Big Health Journey Win: 9 Healthy Lifestyle Changes To Embrace

“Small steps make big changes” – We all have heard this quote in our value education books, or by some wise old man on TV who turns out to be a fraud, but the quote is bona fide. Think of it like this, you save up a small amount today, so they turn into big bucks in the future.

The same thing applies to your health. You start with a small step, and it turns out to be a big health journey win. We all want great results, but we impose unrealistic standards on ourselves. 

Instead of that, why not try to do things that make you happy and lead you towards a healthy lifestyle. So, today we will talk about how small steps can help you achieve a big health journey win and will also share some tips for a healthy life. Let’s get started!

Steps to starting your health journey win today!

1. Make or break a habit

Humans are a mixture of positives and negatives. Brushing your teeth at night is a good habit while staying up late is bad. Remember, it takes more than 21 days to make a habit. So, let’s see how you can create or break one:

2. Identify the triggers

Identifying the trigger is the first step. Track your habits and see what triggers them. Ask yourself these questions –

  • Where does the habitual behavior happen?
  • What time of day?
  • How do you feel when it happens?
  • Are other people involved?
  • Does it happen right after something else?

Supposedly, you are addicted to social media (everyone is). Try to identify the trigger; in this case, it could be the apps on your phone. Try deleting them and see if anything happens.

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3. Focus on why you want to change it/ bring it

It’s easier to change yourself if the habit matters to you. Take a piece of paper and write, why do you want to break this habit or make a new habit. What are the benefits or drawbacks, does it help you in any way. This will give you more clarity, and the list will remind you to keep trying.

4. Replace your habit with a different one

It’s a tradition now to have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning. So, removing this habit is tough but replacing it is easy (somewhat). Instead of going for a premium latte, you could have black coffee (without sugar or just a little bit to remove the bitterness).

5. Leave yourself reminders

Using sticky notes can help you rethink the action when something triggers you, or when you want to remember to do something. It could be basic things like turning the lights off, cleaning your room, or stopping you from opening a packet of chips. If you don’t have sticky notes, then you can set reminders on your phone.

6. Avoid an all or nothing mentality

The faster you accept the fact that you will probably slip up, the quicker you will be able to jump back. It’s OK to fall back to your old habit, and your mind will be filled with uncertainty and hesitation but try to look at your success. You started avoiding sugar for 5 days in a row, but on the 6th day, you ate a chocolate cake. Does this make you a failure? No. Why? Because you can make a different choice tomorrow.

7. Change your environment

An environment is the main factor for habits to arise. Like having your laptop on the bed can make you binge your favorite shows (they have supernatural powers, obviously). Removing it will lower the chances of you binging and could help you focus more on other activities.

8. Make simple adjustments until you discover the right plan for you

You will try certain habits which will not work for you. Continue to evaluate how things are and ask yourself, do you need to change them? This doesn’t mean you aren’t doing it right. It just means it doesn’t work for you.

9. Rewards for success

The best motivation is to reward yourself when you accomplish something. Even small motivators, like telling yourself what an excellent job you’re doing, can boost your confidence and increase your drive to stay trying. It could be anything, from finishing a small lap to giving birth to a green-skinned child, congratulations.

These were some small ideas to help with your big health journey win. The road may not be easy, but with time, patience, and consistency, it will get easier.

Tips for healthy life

1. Drink more water

Water helps energize your muscles and keeps your skin radiant. It also helps your kidneys and bowels function normally. A good tip is to keep a bottle of water with you.

2. Opt for fruits and veggies

Fruits and veggies are good for your gastrointestinal system and are low in sodium while being filled with other nutrients. Additionally, eating more fruits and vegetables increases your water intake.

3. Stretch before bed

Stretching reduces stress levels and may help you fall asleep faster. Overall, it’s a simple relaxation routine to make your body relaxed. Start slowly by simply just stretching your body a couple of minutes before bed and remember to breathe naturally.

4. Minimize stress and workload

Everyone gets stressed, and it’s not a new thing. Some people believe they were stressed since their birth. Some discovered it in 2020, but we all know that controlling it is necessary to avoid chronic stress. Common stress relief options are yoga, meditation, light exercise like walking, and getting ample sleep. Some people also search for healthy supplements to add to their lifestyle to reduce stress.

5. Exercise

The concept of exercise doesn’t mean that you have to sweat it off daily in a gym. Exercise could be anything you want it to be (being lazy would not be considered). It could be walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and climbing the stairs, and much more. 15 minutes of exercise is better than doing nothing, and daily exercising will keep your health & fitness in check.

6. Don’t give up or lose hope

Change is hard. Making a change takes time. These small steps will assist you to feel better and will make you further progress towards a healthier you. If you can beat COVID, then these small hurdles are nothing. But if you want to handle deeper habits, like emotional eating, compulsions, alcohol misuse, or addiction, the support of a therapist can make a huge difference.

As we have understood by now, those small steps ensure a big health journey win. There are going to be a few hurdles, but those hurdles make you stronger. If you relapsed, then try again, and don’t stop till you succeed. It’s going to take some time, but the result will be great.

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