9 Amazing Reason Why Good Sleep Is Important!

Reasons for good sleep                       

In this generation, people would rather scroll through social media or binge-watch shows than have a good night’s sleep. We all know how important it is for us humans to have an adequate amount of sleep daily. Still, we refuse to follow it. It is high time for us to realize this mistake and make proper modifications. The following article will make you realize how important it is to have a good sleep

  • To maintain the right amount of appetite

People who do not get the proper amount of sleep tend to have an increased appetite. It is scientifically proven that sleep-deprived people have a bigger calorie intake. 

Lack of sleep harms appetite hormones. This results in poor regulation of the appetite. It also increases the levels of ghrelin, the hormone that stimulates appetite and reduces the level of leptin, the hormone responsible for maintaining the right appetite. 

Sleeping regularly with a proper routine will help to manage these hormones. Hence, decreases the health risks such as cholesterol and obesity. 

  • To maintain the body weight

Inadequate sleep has a strong connection with the increase in weight. People who do not sleep the right amount or refuse the sleeping hours tend to gain more weight as compared to people who do. 

One of the biggest reasons that cause obesity is getting lack of sleep. It causes hormonal imbalance and digestive issues that result in accumulating more fat in the organs. 

While we sleep, our system processes the foods that we had taken earlier that day. The right amount of sleep ensures proper digestion and usage of the nutrients. That in turn helps in maintaining the right weight. 

  • To avoid the risk of type-2 diabetes

Lack of sleep affects the blood sugar level and lowers insulin sensitivity. People who sleep for a few hours and have been doing the same for a long period have the chance of getting the symptoms of prediabetes. 

Poor sleep also affects the break-down process of sugar and harms glucose metabolism. 

To avoid the risk of chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, prepare a sleep schedule and follow it accordingly. Your sleep schedule should be according to your age-group. Following the schedule in a disciplined manner will have a positive effect on these risks. 

Good Sleep
  • To avoid the risk of heart diseases

Inadequate sleep can also give rise to heart-related diseases such as heart attack and stroke. The quality and duration of sleep play a major role in determining the risks related to this disease. 

Our heart is highly active when our body is making a move. Not giving enough rest to it will cause damage. When we rest or sleep, our heart is also relaxing. To avoid any kind of damage, stick to your sleep schedule. 

We should remember that our body is one moving object. Whatever happens to one part, it affects the other two. Similarly, lack of sleep harms our brains and ultimately our other organs too. 

Sleep disorder and sleep quality have a strong effect on mental health. 90% of the people who suffer from depression go through poor quality of sleep every night. This can give rise to other threatening issues such as suicide. 

If you suffer from disturbance or irritation, it might be because you have been going through a lack of sleep. To get rid of weak mental health, make yourself a sleep schedule and stick with it. You will see the improvement within a few days. 

  • To improve the immune system 

Like our hearts, our immune system also gets its fuel while we sleep. A little fluctuation in our sleep cycle can harm the immune system. 

It has been scientifically proven that people who sleep the right amount have fewer chances of catching a disease than people who don’t. so, next time when you caught diseases such as a common cold or loose motion. Eat the right food and sleep an adequate amount of sleep. This will give your bodies the much-needed medicine. The same applies to chronic diseases as well. 

  • To improve concentration and productivity

 To do our daily jobs regularly, we need proper concentration and an undisturbed mind. The main functions of the brain are cognition, performance, concentration, and productivity. All these functions are harmed by incomplete sleep. 

In a study, people who worked for more than working hours were down with serious medical issues as compared to people who did not. 

To get better at work and be productive throughout the day, sleep during the sleeping hours, and work during the working hours. This will have a positive impact on brain functioning. Better sleep will also improve memory activity in both adults as well as in children. 

  • To avoid inflammation

Inflammation can give rise to several diseases in our bodies. This can also cause cell damage. Going through inadequate sleep is strongly linked with continuing inflammation. 

It is advised to have adequate sleep for both adults and children to keep inflammation away. 

Good Sleep
  • To boost energy in athletes

To increase performance and stay energetic throughout the run, our body needs proper rest. Other than the food, an athlete needs a good amount of sleep. Sleep acts as fuel to the body and helps in repairing the torn muscles. 

By not sleeping well, one’s body might not extract all energy from the food that will result in poor performance. To maintain strength and muscle energy, an athlete needs to have an adequate amount of sleep. 

The bottom line 

Let’s think about those times when we procrastinate sleeping. It might be because you have some work, you have an exam or sometimes the show you just keep on watching. Well, doing all these for 2 to 3 days is fine. But procrastinating sleep regularly will not have good consequences.

Always remember to keep your health first. Always remember, health is wealth.  After all, there are 24 hours in the day, can’t we all spare just 7 hours sleeping it off? 

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