera contains a compound called aloesin that helps in reducing hyperpigmentation in scars. The reason is that it decreases the overproduction of melanin, a pigment that makes tattoo scars more noticeable. 

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Apply an ample amount of aloe vera gel on the scar and massage for one minute. Keep applying this until the scar wears off. 

  • Moisturizers

Along with keeping the skin moisturized, applying this will also prevent drying of areas around the scar. It reduces excess dryness and makes the scar less noticeable. You can use moisturizers of cream or gel-based regularly on the scar. 

Tattoo Scars

It heals the scar and prevents further damage due to roughness. The dry skin observes the moisturizer that nourishes and helps in restoring the damaged skin.

  • Tattoo touch-up

Colour distortion of tattoos can be managed by tattoo touch-up which is a procedure that will be done by the artist itself. But this might not be a significant idea in terms of keloid scar tissues. These are the tissues that are formed on the skin. Tattooing those areas can be extremely painful and difficult. 

  • Make-up

If your scars are not severe, it can be disappeared by applying some make-up. As a safety precaution so that scars do not get affected by chemicals used in make-ups, apply moisturizer and ointment before. 

After the application of the above, conceal the scars with a concealer. Buy a concealer that matches the color of the affected area. Apply considerably on the scar and avoid overdoing it. You can apply make-up until the scars have healed from some other source. Using organic make-up will be beneficial for the scar and prevent further infection. 

  • Microdermabrasion

A scar that is left by a tattoo can be removed by using a microdermabrasion kit, that too at home. This kit involves scrubs that are used in exfoliating the affected skin. 

These facial scrubs are applied to the scars and a device that is equipped with mild functions is used on the skin. The device helps in removing the layer of scar that contains dry and dead skin cells. 

This process is safe for all types of skin. This gives subtle changes on the skin and does not harm the skin color. 

How to prevent tattoo scars?

Following the precautions given below can prevent tattoo scars:

  • Make sure you get your tattoo done by an experienced artist. They should carry a license and a notable reputation. Choose a parlour that maintains its hygiene and cleans its equipment after every service. Sterilization of the tools is extremely important at any cost.
  • Pay attention to the safety reforms taken by the artist, like washing hands and wearing a fresh pair of gloves. The needles as well as razors should not be reused.
Tattoo Scars
  • A fresh tattoo should be covered with plastic or bandage for at least 24 hours to prevent infections. Avoid any contact with water.
  • Wear loose clothes or keep clothes away from the scabs. 
  • Moisturize regularly to avoid redness and roughness.

Once you get a tattoo done, make sure you keep that area of skin with care throughout else it becomes a task to hide and heal those tattoo scars. 

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