How To Perform Double Crunch?

If you ever had a goal of a fat-free and slimmer belly, you must have come across the exercise, “crunches”. Well, double crunches are similar but a level higher. As the name suggests, double crunches are the mixture of two types of crunches, the regular crunch, and the reverse crunch. So, what are the benefits of doing this form of crunch and how can you do it? let’s get deeper into this. 

What is a double crunch? 

A double crunch comes under abdominal exercises. This makes you bend your knees, curl them towards the chest, followed by curling the upper body towards the knee. 

Benefits of the double crunch

Below are given the benefits of the double crunches. All of the following points have been taken down keeping in mind that a double crunch’s benefits are a combination of the benefits from a regular crunch and a reverse crunch. 

This might sound challenging as it makes your core a level stronger as compared to other exercises. This is important as it helps us to keep our balance and maintain a good posture, which we lose while getting older. 

  1. Makes the rectus abdominis muscle stronger

When one practices a regular crunch, the abs contract when the shoulder, head, and upper back are lifted. While the person stays flat on the ground. 

The rectus abdominis muscle is a large flat muscle that is located in the middle of the abdomen. It stretches from the pubic bone to the sternum. This muscle is targeted while the practice of the double crunch. The crunches make the muscles stronger and firmer. 

benefits of the double crunch

While doing a reverse crunch, involves lifting the bent legs from the ground while keeping the head, Upper back and shoulder on the ground. This also targets the abdominis rectus muscle from another end. 

When practicing a double crunch, you will be lifting your bent legs from the ground. At the same time, you are working on more muscles than just that one. You will also be maximizing the work that the rectus abdominis usually does. 

  1. Reduces the pain in the lower back

It has been proved that any core strengthening workout can reduce the pain felt in the lower back. This type of core training can also help someone recover from injury. 

So, try committing to the practice of some core strengthening workout. It is best to incorporate a double crunch in your workout regime whose benefits will stay for a long period. 

  1. Works on the obliques and hip flexors 

In addition to working on the rectus abdominis, practicing double crunches also affect the muscles located nearby. Some of which are obliques and the hip flexor. The obliques are situated in the lower back and run from the pelvis to the lower ribs. 

  1. Improves the structure of the body

Practicing double crunches helps in building up the core, improves posture and balance. This is one of the main reasons one should perform double crunches. A strong core can lead to many other structural changes in the body. So having a strong core is important. 

How to do double crunch? 

If you are a complete beginner in terms of double crunch, first imagine yourself performing a regular crunch. Next, we have to add the picture of the reverse crunch. For this, you need to lift off your feet from the ground while pulling your bent knees in direction to the core at the same time. During the middle of the double crunch, picture yourself as if you are curled up like a ball. 

benefits of the double crunch
Steps to do a double crunch: 
  1. Start by lying back and bent your knees accordingly. The distance between the feet should be hip-distance apart and make sure your feet are flat on the floor. 
  2. Then, start bending your arm and placing the tips of your fingers on the temple of your head. The elbows should be pointing outwards. 
  3. While you lean forward, start lifting your shoulders and the upper back off the floor. 
  4. Now lift your feet from the floor while bringing the knees towards the chest, all at the same time. 
  5. You are doing it right if you can feel the burn in your core. 
  6. Return to the starting position and do as many sets as you can during your workout hours. 
Precautionary measures 
  1. Keep a good posture throughout the practice to avoid injuries. 
  2. Prevent clasping of your hands behind the head. 
  3. Avoid jamming your chin against your chest. 
  4. When you are done with a crunch, prevent yourself from slamming your feet back on the ground. 
  5. If practicing this exercise pressurizes your lower back, you are free to keep your feet firm on the ground and practice a standard crunch instead. 

Who is suitable to do a double crunch?

Practicing double crunches is a very effective way of strengthening your core and the lower abdominal muscles. But this exercise cannot be done by everyone. 

If you are suffering from neck or back pain, it might not be suitable for you to practice double crunches. Instead of making the muscles stronger, it might give more tension making the pain worse. 

The bottom line

If your health is going well and you have not been through any serious injury or serious health issues, you are free to give double crunches a try. Avoid pressurizing your body in any way.

If you have been through inactivity lately, you might want to begin the practice by doing regular crunches at first. This will prepare you to go for double crunches. If you are postpartum or pregnant, consult with your health care expert before adding double crunches to your workout regime. 

Be sure to make use of a good form to avoid any sort of injury. If you are facing some kind of trouble, be active and ask for some help. Most of the gymnasiums have trainers and instructors who can make access to the form easy. They make sure that you are doing the double crunches in the right way. 

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