Body Mind Restoration Retreats Aren’t The Only Way To Feel At Peace: 4 DIY Alternatives

Mind, body, and soul are interlinked in ways we can never decipher. What affects the mind affects the body. Very often than not, we tend to forget this and solely focus on one, and that’s where it all goes haywire. As the mind is at peace, so is the body. We all need to give each part its own space to grow. Worry not! There are ways to restore your mind and body and help you rejuvenate and feel connected again. 

In such desperate times of the pandemic, we have all gone wrong. Staying at home has its own advantages, but we fail to realize that we have been caged in some ways, and that can get uncomfortable after a while. Exactly the same way, caging the mind or the body can start to show effects and become exhausting. 

“Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow”, words by Zhi Gang Sha. Peace of mind restoration is an important part of healing and getting out of the cage. If the city life doesn’t allow you a place to escape, then there are several body mind restoration retreats that provide you with the solace you seek. 

4 Simple ways to restore your mind and body when you can’t visit a body mind restoration retreat

1. Start small and declutter

Identify the cause and follow with actions. 

Decluttering is a very effective way to immediately feel good. If you don’t like the way your desk is messed up, you won’t work on it, which will lead to further problems like delay and procrastination. 

Cleaning up your desk or the clothes lying on your chair for days is like telling your mind that look! We are going to start working and stop procrastinating. Even if you don’t work immediately after cleaning, it still makes you feel better. So, find that messy part of yourself and clean up before getting steady on your work.

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2. Go on a self-care spree

Well, not exactly spree but more like steady. Take some time out for yourself every day; it can be meditation or starting a skincare routine you always wanted to. Self-care works in a lot of ways. Try to have some healthy foods during the day and keep yourself well hydrated. This gives the mind some peace regarding the body’s health and makes you feel like you are making an effort and hydration keeps you more joyful. 

Meditation is shown to have so many benefits. It helps you refresh. Even a 5 minute time with yourself can change the way you feel about situations. When you get agitated, your breath changes, and it gains speed. Hence, when you slow your breath and feel it, your body is telling the mind that it is supposed to calm down. There are positive affirmations meditation that can get you kick-started with optimism and growth, first thing in the day.

3. Journaling

Are you burdened with a lot of work? This is a feeling we all get when we are not jotting down the work we need to finish or not keeping track of what we do can leave you unsatisfied at the end of the day. So, for this, journaling is a blessing in disguise. It can be whatever you want it to be, a planner or a tracker for your activities.

Journaling brings you down to this moment and helps you segregate what you need to finish and what can wait for it to be done later. Just pick a book and start journaling your way to happiness. 

4. Sleeping is the best medicine

Sleeping can work wonders. Take a question with you to sleep, and you wake up with an answer. This is true in so many ways. Sleeping is a state where your body is relaxing, and your mind is recapping. Getting enough sleep can wake you up feeling well-rested and getting on with your day as you want it to go. 

Body mind restoration centre

If you feel like nothing is getting you going, take help from the expert. These are like body mind restoration retreats that help you revitalize yourself. These centres have programs and activities that can feel like summer camps. They aim to inscribe inner peace with detoxification and nourishing your body and mind. This is a great way as a lot of people go there together, and you find it to be motivating. 

Another way to restore your mind and body is through exercise. 30 minutes workout can rapidly increase your focus and thinking. They also enhance mood, self-esteem and reduce stress. The best way to restore mind and body than by keeping your body healthy and your mind fresh. Yoga is a powerful technique known for its effect on the mind as well as body. Here, the body performs mind restoration. 

Many of us feel struck. It’s normal! It’s a part of being human. We must realize this further and take the necessary steps as soon as possible. The more you let yourself be in the slump, the more you feel like you can’t get out. 

Let’s look at some yoga poses that can restore your body and mind—simple and easy ways to relax the body from stress. 

  1. Butterfly pose: This helps to relax the muscles of the hip and lower back.
  2. Cat and cow pose: Enhancing blood flow through the body and releasing spine stress.
  3. Lizard pose: Effective for hip and calf muscles.
  4. Balasana: It helps with blood pressure and releasing stress in the overall body.
  5. Cobra pose: Effective for the back muscles and shoulder. 

The body speaks to you in forms of sickness, pain, and such. Recognizing these levels and the depth is the first step to restorations. From simple ways to restore your mind and body to workouts, one needs to find the perfect body mind restoration retreats. Finding it can help you get through the stress of work and daily life. Knowing the connection between mind, body and soul assists you to revive, detoxify and rejuvenate.  

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