Best Vacation Workout Routine To Get That Hot Bod!

With our 24/7 work schedules, going on vacation is a great way to recharge an overworked body and mind. Getting away from your regular life and spending some quality time with your family, friends, or just with yourself is a different feeling altogether! This article will help you to know about Best Vacation Workout Routine.

Vacations are about indulgences and being laid back. Thus, it becomes the perfect excuse to not work out. But as much as we hate to think about exercises during our holidays, it actually can add a different facet to your travel itinerary. When we do exercises it can actually lead to the production of endorphins or the happy hormone.

So, you can actually amplify your happiness quotient while getting fit and also making room for those yummy room service delicacies that you can indulge without feeling guilty post-vacation.

So, today we are going to share a vacation workout routine that would help you to keep your body in shape during a holiday. Also, keep your playlist in check, just so you don’t kill yourself out of boredom while stretching in your hotel room. Now, let’s get started!

Exercises to do on vacation

The thing about exercises is that they are no fun, but travel workouts can change that. So, we’ve decided to divide them into fun and boring ones. Fun is mostly cardio while boring is going to build your strength. Pick your poison.

Fun ones (Cardio)

Yup, that’s going to be the title. If you would like to take care of your cardio endurance while having fun, there are a variety of workouts that will offer you an excellent workout without feeling like exercise.

1. Walking on the beach

Walking on soft sand is a great workout that burns calories more than walking on flat ground. Some experts suggest that you can burn twice as many calories by walking on soft sand. Keep it safe by wearing shoes (you may get inflammation if you go barefoot for too long). Even walking for a few minutes could help to strengthen the foot and leg muscles, and the experience would be fantastic. 

Try going for walks in the morning or in the evening, because in the blazing sun, you might end up burning your feet or getting a sun stroke. Also, it can provide some idyllic and Instagram worthy pictures.

2. Swimming

It is a low-impact exercise that focuses on the whole body rather than a specific muscle group. It is also fun plus healthy. So, get your swimming gear, a Piña colada, and swim a couple of laps and enjoy.

If you have an infinity pool with your hotel room then nothing like it or just dip in the common pool. It can be a great activity for your kids as well. And pictures in swimsuits can get your Instagram followers gawking.   

3. Hiking

Anytime you add elevation while working on the treadmill, you’ll end up burning more calories. If you carry a backpack, you’ll challenge yourself, even more, all while enjoying a feeling of nature. So, if you have gone camping or to a hill station, get your sturdy boots and go for a walk amidst nature.

If you aren’t too much of an outdoor person, then instead of taking the elevator opt for the stairs in your hotel. Higher up your room, greater the workout.

4. Horse Riding
Best Vacation Workout Routine

We all know that horse riding improves core strength, balance, and coordination but did you know that it helps to reduce stress and is a great mental exercise. It might look easy but be ready to have sore legs the next day.

5. Shopping

Ok, bear with us. In a hypothetical situation, you went shopping and bought a lot of things. Now you are walking back to the hotel carrying two bags (one on each side). This is a great example of Farmer’s Walk, and it can be very aerobic under the right circumstances that provide a great balance between strength and cardio. You could easily include this in your vacation workout routine.

Boring Ones (Strength)

Most of these can be performed in your hotel room, so having a good playlist is necessary to kick you out of boredom. So, here are some vacation workouts without gym.

1. Pushups
  • Start with a plank position with your arms straight, and therefore the body lifted in a straight line, horizontal to the ground. Keep the feet together, and as a result, the toes flex to support the body.
  • The palms should be flat on the ground shoulder-width apart, with the fingers facing straight ahead or slightly inward.
  • Keeping the top in line with the spine, slowly bend the elbows outward and lower the body right down to the ground. Also, try to keep the hips and lower back in line.
  • Lower as far as possible, planning to touch the chest or chin to the ground.
  • Use your arm to press the body up into the starting position.
  • Keep the abdominal muscles engaged throughout to assist and support your back.
2. Squats
Best Vacation Workout Routine
  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, angling the toes slightly outward.
  • Keep your hands down by the edges, with the palms facing in, and keep the shoulders back. Employ the abdominal muscles to support the back.
  • Shift the hips back and bend the knees as if taking a seat by keeping a flat back.
  • Keep lowering right down to the bottom until the thighs are straight with the ground.
  • Push through the feet to straighten up into the starting position. Inhale into the squat, and then exhale when standing up.
3. Lunges
  • Stand straight with your feet together.
  • Step one leg forward into an extended stride, bending the knee, and placing the foot flat on the ground.
  • Bend the knee of the supporting leg toward the ground.
  • Use the muscles of the forward leg to keep off to standing and repeat this with the other leg.
4. Planks
  • Start with your elbows and lower arms on the ground, keeping the elbows in line with the shoulders.
  • Lift the body so that it forms a line parallel to the ground.
  • Keep the feet together, and therefore the toes flexed to support the body and try to hold for 15–20 seconds (for beginners).
  • Then slowly lower to the ground and rest for a minute, and repeat this process.
5. Triceps Dips
  • Sit on a chair and balance on your arms.
  • Move your backside ahead of the step with your legs bent.
  • Bend the elbows and lower into a dip, keep the shoulders down, until elbows are at 90 degrees.
  • Push back up, keeping your hips very near to the chair the whole time, and repeat this process.
Best Vacation Workout Routine

What if you don’t work out?

If you want to relax on your vacation entirely, then you are free to do so but remember these points:

  • Aerobic power can decline 5-10 % in three weeks.
  • All your growth might be gone after about two months of inactivity.
  • You tend to lose cardiovascular fitness faster than muscular strength. Muscles are flexible and retain a memory of all those exercises you did.

So, you can take a week off as it wouldn’t make much difference, but more than that could affect your fitness. 

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