8 Meditation Can Positively Influence Athletes And Other Professional Who Perform Under Pressure

Can meditation positively influence your athletic performance? Can meditation make you more prepared for your competitions? 

Yes, meditation can positively influence your body performance and increase self-awareness. 

Anyone who is/has been a performer or an athlete knows that sometimes situations can be hard to face due to stress, lack of focus, and nervousness. You can overcome this challenge by strengthening your mind-to-body connection, physical body, inner faculty, and deep inner self with meditation. 

In fact, one of the major aspects of sports performance is the athlete’s capacity to train his/her mind to face every situation by giving their best. Training your mind is just as essential as training your body and this can be done by practising various meditation techniques.  

Meditation: Can meditation positively influence your overall performance?

Meditation is not about turning yourself into a new person, it is just about practising awareness methods, thinking deeply in silence, and getting rid of mixed-up confusing thoughts. It involves putting your attention to a single thing and body movements, focusing on your breath, and reciting mantras. 

Meditation does not force you to stop thinking negatively but it enables you to be non-judgemental. This quality of meditation changes your focus from the negative and helps you to cope and accept the tough situations. This also answers how meditation influences brainwaves and increases your concentration and intentional thinking.

Meditation increases cognitive functioning, sleep patterns, patience, creativity, tolerance, and self-awareness. It boosts the immune system, reduces stress, enhances focus, lengthens attention span, and helps to control pain. 

This whole meditation process might increase your emotional and physical well-being. Apart from this, meditation can positively influence your body by getting rid of stress, diseases, and depression. 

But not all types of meditation can positively influence a particular sport or person. There are various types of meditation that serve the same purpose – inner peace but in their way. 

Different types of meditation can positively influence- learn about few

1.Guided meditation

Guided meditation influences positively to get into a special state: Sleep, Relaxation, Stress reduction, etc. This type of meditation includes someone who comforts you by saying motivating stuff or you listen to that person speaking a set of instructions. 

First, the person may ask you about your problems then he/she will explain how your brain performs in those situations and what you should expect. Once all of this is done, this guided meditation session will clear all your worries. 

Guided meditation influences you to think about images of places or circumstances that you find relaxing. 

2. Unguided meditation 

This type of meditation can positively influence introverts who want to improve their mental state and immunity. It includes meditation on your own with a quiet surrounding and long durations. 

You can spice up this meditation by using techniques from guided meditation such as visualizations and mantras. 

Sit comfortably in a quiet room, pay attention to your thoughts and body without being distracted. This is how meditation influences brainwaves and you acquire a peaceful mind

3. Mantra meditation 

Mantra meditation can positively influence your mind, body, and pronunciation. You will have to keep chanting a word continuously and keep focusing on your body. 

This way you will distract yourself from negative thoughts and become stress-free. If you are wondering what type of meditation can influence kids, well this is it. Many parents use this as a way to make their kids remember alphabets and numbers. 

4. Mindfulness meditation 

This type of meditation can influence kids and all age groups, which is why it is widely practised. Here, you learn how meditation influences brainwaves and enables you to accept your current situations. 

Sit down comfortably, think carefully about your goals and problems, take long deep breaths, increase self-awareness and let go of your emotions without judgment. 

It consists of three key components: intention, attention, and attitude. The intention is necessary to gain awareness, pay attention to current happenings and develop a non-judgmental attitude. 

5. Tai chi

This type of meditation can positively influence your strength and you will be able to learn the basics of Chinese martial arts. 

6. Transcendental meditation 

This meditation involves sitting silently and completely focusing on your body, you can even chant words in your head. It sets your body into a state of complete relaxation. Without using concentration and making efforts, you will be able to achieve inner peace. 

It originated in India and was led by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Also, transcendental meditation influences the Indian government by decreasing the medical costs of Indian citizens. 

This type of meditation can influence kids and increase their ability to focus on a particular task. Transcendental Meditation influences the Indian government by saving a lot of money which can be used for other necessary works.

7. Qi Gong

This is a part of traditional Chinese medicine which includes relaxing your body through meditation, concentration, deep breathing, and bodily movements. 

It is similar to Tai chi but this meditation can positively influence your health, spirituality, and martial arts training. It helps to prevent various illnesses and improves health. You can use apps or take classes but it can also be a self-taught meditation technique. 

8. Yoga

All of us know how this meditation can positively influence your body and brainwave. It consists of different asanas combined with breathing exercises. This meditation improves your flexibility, balance, and elasticity.

Even just 10 minutes of yoga will refresh your mind and you will be able to turn your stressful day into a fun one. 

Primarily there are 4 types of yoga: karma, bhakti, jnana, and raja. You can try any of these types as all of these will help you to get rid of stress and restore inner peace.


No matter what type of meditation you do, make sure to abide by the 5 key elements: focused attention, relaxed breathing, quiet surroundings, comfortable position, and open attitude. These 5 key elements of meditation can positively influence your overall health and athletic potential.  

Try out the various types of meditation and find what’s best for you! 

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