7 Powerful Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

Nature will never cease to amaze us with its immense number of health benefits. No matter how much allopathic medicines advance, Ayurveda or homeopathy stands its ground. Black seed oil is a largesse of nature, extracted from black seeds/ black cumin/ black caraway/ kalonji/ black onion seed. Some people also know it by its scientific name- Nigella Sativa. 

The prominence of black seed oil in natural ways of treatment is not new. It has been used to benefit the human race for more than 2000 years! So, let us impress upon you its various benefits so that you can enjoy some of its magic too! 

History and present of black seed oil!

Nigella Sativa is a native plant of southwest Asia but also grows in other regions like the Middle East, Western Asia, and Eastern Europe. Its flowers bloom in aesthetically pleasing pastel colors like pale blue, lilac, and white. The presence of this plant tracks back to the time of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun from 1324 BC! From the time of its discovery as a medicine till today, the black seed oil is used to affect weight loss, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and many more conditions positively.

Reasons behind the benefits of black seed oil 

Black seeds are quite versatile, and this versatility is owed to their vital compound called thymoquinone, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Due to these fantastic properties, the black seed oil is used topically by including in shampoos, fragrances, skin products, and likeness and ingested in many ways, like in the form of capsules, beverages, and curries (most commonly in India and the Middle East). 

The multiple black seed oil benefits 

1. Helps tackle obesity 

Although the direct link between the usage or consumption of black seed oil and its effect on weight loss has not yet been established by scientists, some studies conducted on obese people consuming black seed oil as part of their regular diet showed a fall in their BMI. 

Some experts suggest that the reason behind this beneficial decline may be black seed oil’s influence on lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. 

2. Declines the heightened blood sugar level 

High levels of blood sugar can put a person at multiple health risks like diabetes, eye diseases, kidney diseases, and stroke. 

black seed oil

A research was conducted where several people with high blood sugar were given approximately 2g of crushed black seeds every day for two consecutive months. The results depicted reduced levels of fasting blood sugar and HbA1c (hemoglobin) levels. 

Consumption of 1.5-3ml of black seed oil for 20 days straight will produce almost the same effects as consuming capsules containing crushed black seeds and may even work better than consuming a placebo. 

3. The wonderful work is done by antioxidants 

The concentration of antioxidants in black seed oil can prevent the damage sustained by our body cells due to free radicals. Anti-oxidants are essential for our body as they protect us from chronic conditions like cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and inflammation. 

According to some sources, thymoquinone, the antioxidant-rich compound, can also benefit your brain’s health by lowering neuroinflammation (brain tissue inflammation) that plays a significant role in diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. 

4. Influence on cholesterol and blood pressure   

Taking black seeds or black seed oil orally has an impressive effect on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Increased blood pressure and cholesterol make a person prone to heart conditions, but this can be avoided by consuming black seed oil two times a day, every day for eight weeks. The amount taken should not be more than 2.5ml. 

Black seeds can also be consumed directly after breakfast for around six weeks to see a reduction in levels of these parameters. 

5. Usefulness in asthma 

Asthma is a common and highly uncomfortable condition that affects a person’s lungs by causing inflammation in the airways and its surrounding muscles, making it hard to breathe. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of thymoquinone reduce inflammation and provide relaxation to airways if taken regularly for four weeks in amounts of 500mg capsules two times a day. 

6. The potential effect on nasal allergies 

The research performed to determine the relationship between black seed oil and its influence on nasal inflammation has been limited. However, the results given out by the limited research are promising. For instance, one research suggested that its regular consumption (at least two weeks) was successful in reducing symptoms of allergies like sneezing, running nose, and nasal itching. 

Currently, some research is being conducted to study how black seed oil can affect conditions like sinusitis, and the results may be positive because the ant—histaminic, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, immune-modulator, and analgesic properties are all beneficial for a sinusitis patient. 

7. Beautification with black seeds 

Black seed oil is known to reduce the symptoms of some kinds of skin diseases like:

  • Lowering the severe symptoms of hand eczema.
  • Positive influence on acne reduction with the help of its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
  • Some studies have limited evidence to state that black seed oil may have antipsoriatic properties that can help with the symptoms of psoriasis. 
  • It may also have hydrating effects when used for dry skin and make the skin soft.
black seed oil benefits

Due to its possible hydrating effect on dry skin, it can also be used for the treatment of dry scalp and dandruff by providing hair with essential moisture. 

8. Other possible benefits
  • Thymoquinone, according to some studies, could be able to limit the growth of certain kinds of cancerous cells. 
  • With its anti-inflammatory properties, black seed oil might reduce joint inflammation and help people with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • It may also improve sperm quality, count, and motility in men diagnosed with infertility. 

Are there any side-effects of black seed oil? 

All the health benefits of black seed oil have very little scientific research to back them, but it is considered reliable because it has been working for people for centuries. Not consuming the correct quantity and applying it with improper methods may cause allergic reactions and kidney and liver problems.  Seeking advice from a doctor before inculcating black seed oil into your routine is recommended. 

Black seed oil is not considered a universal healer without any reason! Just take a few precautions, and you will be glad you came across this herb! 

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