7 Effective Calisthenics Biceps Workouts You Can Do At Your Home

Do you also want a thick, flaccid, and bulging pair of biceps? Can you achieve your goal by doing calisthenics biceps workouts? 

Yes, you can get those nice-looking biceps by following a calisthenics biceps routine and being creative with your exercises. The Calisthenics biceps workout is a form of strength training that consists of numerous movements. The calisthenics bicep workouts are performed rhythmically with minimal equipment and they exercise large muscle groups.

You can build your biceps by doing calisthenics only if you precisely do them and by focusing on the right exercises. You need to spice up your workout routine with a variety of pulling and jumping exercises to get the desired result. You also need to build a mind-muscle connection with your biceps to actively focus on feeling the bicep contraction during the workout. This article will help you with all of that and you will be able to build biceps! 

The Calisthenics Biceps Workout 

This is a great workout to reach your fitness goals without getting a gym membership, you can easily do this at home or workplace. Movements such as swinging, pushing, pulling, bending, and jumping are often used to increase strength. The calisthenics biceps workout is the form of doing bodyweight exercises to maintain a good body structure and stay fit.

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  • It improves balance, agility, and strength.
  • It improves coordination, speed, power, and acceleration.
  • It improves strength and enhances the way you perform different tasks every day.
  • It gives a necessary solid base of strength for you to carry out any training.
  • It improves brain-body connection and increases body awareness. 
  • It gives you confidence and self-esteem.

Just by doing these calisthenics biceps workouts won’t give you strong biceps, you also need to fulfil other factors such as proper nutrition, progressive overload, time under tension, and muscle isolation. 

Design a proper diet for yourself consisting of lots of nutrients, green vegetables, probiotics, protein-rich foods, high-fibre foods and avoid too much sugar. You also have to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Progressive overload means a gradual increase in the reps and pushing yourself for more and more. You have to avoid overdoing your workouts or else you will feel more tired. Let your body and muscles get proper recovery and rest, after then only you can opt for more difficult exercises.

Balance your whole body and do 8-12 reps, slowly with long rest periods. You can even increase the reps if the rest time seems too much for you.

7 Most Effective Calisthenics Biceps Workouts 

Commando One Arm Negatives-

This exercise can be done at home by using a door or in a gym using a pull-up bar. Place a towel on the top of the door for better grip and you can put on a weight vest or a bag for better results. 

  • Place both hands on the top of the door and raise your body.
  • Pull up as high as you can(till your chin is above the top of the door).
  • Stay in that position for 2-3 seconds and put all of your weight on your right. 
  • Once you feel everything is balanced and on the right side, let go of the left hand and begin to drop and descend.
  • On reaching the ground let go of your right hand and do the same but put your weight on the left hand this time.
Inverted Rows-

You have to get a bar for this. Do not worry the price is not too much or else you can grip the edge of a long table. 

  • Lie on the floor facing the ceiling and place the bar around your waist height. Remember your body should be under the bar.
  • Hold the bar with both hands at shoulder-width distance. 
  • Squeeze in your butts, making a straight line with your body.
  • Pull yourself up, touch the bar with your chest and your chin should not touch the bar. 
Head Bangers-

You can use a door for this calisthenics biceps workout. You can also include this exercise in your strength training.

  • Place both of your hands at the top of the door and take a proper grip.
  • Raise and contract your body. 
  • Once you go up, raise your body, lean back slightly, and keep your legs off the floor. 
  • Pull yourself back closer to their bar by flexing your elbows and pretend as if you are lifting a weight.
  • Do not move your elbow and slowly go down.
Towel Curls-

This calisthenics biceps no bar workout increases overall biceps strength and improves balance.

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  • Take a towel, hold it with both hands and fold it thrice. 
  • Stand tall, straighten your backbone and lean against a wall. Only your back should be in contact with the wall.
  • Place both the feet one foot far from your body. 
  • Keep your right knee in a bowed position, twist your left knee, and position your left foot in the focal point of the towel. 
  • Keep your upper arm in a still position, twist the edges of the towel towards you and utilize the foot to oppose the movement. 
  • Make sure to stop briefly at the top of the movement, and then come back to the starting position.

You can use a bar or table for this biceps exercise.

  • Jump onto the bar or table and grip it properly. Your body should be solid and hollow as you take the hanging position. 
  • With your feet behind you, slightly arch your back. Keep your core and quads tight throughout the exercise. 
  • From the arch position, bend your knees and raise your legs to put more pressure on the hands.
  • Consider popping your hips when your knees and legs are lifting into the air. 
  • Loosen the grip, allow both of your hands to slide around the bar and relax your body.
  • Engage your core, and allow that torso to reach the highest position and go back to the initial position. 
One Arm Push-Ups-

  • Take a push-up position and widen the distance between your feet.
  • Pick one hand off the floor and let it rest on your back.
  • Go down until your chest nearly touches the floor and put all the pressure in that one hand.
  • Go back to the starting position and repeat the same on the opposite side.
Zottman Curls-

You can wear a weight vest or backpack and use a dumbbell, water bottles, or books.

  • Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands and place your arms at your sides.
  • Turn your arms to make your palms face in the forward direction and curl the dumbbells close to your shoulders.
  • Pause in between and rotate the dumbbells, making your palms face forward again.
  • Lower down the dumbbells and rotate them back to the initial position.

Calisthenics Biceps Routine 

DaysCalisthenics Biceps WorkoutsSets
Monday One-arm push-upsMuscle-upsInverted rowsZottman curlsAll 3 sets of 10 reps
Wednesday Commando one arm negativesTowel curlsOne-arm push-upsHeadbangersAll 3 sets of 10 reps
Friday Inverted rowsCommando one arm negativesTowel curls Zottman curlsAll 3 sets of 12 reps


The Calisthenics biceps workouts focus on compound movements and make your training efficient. In case of any injuries consult a doctor right away and hire a trainer if you feel like you are doing your exercise incorrectly. 

That’s it! 

Start doing this calisthenics biceps workout ASAP and meet your goals.