Apple Cider Vinegar Pills: Should You Really Be Popping Them?

Popular among the fitness freaks, apple cider vinegar is an important part of the natural health and wellness world. 

Apple cider vinegar is said to have properties which lead to weight loss, decrease cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels. To derive the benefits without having to take liquid vinegar, some people prefer apple cider vinegar pills.

In the next parts of the article, we will take a detailed look at the possible benefits and drawbacks of apple cider vinegar pills.

What are apple cider vinegar pills?

Apples are fermented with yeast and bacteria in order to make the apple cider vinegar. Besides, pills contain the hydrated form of vinegar. 

Unlike the liquid vinegar, apple cider vinegar pills do not have a strong taste or smell because of which it is more preferred. 

The amount of apple cider vinegar in the pills varies from brand to brand, but generally, one capsule contains approximately 500 mg, which is equivalent to 10 ml. Cayenne pepper or ginger is also found as ingredients in some brands. 

How does it work?

Fermented juices of crushed apples are used to make apple cider vinegar. Containing acetic acid and nutrients like vitamin B and vitamin C may help diabetic people. It might resist the break down of some foods. 

Benefits of apple cider vinegar pills

There is not much research on the efficiency of Apple Cider vinegar pills. 

Supposed benefits based on some studies noted its main active compound.

Backed by shreds of evidence, benefits of apple cider vinegar pills include:

Controlling yeast and other fungi

It has been observed that certain types of fungal infection like candida infections can be treated with the help of apple cider vinegar. Candida is a fungus responsible for infecting dentures and for vaginal yeast infections and oral thrush. Denture sore containing apple cider vinegar is safe and an effective way to prevent fungal infections of dentures. 

However, no evidence shows that Apple Cider vinegar pills would have this effect.

Lowers cholesterol and reduces heart disease risk

Lipids are fatty substances increment of which in the blood can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

apple cider vinegar pills

Apple cider vinegar has properties which help lower the levels of blood lipids that damage health. 

A 2011 animal study researchers observed that Apple Cider vinegar lower the rat’s triglyceride levels. 

So far, studies on Apple Cider vinegar have been animal focused and is therefore not possible to conclude the effects of apple cider vinegar on human health. Moreover, recent researches show that the benefits to not outweigh the risks.

Treating or preventing bacterial infections

Studies show that apple cider vinegar has antimicrobial properties, effective against various strains of bacteria. Apple cider vinegar can be useful as a bacterial disinfectant but if used to treat burns it can cause irritation and even burn the skin.

Controlling blood glucose and diabetes

Although there is no evidence to support this claim but some people say that Apple Cider vinegar can cure diabetes and control blood glucose

A meta-analysis conducted in 2017 shows that consumption of Apple Cider vinegar at meal times assisted in lowering post-meal blood glucose and insulin levels. 

Apple cider vinegar pills may be useful alongside standard diabetes treatment but scientists need to carry out further research to confirm these effects.

Assisting weight loss

People consuming a reduced-calorie diet, apple cider vinegar pills can assist weight loss among them.

Reduction in blood pressure

One of the animal studies investigated the claim that the vinegar may reduce blood pressure. The study consisted of feeding apple cider vinegar or acetic acid to rats with high blood pressure.

The main therapeutic component of Apple Cider vinegar is acetic acid. The rats which consumed acetic acid showed a more significant reduction in blood pressure compared with the other rats. 

The researchers suggested that acetic acid in the vinegar was the main factor for reducing renin ( an enzyme that is involved in increasing blood pressure) levels, which in turn, caused reduction in blood pressure. 

However, there is no evidence that Apple Cider vinegar alone causes weight loss but it may indirectly lower blood pressure which may assist weight loss.

Consider changing your diet and lifestyle if you are concerned about your weight or blood pressure. One can also take professional opinions and talk to their doctor about medical treatment.

Side effects of Apple Cider vinegar pills

Although moderate doses of Apple Cider vinegar pills are safe for consumption, but being an acid, consuming these pills may erode tooth enamel. 

People with a history of reflux or ulcers, may have more stomach discomfort compared to others. Excess doses of these pills can injure the throat.

Owing to the fact that Apple Cider vinegar affects blood glucose levels, people who take insulin or people with a history of low blood sugar should consider talking to their doctor first. 

Maximum of the evidence for liquid apple cider vinegar or apple cider vinegar pills are extracted from individual case reports rather than well-controlled clinical trials. Due to these reasons, doctors cannot be a hundred per cent sure which side effect a person might experience or at what dosage.

To be on a safer side it is recommended to start with a low dose and monitor for any side effects. Individuals with chronic health conditions should consider seeing a doctor before trying the liquid vinegar or pills.

The bottom line

Apple cider vinegar pills are typically safe for consumption for healthy people. However, they should not be considered a replacement for medications to lower blood pressure or cholesterol. 

Moreover, the pills may complement prescription medications and increase the effect of a healthful diet.

Apple cider vinegar pills may also possess antibacterial and antifungal properties, which shield us from certain bacterial and fungal infections.

Although it is always recommendable in case of supplements to talk to a doctor who is knowledgeable about supplements. Consider doing the same before trying apple cider vinegar pills.

Apple cider vinegar pills can be purchased from local stores or online.

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