Baking Soda And It’s 360 Degree Usage

Baking soda is one of the most popular yeasts used for baking food. This simple chemical compound is contained in natural crystalline forms, known as sodium bicarbonate but is ground into a fine powder used in the cooking industry.

Baking soda is an alkaline compound that creates carbon dioxide gas when mixed with acid. The tiny carbon dioxide gas bubbles get trapped in the batter, which inflates and increases. Vinegar, lemon juice, buttermilk, yoghurt, and tartare cream are popular acids used to induce this result.

One of the main advantages is that it is famous for its alkaline properties for counter acid reflux. It assists in the neutralization of acids in the stomach and offers adult indigestion relief. Many health experts swear by combining baking soda with water, which, of course, is a big source for cardiovascular relief.

Baking soda and water

Baking soda and water are one of the combinations used by people when they are trying to lose weight. Baking soda is slightly alkaline, also called sodium bicarbonate. Some people think it encourages weight loss, it’s an alkaline substance. However, no proof has been found to allow this hypothesis through an empirical study. The body controls its pH levels naturally to ensure it is not too acidic or alkaline. What an individual eats does not have much impact on this process. Baking soda is also highly unlikely to work to make the body alkaline and to encourage weight loss.

This may help a person to lose weight in some situations, but not probably because of baking soda. Research indicates a person can lose weight by drinking more water. Any loss of weight caused by consuming baking soda with water may also be a result of water instead of bakery soda. The urge to eat more declines with more consumption of water. Furthermore, higher levels of water in the body can cause a fat breakdown.

Benefits of drinking baking soda

There are certain benefits associated with the consumption of  baking soda and water, such as:

  • Makes a strong antiacid
Baking Soda And Water

Acid reflux is a condition in which the stomach acid is back flowing into the oesophagus causing cardiac burn and the throat to be burned which contributes further to acid indigestion. The baking soda water helps avoid the excess hydrochloric acid that serves as an antiacid in the stomach.

  • Aids in preventing kidney stones

The production of kidney stones can lead to iron deficiency, excessive acid, and even body dehydration. The baking soda water will help alkalize the urine and dismantle the uric acid, which helps remove renal stones and restores the body’s pH level further.

  • It may help you save UTI

Bad hygiene and pregnancy may also contribute to urinary tract infection(UTI) medication. Bacteria quickly develop in the bladder. It is a result of Baking soda’s antiseptic qualities help reduce the levels of acid in the urine and battle bacteria.

  • Alkalines the body

When an ideal pH level equilibrium is present, the body system functions well. However, any imbalance in these levels can cause a serious state of health. For proper food digestion, our body requires acid. Acid rises in the body often leading to an imbalance that contributes to diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, and sometimes cancer. As a rescuer, soda water is baked when the acid is balanced and managed by alkalizing it.

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation

Baking soda tends to minimize inflammation, which further avoids arthritis that primarily affects the articulations. That is because the uric acid in the joints accumulates. Baking soda tends to improve blood alkaline pH levels, avoiding joint deposition.

  • Ease digestion

Baking soda water offers great benefits to clean your gut and to balance your pH levels more. This potion can easily be tried for all those struggling with digestive problems. Make sure that you do not over-consume it.

  • Help treat an insect bite

Baking soda treats bites and stings of insects: While it’s not good for your skin’s daily use, it can relieve the redness, scratching, and stinging that is indicative of a mild reaction to an insect bite. Baking soda is found in many over-the-counter creams. You can also create your paste, It works also for rash and ivy poison.

  • Prevents odours 
Baking Soda And Water

 The poorest odours are either from heavy acids (think sour milk) or from bases (like spoiled fish). When you add baking soda to your fridge or carpet and change the pH balance, the smells come in the neutral condition. Try it for yourself. Put it in the refrigerator, or spread it across the bathroom floor.

Things to avoid when using baking soda

There are several points to remember while using baking soda here are as under;

  • Do not use baking soda on your skin
Baking Soda And Water

The largest organ in your body is very acidic. This helps you to hold on and avoid damaging bacteria from your body. But you probably find alkaline compounds irritating when you have sensitive skin.

  • Do not use baking soda on hair

Some people use the combination of baking soda and apple vinegar on their hair, which can prove to be more harmful than the benefits it can provide. This must be avoided at all cost as it may worsen the quality of your hair over time. Your hair is naturally acidic, like your scalp. Soda baking may first brighten your locks, but it will cause friction, tangles, and ruptures over time. 

  • Baking soda is said to enhance athletic performance

Many of us have heard that athletes, before their matches or performance, drink baking soda as it boots their strength and durability. There is anecdotal evidence to support such claims, however, one must avoid excess consumption of baking soda as it may prove to be fatal. 

Baking soda is not statistically involved in weight loss. Indeed, the ingestion of baking soda in large quantities by itself or with water has many potentially harmful side-effects. Poison Control states that if no healthcare provider advises that people should not use baking soda. It is possibly more beneficial to use other ways to lose weight or by limiting its intake.

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