Are You Vegan And Abstain From Milk Products: 9 Dairy-Free Ice Creams To Try

“Ice cream, ice cream”—these are not just words, there’s a melody in them, and of course, who doesn’t remember their childhood whenever they hear these words, right? Maybe you used to go to your granny’s house in the summer and an ice cream vendor would come to you with his huge ice cream truck and those varieties of flavors—that’s just pure happiness!

But again, if some of you are vegan and you prefer not to have ice cream because it consists of milk and other dairy products, there’s good news for you! There are lots of dairy-free ice creams that you can have and that way you won’t miss out on these superbly delicious cups and cones of joy! 

But since these ice creams are not that widely popular, you might not know their names, but fret no more—we have enlisted all the kinds of dairy-free ice creams that you can enjoy during this boiling summer season. So, let’s get started!

Top vegan ice cream brands for you

1. So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream

This oh-so-delicious cashew milk product has a very rich and creamy base. And this is a kind of ice cream you can only have once a day because it is very filling and appetizing. Its main ingredients are filtered water, cashew nuts, cane sugar, and several organic products like pea protein and natural flavors. 

There are plenty of flavors for this So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream and our personal favorite? The peanut butter brownie and chocolate drizzled banana foster ones. So, our vegan friends, stop stalling on this amazing creamy experience and get yourself a So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream right now!

2. Haagen Dazs Non Dairy Frozen Dessert

This line of absolutely delicious ice creams is made from all dairy-free products, and on top of that, there are no added chemicals and preservatives! The best part of this Haagen Dazs product is that you can feel the rich texture and the creamy base of this ice cream. 

This brand has different bases for different flavors of ice cream and our top picks are 

The peanut butter fudge and the chocolate salted fudge truffle ice creams. You must try the other flavors too! 

3. Ben and Jerry’s 

Ben and Jerry’s has been around for so long manufacturing some of the best dairy-based ice cream flavors that one can ever find, but apart from that, they have now stepped into the nondairy market as well. They offer various sorts of ice creams like the coconut seven layers bar, peanut butter, and jelly cookies, and caramel almond brittle. 

Almond milk is the base of these ice creams and other than that, the ingredients vary from flavor to flavor but of course, they are all egg and dairy-free. Since Ben and Jerry’s has got a huge name in the market, their non-dairy ice creams are some of the most easily available products in the supermarket, so you should try them! 

4. Cado Avocado Ice Cream 

Cado is, in fact, a much younger brand amongst all the other names that we have mentioned in this list. Their line of ice creams was launched about 3 years back but their concept is very unique and their way of manufacturing their ice creams is very healthy. 

We loved their avocado base—you should try it too, and see if you liked it! 

5. White Club 

This Indian startup is based in Delhi and it is one of the first vegan ice cream brands to have launched in our country. Their tagline says, “Indulge, it is good for you” and we are all for indulging in the creaminess of their amazing ice creams! 

These ice creams come with all-natural ingredients with no added chemicals and preservatives. The White Club provides several basic flavors of vegan ice creams, and they offer the typical serving options of 150 and 500 ml. 

6. The Vegan Bowl 

The Vegan Bowl is a bit unique from the other brands which offer dairy-free ice creams in the fact that their serving style is a little different. They serve freshly baked cake in a glass jar with a blob of ice cream on the top of it. Two of the most famous and tasty flavors that we adored from this brand are–chocolate therapy and the spikey fine apple. 

7. Vegan Heart 

They surely offer you the healthiest ice creams with no added chemicals and preservatives. All the ice cream products of Vegan Heart are prepared from natural ingredients with no added sugar, and yes, they don’t even add sugar to the ice cream, they use dates and other calorie-free sweeteners for enhancing the flavor of their ice creams. 

If you are looking for some sugar-free ice cream options, you can check out Vegan Heart. Belgian Chocolate, Coffee Walnut, and Mawa Malai are some of the most famous flavors from the house of Vegan Heart. 

8. Vegan Bites 

This company was founded a decade back. They are offering tons of flavor from very basic chocolate ice cream to black sesame. These dairy-free ice creams don’t contain any sort of added chemicals and stabilizers.

The sugar used for the sweetness is also lactose-free and natural. 

9. Breyers

We all know that sugar is very harmful to our body, and if you are someone who is very conscious about their sugar content in the diet or if you are diabetic, then don’t say no to your ice cream cravings!

We highly recommend you to go for Breyers because they know health is their priority and their ice creams are not going to cause any danger to your blood sugar level. They use all the healthier alternatives of unhealthy ingredients like almond milk and date. They make gluten-free and lactose-free ice creams.  

If you have a sweet tooth just like us and you simply cannot afford to break your vegan diet for dairy ice creams, try out all these products that we have given in this article! If our recommendations helped you in any sort of way, do share our article with your friends and family members. If you think that we missed out on your favorite brand do let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for reading this and have a great day!

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