How To Do Brow Lamination At Home For Feathery Arches? 5 Easy Steps

Brow lamination—the method of straightening your brows so they appear bigger and shrubby, has been for a while nowadays. And like the DIY wax strips and gel manicure kits that came earlier, it was only a thing of time earlier at-home brow lamination proved feasible.

With salons shut due to coronavirus, brow specialists are no longer performing brow lamination. But an improvement in DIY kits implies beauty addicts have been giving it a chance in the solace of their bathrooms, and the results are surprisingly good. We hope this article helps you in every possible way. Lets go!!

What is brow lamination?

Coming from Moscow, the procedure involves a semi-permanent grooming pattern, which is comparatively akin to a hair perm.

A chemical root infused with keratin is frisked through brows, shaping the hairs in a brushed-up manner that persists for six to eight weeks. Unlike threading or waxing, the treatment is pain-free, takes hardly 40 minutes, and accomplishes instant outcomes with low-maintenance treatment. 

Even better, lamination goes on all brow kinds, even much thicker, rough hair. It is also perfect for those who fill up sparse patches with the item, as hair can be molded to where coverage is required.

How to do brow lamination at home?

First, experts warn there are many perils to doing brow lamination at home. Reactions that we habitually see people in their salons and training room need revisions from trying DIY brow lamination. 

So if you are dead set on it, we would urge you to organize a video consultation with your local brow salon. We picked up tons of tips from de la Garza that were not in my guidelines, and it is a good way to help brow artists during the pandemic. 

With that in mind, let us go on to the how-to.

  •  Make a barrier before utilizing the perming liquid

After removing all makeup, skincare, and oils from your brows, take your balm and place some right under your eyebrows. Since your brows are going to stretch upward, leave about a finger’s worth of space above them, and put the balm above that. 

  •  Form your brows how you want them to be set

Your kit should come with a brow glue, that you will utilize as your harsh draft. Experts say to brush some onto a clean spoolie, then form your brows into whatever position you will want them to set in. He advised styling the front furrier by holding the spoolie fundamentally and pressing the hairs up.

  • Apply the perming solution

After the glue gets skanky and begins to dry, you will go in with the perming solution, which breaks down the protein chain in your brow hairs and makes them sculptable. Experts say this is where most individuals make the error of leaving the liquid for way too long since they think their brows are denser than they are. Most kits will change with the timing they advise, but he says to keep it on for one minute less than the recommended time. 

It is useful for someone else to keep time while you are utilizing the solution, which you will want to do as quickly as possible. It’s also important to use a brow brush, not a spoolie to apply the solution since you do not want to disturb the shape you just created. And you want to make sure your brows are supersaturated. 

Once your brows are covered, lay a plastic cover over them to aid them in keeping their shape while the liquid goes to work. After your time is up, carefully wash off the cotton pads, moving up and out. 

  • Neutralize your brows

After you wash away the perming liquid, it is significant to make sure the tracts it moved are neutralized. The neutralizer is so crucial because without it the eyebrows will keep reprocessing.

Drive the neutralizer through your brows on a spoolie, again making sure they are good and saturated. Nevertheless long you left your perm solution on, leave the neutralizer on for the same amount of hours. Once time is up, wash it away with a dry cotton pad, making sure to get rid of all the leftover. 

We would recommend you to check your kit’s directions here—they may suggest using water to rinse. 

Top tip: Make sure your spoolie is neat before starting to brush your brows. This will forbid clumping and will give you more room to create a more defined shape more easily.

  • Finish with a nourishing serum or castor oil

Kits regularly come with nourishing serum, If yours does not come with something akin, try a brow serum or castor oil to keep the area exfoliated. 

There is not much aftercare other than that, just make sure not to get them wet for 24 hours so they are forever set. De la Garza also advises continuing to utilize an oil or serum overnight to keep your brows feathery and shiny. 

It is also crucial not to use the kit again for at least six more weeks, since you want to hold off for a complete hair-growth cycle before putting your eyebrows through that again.

The final takeaway

Use a neat brow gel to shut everything down and give a lustrous, healthy appearance. Either firm your color using the gel over the top, or if you have a thicker brow clearly, use the neat gel alone to lock the brows into shape completely.

In-salon you will surely get a more refined look, but with practice, we think every time you do it, the outcome will only get better.

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