Breech Baby: A Pregnancy Complication You Should Be Aware Of!

This is a condition that happens during pregnancy when the baby settles in a position opposite to what it should be. In normal conditions, the baby’s head always faces the birth canal whereas, in a breech condition, the feet of the baby points towards the birth canal. The baby being in a breech position can create complications at the time of the delivery. 

What causes breech pregnancy?

Though there is no specific reason behind the baby turning into the breech position, but listed below are a few past or current situations that must have occurred and gave rise to the baby being breech:

  • If a woman has given birth several times.
  • Placenta previa: The placenta is an organ that is responsible for providing the baby with oxygen and nutrients during pregnancy. Placenta previa is a situation that occurs when the placenta tends to cover the opening of the mother’s cervix.
  • If a woman is pregnant with multiple numbers of babies.
  • Fibroids: These are non-cancerous growths that take place in the uterus when a woman is pregnant. The uterus is abnormally shaped due to the presence of fibroids, which can give rise to such complications. 
  • Amniotic fluid: The presence of amniotic fluid helps the baby with its movements inside the uterus. This allows the baby to turn upside-down at the time of the birth. Having too little of amniotic fluid causes the baby to breech.
  • If the woman has experienced premature birth in the past. 

Signs of breech baby

Breech Baby

During the 35th or 36th week of pregnancy, which is the third trimester, the baby usually turns its head down in preparation for birth. In a breech condition, this movement doesn’t take place. This abnormal positioning can be felt by a doctor upon touching the stomach. This can also be easily confirmed by doing an ultrasound of the mother. 

What are the complications involved?

There are no complications involved until it is time to give birth. Having the head of the baby comes out first makes the process easier. But with the lower body of the baby coming out first raises the chance of the head getting stuck in the birth canal. The main risk in this situation is that the baby might not get any oxygen due to cutting off the umbilical cord. 

How to overcome the complication?

The easiest way one can be successful in giving birth to a breech baby is to opt for the cesarean. This method of delivery is also called C-section, which involves planned surgery.  As compared to vaginal births, C-sections are considered to be much safer during breech condition. 

There are many successful cases of breech babies being delivered through surgeries. This surgery should always be carried out by an experienced surgeon or trained provider to ensure normal birth.

Is it possible to turn a breech baby? 

Turning a breech baby depends on the reason for the breech itself. Before going for a C-section, there are ways you can try to get your baby to a normal position:

Essential Oils

You can choose between peppermint and myrrh essential oils. Rub a few drops of oil on the top of the fundus where the baby’s head is located. The strong aroma of the oils will stimulate the baby to tilt away and settle in the normal position.

External Version (EV)

The external version requires external forces to act upon the breech baby. Here, the external forces are people themselves. This act is performed by 2 people who manipulate the baby to get into the right position by their hands clockwise or anti-clockwise. The procedure takes place in a hospital and the movement of the baby is thoroughly monitored to prevent any mishappening. This process may or may not be successful but trying it won’t cause any harm.

Massages and Exercises

The movements of the mother greatly affect the baby. Similarly, practising certain favourable movements can help the baby to get into normal positions. 

  • Taking therapy from a Chiropractor will help in making necessary changes in the body. Such as transforming a twisted pelvis to a round shaped one. By doing therapies, the pelvic area becomes free to fit the baby’s round head. 
  • Sometimes the unreleased tension between the ligament and the tissues of the mother can create problems for the baby. Through therapeutic massages, the unnecessary tension is released which gives way for the baby to move. Follow these basic exercise routine favors the baby and the mother’s health too:
  • Practising forward-leaning inversions and breech tilts, 3 times a day, helps the bones and muscles to free up. 
  • Practising handstands in a pool gives the baby enough space to spin by itself. Make sure that the pool is deep, enough to submerge up-to-the chest or shoulders. Feel free to take somebody’s help.
  • Practising side-lying 2 times a day helps in the lengthening of the pelvic floor.


It is a traditional Chinese technique that helps to turn a breech baby. This involves burning herb mugwort (moxa), close to the body on the acupuncture point, on the little toe, to produce warm sensations, strengthen organs, and release hormones. This leads to slow uterine contractions which helps the baby to move into the correct position.

Other tricks

While following other methods, you can also do some other activities like meditating and talking to your baby. When you meditate, you connect to you within. Meditation is a powerful weapon that can cure any complication

Talking to your baby might seem foolish but can also show wonders. Play voice recordings just above the pubic bone that is located in the center of the abdomen, this is where your baby’s head should be. Doing so can manipulate the baby to move downwards. 

Throwing light against the pubic bone can help to bring the baby to a normal position. As the uterus grows, its skin becomes thin allowing the passage of light. Put direct light so that it gets the attention of the baby and shows the passage to the birth canal.

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