The Ultimate Athlete Fitness Routine To Stay Fit In 2021

We all have a goal: to be as fit as an athlete. 

To achieve athlete fitness, one should sincerely eat healthy and train hard. We all look for shortcuts and hacks to achieve maximum fitness in minimum time. To be in a rush to achieve athlete fitness, one often forgets that the basic tenets of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are eating nutritious foods and giving your body to work out effectively. Therefore we bring to you an Athlete’s Guide to achieve athlete fitness.

Working out like an athlete

Honing your body like an athlete’s body requires strength training and constant conditioning. But more than that, it requires sincere consistency. The particular gym-sports-like exercises will only benefit the body the most when done in a proper working out routine. 

3 exercises for achieving athlete fitness

There are certain exercises that have to be followed to achieve athlete fitness. Here are three exercises that you can follow that are almost certain to build muscles and even help you lose a lot of weight. 

1. Box Jumps

Box jumps are one of the best exercises to target your whole leg, from one’s glutes and quads and hamstrings to one’s calves. The steps to do it correctly are:

  • Grab a hard-materialed box that is at least 15 inches high
  • Stand one short step away from the box
  • Bend your knees slightly to help build momentum and bring your arms out behind you (a quarter squat)
  • Use the quarter squat position to jump on the box, allowing the arms to swing out in front of you 
  • Land softly on both feet at the same time while keeping your knees bent
  • Step back down and repeat another 4-5 reps of 3-5 sets
  • To increasing intensity, jump back down rather than climbing down the box

Other advantages of doing box jumps are – increased in power and explosiveness, increase in vertical jump range, and increase in output resulting in increased calorie burn.

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2. Burpees

Although it doesn’t require any type of equipment and are convenient to perform, burpees are highly challenging to perform. They are a form of cardio exercise that works on your whole body. They are simply a push up followed by a high jump in the air. The steps to do it correctly are:

  • Stand in a quarter squat position but join your hands together
  • Use the position to create momentum and take a high jump
  • Softly land on your feet and put your palms on the group
  • Then go into a push-up position and take a push-up immediately
  • Jump back into a quarter squat (like the first step)
  • Repeat another 2-4 reps with 5-10 sets
  • To reduce intensity, one can avoid:
    • Jump squat – simply stand back up
    • Push-up – hold the plank position rather than taking a position

Other advantages of burpees are – effectively burns a lot of calories, offers a full body workout, and improves cardiovascular health. 

3. HIIT workouts

Any athlete will always tell you how important it is to build endurance to perform their best in the gym and sports. These workouts incorporate various different exercises that are supposed to condition one’s body to make them stronger and improve their endurance. A major advantage of including HIIT exercises in your workout routine to build athlete fitness is that they can even be performed at home. 

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Eating tips from an athlete’s guide

An athlete’s fitness tips will always emphasise on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. Following a healthy diet is a key factor in achieving athlete fitness.

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Here are some athlete fitness tips on eating the right way:

  1. Consuming protein and high carbs at least 90-120 minutes before starting the workout
  2. Limiting foods that are fatty 120 minutes before starting the workout
  3. Never going hungry before starting a workout
  4. Staying hydrated throughout the workout 
  5. Focusing on consuming carbs and protein after working out
Things to eat in a day

Athletics are always recommended for consuming grains, dairy products, and proteins. Here are some foods listed out from an athlete’s guide that will help you in forming the best gym workout plan for yourself:

CarbohydratesProteinsHealthy fats
FruitsOatmealBrown or wild riceQuinoaWhole eggsGreek yogurtMilkString cheeseLean red meatsAvocadoPeanut butterNuts and seedsHummusFlax seeds

Some eating habits that one can develop in their daily life to achieve athlete fitness are:

  • Avoid food that makes you feel low – if eating something makes you feel bad about yourself and lowers your self-esteem, then stop eating it, no matter how good it tastes or how much peer pressure is being put on you; always eat what makes you feel fresh, content, and satisfied
  • Making your own diet – at the end of the day, there is no perfect diet that one can follow. All types of athletes have all types of athletic diets that suits them and therefore eat what makes you feel better about the changes you want to bring in your life


Designing your own best gym workout plan is the key to achieving possibly the highest level of athlete fitness through gym and sport only. By following a proper gym routine along with healthy eating habits can transform your body drastically and is to yield the best of results. These athlete fitness tips are sure to help you to achieve fitness like an athlete. 

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