8 Best Dumbbell Workout Routines To Try At Home!

We should thank God that the world has started healing slowly from this Covid-19 pandemic but, at the back of our minds, we still have the fear of gathering and meeting people—don’t we? If anything, this pandemic has taught us that “health is wealth” and we need to take good care of ourselves even if we are stuck indoors because of the prevailing pandemic and lockdown circumstances. 

But know one thing—if you have clicked on this Dumbbell Workout article then you are one step ahead of those who are still procrastinating and not working out to get a healthier life! 

To get in shape you don’t need a very expensive setup for a workout, you can just start with a pair of dumbbells! No, we are not kidding, a pair of dumbbells is enough to get your upper body in proper shape.

We would suggest you start with lighter weights then gradually increase the weights as you shouldn’t put too much pressure on your muscles all of a sudden. Also, other than following a workout plan, you must take care of your diet too. Of course, you cannot eat a burger right after an intense session at the gym. So, you have to be disciplined if you seriously want to reduce your weight and stay in shape.

You must be aware of what a dumbbell is and if you don’t know, a dumbbell is a short bar with weights on either side. You will find various sorts of dumbbells in the market and you can choose the one that suits you the most. 

Various 8 dumbbell workout that you can try at home

1.Bench press

If you are looking forward to building an appealing chest, shoulder and pecs then always choose a dumbbell press instead of a barbell.

Steps to do in bench press –

8 dumbbell workout
  1. Lie down on a bench, then hold a dumbbell on both hands.
  2. Your arms should face your shoulders like make it a vertical ‘V’ and your palm is facing up to the sky. 
  3. Then gradually straight up your arms above the chest, do not touch the weights with each other. 
  4. Hold that position for 2 seconds then slowly take your arms down. 
  5. Do 8-12 reps per set, try 3 sets, and take a minute or two to rest between each set.
2. One arm swing 

This exercise will help you to develop your shoulder as well as leg muscles. 

Ways to execute one arm swing are —

  1. Take a squat position then hold a dumbbell in your hand.
  2. Make sure the hands are down, then swing your hand up in the direction and straight up your back and legs.
  3. After completing a set swap arms.
  4. You can take a rest for two minutes between the sets.
3. Front raise 

Here are the steps for doing a front raise —

  1. To do this exercise you have to stand straight with dumbbells on both of your hands. 
  2. The position of dumbbells should be in front of your hips, make sure your arms are straight. 
  3. Then lift the dumbbells until it comes to your shoulder height to make sure you won’t lean back. 
  4. Hold it there for 4 seconds then back to the first position. This is a rep; you have to do 12 reps and it will count as a set. You can take a rest for 2 mins in between a set 

This is a classic exercise for the back and shoulder. You must try this at your home. Two essential items are required for this– one is, of course, a dumbbell and the other one is room space. Speed is not a concern in this exercise. You can take as much time as you want, make a good balance, and burn a lot of calories

The steps for this are —

  1. Stand straight and hold a dumbbell in each hand, the grip of your palm should be inward, make your feet a little less than shoulder-width. 
  2. Take a step forward then bend your knee until your thigh is parallel to the ground. 
  3. The rear leg should be bent on the knee and the body will balance on the toes. 
  4. Stand up and do the same with another leg. 
4. Goblet squat

This exercise is very good for calves, glutes, thighs, and shoulders. To do goblet squats, take a dumbbell in your hand, hold it in front of your chest, stand on your feet a little wider than shoulder-width, and form a ‘V’ shape with your toes. Keeping your body weight on your heel, do a squat, and make sure your shoulder doesn’t go around and there, you’ve perfectly executed a goblet squat! 

5. Triceps extension 

For the triceps extension, you need to hold a dumbbell in your hand, straighten up your hand over the head, and stand tall and place the other arm on your waist. Keep your chest up then lower the weight behind your head, hold it for some seconds then come back to the original position. 

6. Hammer curls 

Stand up straight with dumbbells on your hand to make sure your palm is facing your hips. 

Resist any type of movement uplift your hand up to shoulders, hold there for some seconds and then get back to the original position. 

7. Halo 

Hold a dumbbell in both of your hands then keep it in front of your face and start revolving it around your face in a clockwise direction, complete a set and repeat it in an anticlockwise direction. This exercise will help you to improve your strength and mobility and also for better abs. 

8. Shrug 

It is another awesome exercise for bigger traps and stronger shoulders to do this. Hold a dumbbell on both your hands, make sure your palm is facing your hips, then shrug your shoulders and hold it for some seconds on the top and come back to the original position. 

These are the nine dumbbell exercises that you can do at home with ease. We hope you found this article to be helpful, and if you did, please share it with your friends and family and spread the good word. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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