The Best Ever Oily Skin Treatment For Men Is Here: 5 Steps To Follow!

Oily skin can be very difficult to have and is also known to be acne-prone. This makes it even more important to opt for a proper skincare routine that allows your skin to be at its finest and lets you have a sigh of relief. But how can you take care of oily skin without irritating it much? Well, it is very simple. There are many acne and oily skin treatments that can help you make the most out of your skin. Keep reading to find out more about them. 

Know your skin before getting oily skin treatment 

Before thinking about oily skincare or tips for oily skins, it is important to figure out the type of your skin. There are largely 4 types of skin. They are:

Normal skin type: 

you have a normal skin type if your skin isn’t too oily or too dry. This is one of the most perfect skin types to have. 

You will notice that your pores will be barely visible and you will have a radiant complexion. In addition to this, you have fewer imperfections and will not suffer from much sensitivity. 

Combination skin type: 

combination skin type is essentially a combination of various skin types. This is when your skin is largely dry all around and oily in some parts, like the T-Zone. These different parts will therefore need to be treated differently. 

With this skin type, you will have shiny skin and you’ll have blackheads. In addition to this, you’ll notice that your pores are larger because they’re more open.

Dry skin type: 

with dry skin, you might experience skin that is less elastic. You’ll notice almost invisible pores with a dull and rough complexion. 

Your skin will have more visible lines and red patches. 

Oily skin type: 

if you have an oily skin type then you’ll have more enlarged pores. You will notice that you have acne, pimples, blackheads, or other blemishes. 

In addition to this, you might also have a dull or shiny complexion. 

Best oily skin treatment for men 

While there isn’t much that you can do about your oily skin, with oily skin treatment for men, you will be able to keep the excess oil at bay and maintain healthy skin. 

While various cosmetic products can be used for this, some basic proactive oily skin treatment options can give you better results for less money. In the end, it all narrows down to consistency and following the right steps. 

  1. Washing the face twice and double-cleansing: 

While this technique might have been very popular by now, double cleansing is a very effective way to clean your pores and wash your skin perfectly. 

For this, you use an oil-based cleanser along with a water-based cleanser to remove any dirt, grease, or sweat that your face might have. 

It is important to wash your face twice a day to avoid getting any clogged pores and to get rid of impurities and excess oil. 

For better acne and oily skin treatment, you can opt for cleansers that have peppermint or tea tree oil as they soothe your skin. Also, the antibacterial properties of these oils can help control acne. 

  1. Moisturise daily: 

Some people with oily skin claim that they don’t need to moisturize because their skin is already oily. But this is false. No matter what skin type, it is important to moisturize. 

If you don’t moisturize your oily skin, you will dehydrate it thereby making your body produce more sebum to keep it hydrated. To cater to your oily skin, you can opt for water-based or oil-free lightweight moisturizers. 

They feel light on the skin and help you protect your skin while hydrating it. Some ingredients to look for in your moisturizers are grapeseed oil, neem oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil. 

  1. Exfoliate weekly: 

Exfoliating is a very important process to ensure that your skin remains healthy and that no pores are clogged. Proper exfoliation removes dead skin and removes any bacteria build-up thereby unclogging pores. 

This can help you have a fresher look. It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin once or twice every week. This can also prevent acne breakouts and can be great acne and oily skin treatment. 

You can also make your scrub with natural ingredients like cucumber, coffee, oatmeal, walnuts, kiwi, etc. 

  1. Use a toner: 

Toner is a must for oily skin as it helps remove impurities and prevents any extra sebum production. In addition to this, a good toner also helps in maintaining the pH balance of your skin. For oily skin, it is preferred to opt for a toner with salicylic acid. This has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can help you prevent acne. With this, it becomes one of the best proactive oily skin treatments. 

  1. Mask it up: 

Face masks, especially sheet masks can be a great addition to your oily skin treatment. They help to replenish your skin’s antioxidants and remove any excess oil. This will make you look radiant and fresh. 

It is recommended to use a face mask once or twice every week to give your skin the care that it deserves. 

Things to know for people with oily skin 

With a great oily skin treatment for men covered, it is now important to get to know some things that can be helpful for people with oily skin. Some tips to keep in mind while caring for your skin are:

  • Prefer clay masks to reduce excess oil production
  • Avoid acne by opting for non-comedogenic products
  • Eat vitamin C-rich foods like citric fruits and green vegetables.
  • Don’t over-scrub your face as it can dehydrate your skin and cause an increase in oil production
  • Use blotting paper to wipe off excess oil from your face when outside for a long time. 


With these tips in hand, you can easily get the best oily skin treatment. However, it is recommended to visit your dermatologist and inform about your skin conditions if they worsen. So take proper care of your skin and watch it glow. Incorporate these into your skincare regimen, and you’ll have your skin in its best form.