Mineral Based Sunscreens Are The New Deal! 7 Best Mineral Sunscreens To Use

Sunscreen is an absolute must when it comes to protecting your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. 

However, recently there were quite a few concerns over the ingredients used in the chemical or organic sunscreens and therefore a mass shifting towards using mineral-based sunscreens was observed among the people. 

But what are the benefits of mineral-based sunscreens you ask, continue reading the article then as we share with you all the details and we can also provide you with a list of some of the best mineral sunscreens for the body.

Why should you consider mineral sunscreens over chemical ones? 

The sun emits two types of ultraviolet rays- UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are the long ultraviolet rays that can penetrate deep into the skin layers and can create long-term effects. On the other hand, UVB rays are the shorter ultraviolet rays that can only reach the surface of the skin. These rays usually cause sunburn or tanning

Sunscreens help us to fight off these harmful UV rays. The SPF written on the sunscreens bottles stands for Sun Protection Factor which is the measure of the ability of the sunscreen to protect us against the damage of the UV rays. 

Now coming on why you should use mineral-based sunscreens over chemical ones is sole because of the ingredients used and the effect that the product produces. 

Chemical sunscreens are made of non-natural, chemical compounds like octinoxate, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and padimate O. These ingredients actively absorb the UV rays and through a chemical reaction dissipate the rays.

However, since the chemicals are absorbed quickly into the skin, this causes irritation and reactiveness. Studies have also shown that chemicals from these sunscreens can seep into the bloodstream and lead to certain chronic ailments. 

On the other hand, mineral sunscreens as the name suggests uses minerals as their active ingredients. The minerals most commonly used are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They also work in a different way than the chemical sunscreens.

These sunscreens sit on top of the skin and simply reflect the rays. They act as a physical barrier between our skin and the harmful rays. Since they do not get absorbed by the skin much, the effect of the ingredients seeping into the bloodstream can be stopped. 

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What to keep in mind when choosing a mineral sunscreen? 

Buying the right mineral sunscreen is an absolute must and therefore we bring to you a small checklist that will help you to choose just the right sunscreen for you. 

  1. Look for a broad spectrum on the label. Ensure that your sunscreen is providing you protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Choose SPF 30 and higher. 
  2. Always choose the water-resistant variants. You may not want to jump in to swim but you surely do not want your sunscreen wearing off due to sweat. 
  3. Go for mineral sunscreens which are in lotion form. Applying mineral sunscreen lotions will be much more effective than using sunscreen sticks or sprays.
  4. Always buy sunscreen that is best suited for your skin type. You can consult a dermatologist to do so. 
  5. Also, look into the ingredients before you buy sunscreen. There is a high chance that someone might be allergic to any of them. 

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Best mineral sunscreens for the body

  1. Sunscros Matte Finish Soft SPF 50+ PA+++

Earlier this sunscreen used to be available mostly by prescription but its popularity skyrocketed and now it can be easily found at your nearest pharmacy or online. It comes in two variants- matte finish gel (for all skin types) and aqua lotion (for sensitive skin). The sunscreen has micronized zinc oxide particles and silicon base and produces an oil-free matte finish, therefore making it a great option for all the oily skin people out there. 

  1. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Liquid Sunscreen

A lightweight SPF 50 sunscreen packed with the protective goodness of titanium and zinc oxide is another popular mineral sunscreen choice for the body. It is also water-resistant and non-comedogenic i.e., it would not produce any breakouts. 

  1. SunKage 100% Physical Sunscreen

This is a medical-grade sunscreen recommended by dermatologists. It is formulated with 25% micro-ionized zinc oxide and also contains safflower oil, Vitamin E, and aloe vera. It provides broad-spectrum protection, is water-resistant and non-comedogenic as well. And further, this sunscreen is paraben-free and fragrance-free, thus making it an ideal choice for many. 

  1. Kama Ayurveda Natural Sun Protection SPF 21 PA++

Kama Ayurveda is a popular Ayurvedic brand and this sunscreen also packs the goodness of Ayurveda. It calls itself 99.3% natural sun cream. This sunscreen consists of non-nano zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and leaves behind a balm-like, non-greasy finish on the skin. It is suitable for normal combination skin and is also suitable for children above 3 years of age. 

  1. Vanicream Sunscreen Sport SPF 35

This sunscreen is formulated with zinc oxide and is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and free of formaldehyde and dyes. As the name suggests, this sunscreen is specially made for those who remain outdoors most of the time. It is non-greasy, sweat- and water-resistant. According to dermatologists, this sunscreen is also beneficial for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. 

  1. Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

The smooth texture is something that will make you fall in love with this sunscreen. This mineral sunscreen is formulated with the protective goodness of zinc oxide and is also supposed to provide numerous benefits to your skin. This mineral sunscreen can also be used to treat various skin conditions due to the natural antimicrobial properties of zinc. 

  1. Lotus Organic+ Mineral Sunscreens

Lotus Organic+ has three mineral sunscreens lined in their kit. 

  • Hydrating Gel SPF 30 PA+++ – extracts of frangipani flower to soothe and calm the irritated skin. 
  • Tinted Ultra Matte SPF 40 PA+++ – extracts of organic cranberry which has antioxidant properties
  • Sheer Brightening SPF 50 PA+++ – extracts of organic white peony to reduce dullness and enhance the skin tone. 

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These sunscreens are formulated with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and sweat- and waterproof. These also protect from 98% of the harmful rays. 

Now there you go, everything you need to know about mineral sunscreens. These sunscreens provide better protection than chemical sunscreens and are also much safer to be used. However, always consult a dermatologist before you use any mineral sunscreen, and also do not forget to do a patch test. 

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