8 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Banana Drinks

Apart from eating only the pulp of this fruit, a banana can also be enjoyed in the form of a shake. Banana, whose fruit as well as its peel carry numerous benefits. When blended with milk and other sources, it forms a shake which is even more nutritious. So, what are the health benefits of a banana shake, and what is the right way to make one? 

What are the benefits of banana shake? 

  • Helps in gaining weight

Some people go through excessive weight loss due to suffering from some disease or there are people who are malnourished. Drinking banana shakes can help them gain the right amount of weight in a natural way. 

Banana Shake

As bananas form an excellent source of healthy carbs, so does they produce effective weight gain. One medium banana contains 100 calories and when mixed with dry fruits, nuts, and honey, it forms the powerhouse of building muscles that helps in gaining healthy weight. 

Recipe to make the perfect banana shake for gaining weight

Ingredients required:

Rolled oats: ½ cup

Overnight soaked almonds: 10

Bananas: 2 medium-sized

Coconut flakes: 1 teaspoon

Overnight soaked dates: 3 

Vanilla extract / essence: ½ teaspoon

Peanut butter: 2 table-spoon

Milk: 3 cups


  1. Start by soaking the oats in warm water for 5 minutes. This step will soften the oats making them easy to digest. 
  2. Take your juicer or blender, add soaked almonds and oats first. Blend until a smooth paste is formed with no almond chunks behind.
  3. Next, add the chopped bananas, nut butter, soaked and shredded dates, vanilla extract or essence, and coconut flakes. 
  4. Blend until everything is incorporated, forming a semi-thick shake. 
  5. For additional flavor, you are free to top it up with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. 
  • Helps in losing weight

For people who are looking for economical ways to lose weight, drinking banana shake is the way to go. We already know that bananas are a low-calorie fruit that is high in fiber. 

Banana Shake

Along with losing weight, it also helps in maintaining it too. Because the banana is such a fruit that keeps one’s appetite full for hours without even eating in large quantities. 

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Making a banana shake with low-fat milk forms excellent support for the weight loss goal. 

Recipe to make the perfect banana shake for losing weight

Ingredients required: 

Overnight soaked dates: 5

Soaked almonds: 5 

Ripened banana: 1

Warm water: 3 tbsp

Honey: 1 tbsp

Cold milk: 1 cup

Soaked raisins: 1 teaspoon

Soaked cashews: 5

Soaked pistachios: 5


  1. Begin with straining all the dry fruits and adding them into a blender. 
  2. The next step is to add the banana, honey, and cold milk. 
  3. Blend at low speed and slowly turn the speed to high. 
  4. Keep blending until the shake is smooth and without any dry-fruit chunk. 
  • Pre-workout energy drink

Consuming a banana shake is no less than a pre-workout meal. To perform well in a workout, one needs to fuel their bodies with healthy complex carbs and glucose. Drinking a banana shake fulfils all the criteria and gives the necessary energy to the body to perform at its peak. 

Banana Shake

Drinking a glass of banana shake one hour before working out will increase the glycogen in the muscles that will result in better performance. It also fills the body with potassium that helps in preventing muscle cramps. 

  • Helps to overcome hangovers

Studies have shown that banana shake helps in curing hangovers. As excessive consumption of alcohol results in an increase in urination hence, dehydrating the body. This also affects the potassium levels in the body.

Drinking banana shake not only overcomes the need for electrolytes but also relaxes the stomach. It balances the hormonal levels hence, resulting in better movements of the body.

In this case, a banana shake with milk, honey, and cream would greatly help. The honey in the shake is responsible for raising the lost blood sugar. It also helps to keep the brain stable by relaxing the nerves of the body. 

  • Stomach-friendly drink

Banana shake is a stomach-friendly drink which means it does not cause side-effects to any stomach condition. It performs a vital role by battling with bacteria and protecting the stomach lining from getting ulcers. It also prevents the stomach from harmful microscopic organisms that might cause disturbing gastrointestinal infections.

  • Banana shake for pregnant ladies

Drinking banana shake can prove to be highly beneficial for pregnant ladies. As there are much-needed nutrients for the woman, banana shake can provide them with an abundant amount of iron and potassium. It also forms a good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, and fiber. 

As it provides potassium, it helps in curing constipation during pregnancy. In this case, a banana shake full of good fats and complex carbs are recommended. 

  • Reduces hair-fall

As bananas are known for their effectiveness in hair loss so are banana shakes. Studies have shown that drinking a banana shake for a long period reduces hair- fall by strengthening the hair. 

Banana Shake

Because the bananas are rich in vitamin B, they help in getting rid of split ends and breakage in hair. They repair damaged hair and provide them with a natural shine. 

  • Cures diarrhoea

Along with curing constipation, they also cure diarrhoea. A glass of light banana shake will help in treating diarrhoea. As shakes can be easily digested, they also aid digestion making the process of curing easier. 

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The high amounts of potassium present in bananas helps in making up for the nutrients lost due to diarrhoea. It also helps in making stool firmer because of its high fiber content. 

Lastly, a banana shake can only be truly nutritious when made by someone trustworthy. The worth of a banana shake can be easily destroyed by adding preservatives and refined sugar. Most of the drinks that are available in the market are delicious but with zero nutrients and will give the results opposite to what you want. To avoid these consequences, either you have to make your banana juice or check the ingredient list before buying from the market

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