Run Like The Flash With 8 Best Speed Running Plans

There are workouts to get you fit and get you in shape through some good burnt calories and all of this in steps and routines with a healthy diet. But what if we told you that you can achieve the most through one simple thing such as sprinting? A HIIT workout such as sprinting has been biologically proven to burn more calories than your usual steady-state workout. Accommodating yourself with the best speed running plans will further guide you into healthy and powerful cardiovascular fitness. 

Best speed running plans to increase running speed:

The trick is to cover all paces and distances through easy recovery intervals. Therefore, the sprint workouts followed despite it being through short or hard efforts can be a fruitful outcome to your health and fitness. 

In time your body will be trained to increase running speed irrespective of how you began. The perfect balance of strength and speed can be dually achieved through this. Tracking the progress will steadily lead you to a path of goal setting and achieving the same through consistent effort in time. Add some pumped-up running songs to your playlist to get you energized to push to a higher level.

You will be surprised to see how even a beginner-level set of slow-paced workouts can be the best running workouts to increase speed. All of this is now achievable through a simple read, follow and achieve. Now incorporated into your timetable through the 8 sprint workouts to make you faster.

Let’s check out best speed running plans through 8 sprint workouts:

1. Sprints for beginners:

If you are a beginner at running and eagerly want to start. Take out your running shoes and step out for a jog. 1-minute jogging should be coupled with 30-seconds of sprinting. If you are tired then take to walking after this. Do this alternatingly for 6 to 8 times. This is one of the running workouts to get faster over time. This workout will get you on a good pace and have you adjusted to your body while running. 

2. Leveling up workout:

If you’ve been through jogging and sprinting take it to a higher level with this. Start with sprinting at a slow pace. Walk for a min and sprint at 70% effort for half a minute. Then, slow down or take to walking followed by sprinting at 80% effort. Do this pattern for 20 minutes. These workouts make you run faster. 

3. Inclination jogging for best speed running plans:

Inclination jogging can be very effective. Find a spot on the road that inclines and begin there. Or jump to your gym and get on that treadmill. Do 10 seconds sprinting at 80% effort at 1% inclination and follow it by walking or slow jogging for 1 minute. Increase the effort if you feel like you can handle it. Do this about 3 to 5 times at your convenience.  

4. Ladder sprints:

Image from marathonhandbook

A fun workout plan to increase running speed. Start with level 7 for a longer duration. Take it to a higher level for a shorter time and to cool down after a workout, do it at level 7 for a few minutes. The difficulty level can help you maintain balance while sprinting. 

5. Hill sprints: 

Image by mensjournal

Start by sprinting upwards as fast as you can till you reach one-third of the hill. Come down while you jog or walk. Then, take up again by sprinting to two-thirds of the hill and repeat by coming down jogging. 

6. Power sprints:

Now that you’ve done sprints workout to increase speed, let’s go for a 200m sprint 15 times with jogging of 200m in between if you are tired or go for cool down jogging. If 20om sounds intimidating then try out 100m first and then level up. 

7. Pyramid type of sprints: 

As the name suggests, you have to start with jogging or walking at a fast pace. Proceed with sprinting for 2 minutes at a good speed and then walk or jog again to complete your cycle. 

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8. Further inclination workouts:

After doing all the kinds of workouts, the last resort to it is higher inclination. Take to 8% if you are capable and do it for 90 seconds 3-5 times with jogging in between intervals and taking a breather. 

How important it is to increase your speed:

The pursuit of speed is the key factor in your pursuit of a healthy self. Running workouts to get faster is not just a guide to improving your muscle fiber but builds your muscles to elevate the heart rate and thereby helping in an increase in calorie burn. Increase the running speed to increase the anaerobic strength.

Your body will now be at the mercy of a better supply of oxygen to the muscles in the best efficient way possible. This alone will help set goals that can be achieved as your running improves and thereby you cover a lot more distance. The only thing to look after is your body and this is by giving it the time it needs to recover before you head out to another set of our best speed running plans. Simply put the plan is to be too fast and not too furious.


You have to challenge yourself to bring in the best change desirable for you. This very thought will help guide you into a high-intensity workout and the best speed running plans for your desired needs. Rather than running hard to add days to your life, these simple workout sessions will truly rejuvenate giving you the feel of life to your days.

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