Is Your Body’s Dosha Causing You Insomnia? Ayurvedic Home Remedies For Good Sleep

Sleep is considered the basic instinct of life and is an extremely essential part of our daily schedule. Sleep helps in rejuvenating and re-energizing the body, mind, and spirit. 

And hence, when a person suffers from a messy sleep schedule and sleep deficiency, it potentially affects the physical and mental health of the person too.

Several medications and supplements are present in the market which can help in getting the messy sleep schedule back on track but these medications often leave behind nasty effects on the side. 

But did you know there is also a natural method that can help you to get good sleep as well and that is through Ayurveda? 

Ayurveda is an age-old form of medicinal therapy that helps in providing remedies for different imbalances in our body. Ayurveda believes that to lead a healthy life, one has to strike a balance between mind, body, and soul. 

And therefore, Ayurveda helps in providing excellent remedies for someone who is suffering from a messy sleep schedule.

Curious to know more about Ayurvedic home remedies for good sleep, continue reading the article then, as we share with you all the details. 

Why is sleep important for the well-being of the body?

We will be getting to how can Ayurveda help in correcting messy sleep schedules in a minute but before that lets us first look at why sleep is important

  1. Poor sleep can lead to an increase in weight gain. Sleep-deprived people tend to have a bigger appetite and this leads to excess consumption of calories and significant weight increase. 
  2. Good sleep helps in increasing focus and productivity. Fewer hours of sleep negativity impacts the functions of the brain which are quite similar to alcohol intoxication. 
  3. Poor sleepers are at a higher risk of suffering from chronic heart ailments, stroke, and heart attack. 
  4. Poor sleep habits can also lead to an imbalance in insulin regulation and lead to an increase in the risk of Type II diabetes
  5. Not having proper sleep leads to affecting social interactions and emotions. You may feel grumpy, suffer from mood swings and the continuation of being sleep deprived can also lead to depression and an anxious mental health. 

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What is Ayurveda’s take on the sleep cycle? 

Now that we know how much sleep is important for the general well-being of the body, let us see how Ayurveda can help in correcting the messy sleep cycle. 

In Ayurvedic practice, it is believed that every individual has a unique constitution that is composed of different doshas or energy principles. Therefore, sleep imbalances are classified according to the different doshas- vata, pitta, and kapha types. 

Each of these dosha-induced sleep disorders has different characteristics and each has a distinct corresponding line of treatment. 

Confused? Let us break it down for you then. 

Vata type sleep and disturbances
  1. Vata-type sleep is light and irregular, however, it can also be profoundly deep if the person is exhausted. 
  2. Vata is also behind the tendencies of grinding teeth, sleep talk, and sleepwalk. 
  3. Vata type sleep contains a lot of sleep but people have difficulty in recalling them. 
  4. When vata causes difficulty in sleeping, the example of the sleep imbalance is that people awake during the night and difficulty in falling asleep back again. 
Pitta type sleep and disturbances
  1. Pitta types sleep well but light
  2. Pitta type sleepers crave a moderate amount of sleep but they can easily forego sleep if their mind is preoccupied with any thought or project
  3. Pitta types can be easily awakened by vivid dreams but they can easily fall asleep back easily. 
  4. Difficulty in falling asleep is considered as an example of pitta type disturbance
Kapha type sleep and disturbances
  1. Kapha types are heavy sleepers and they can fall asleep anywhere and cannot be easily awakened and disturbed. 
  2. Kapha dreams are said to be calm, smooth, emotional, and watery. 
  3. Disturbance in kapha usually leads to excessive sleep which causes feelings of sluggishness, heaviness, and difficulty in getting up. 

How can sleeping imbalances be treated through Ayurveda? 

Once the dosha responsible for the sleeping imbalance is identified, the remedies are provided accordingly. 

For Vata imbalances
  1. To pacify vata, one has to provide optimum nourishment to the body. 
  2. Body and head massages can be done with oils like Brahmi or pure coconut oil
  3. Consumption of warm food
  4. Aromatherapy should be done before going to sleep so that all the stress can be ameliorated from the body. 
  5. Abstain from any strenuous activity before going to bed and make sure that the bedroom is ventilated. 
For a pitta imbalance
  1. There is likely too much stress or a high intake of acidic foods that are creating the pitta imbalance. Therefore, first of all, try some yoga or any other recreational activities that can help you to ameliorate the stress. 
  2. Eat cooling foods like dates and fresh fruits. Also, make sure that you are having a nourishing and balanced diet before going to bed. 
  3. Try to go to bed by 11:30 pm. 
For kapha imbalance
  1. As mentioned, people suffering from kapha imbalance have difficulty in getting up and always appear to be lethargic, therefore try to wake up early and keep yourself engaged in physical activities to help you overcome the tiredness. 
  2. Avoid sweets during dinner time and try to include a lot of greens in your daily diet. 
  3. Do a light walk before going to bed and one can also indulge in aromatherapy sessions. 

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Ayurveda believes that tweaking very minute changes in one’s daily lifestyle can go a long way. 

If the above-mentioned remedies still fail to provide you with desired results, you can always avail yourself of Ayurvedic therapies like shirodhara, netra tarpana, or shiro lepa that can easily help you to overcome your sleeping disorders. However, it is an absolute must that the therapies are done under the guidance of a certified Ayurvedic practitioner. 

Now there you go, everything you need to know about the Ayurveda home remedies for a good sleep. Ayurveda emphasizes leading a healthy and simple lifestyle but while living in this everyday busy schedule, it is not always possible. But we can always give it a try right? Start by inculcating small changes in your daily lifestyle and see the magic it provides.

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