Worried About A Bump On Scrotum: Learn About The 9 Causes

Discovering a bump on scrotum can be very scary, however, worry not, because we are sure that after reading this article, you will fairly get an idea about what does that bump on your scrotum indicates and how to get rid of it. 

Bumps are circular, lumpy shaped structures that grow on the surface or the underside of your scrotum. They can be of reddish or discoloured shaped globelike objects that can produce a greasy or an oily secretion.

What does a Bump On Scrotum mean? 

Causes of bump on scrotum

There can be numerous possibilities for causing a bump on your scrotum varying from a simple pimple to the deadly testicular cancer

So let’s go through each of the causes in more detail

1.Pimple– It is the most common reason for causing a bump on your scrotum. The scrotum has follicles that contain hair and in this condition, the follicles may undergo blockage due to build-up of oil and dirt from sweating and bathing. 

Pimple is one of the easiest to spot due to their appearance and is just a minor issue. It does not cause much problem and by proper treatments and personal hygiene, it can be easily solved.

2. Sebaceous cyst– A condition in which air or fluid gets trapped inside the sebaceous gland and it causes the formation of warts on the surface or the underside of the scrotum. Sebaceous glands are those which produce sebum that protects the skin against friction and helps in moisturization.

The cysts are generally benign and are not of particular concern but to make sure it is not cancerous in origin, you should consult a doctor once.

3. Spermatocele– Tiny, firm lumps formed underneath the scrotum is known as a spermatocele. Cyst grows in the epididymis and are generally harmless and cannot be cancerous but it causes immense pain and discomfort in the scrotum.

4. Varicocele– The condition in which the vein in the scrotum becomes enlarged and generally occurs in the left side of the scrotum. Although harmless, according to some studies, it has been found that it can affect fertility.

5. Genital herpes- One of the most dangerous causes for causing a bump in the scrotum, is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). If you are suffering from genital herpes then it results in bumps or herpetic sores. It is an extremely uncomfortable condition in which spherical structures develop into blisters and are filled with infected fluid. These blisters upon breakage ooze out the liquid and cause tremendous pain.

It is caused by HSV-2, genital herpes cannot be cured and is transmitted through any type of sexual contact and is not safe even while wearing a condom.

6. Scrotal/testicular mass- A lump, bulge or any type of swelling caused due to any injury or infection is known as scrotal or testicular mass. It is generally a non-cancerous tumour which is formed due to fluid build-up but it is also preferable to consult a doctor for a proper confirmation.

7. Orchitis- Similar to testicular mass, swollen lumps formed on the surface of the scrotum due to a virus or bacteria is known as Orchitis. This condition may lead to swelling of lymph nodes and can cause unusual discharge and pain.

8. Testicular Cancer- Malignant tumour formation in germ cells on one or both the scrotum is known as testicular cancer. Although thought to be incurable, studies have shown that with the help of chemotherapy and proper medication, it can be also be treated.

9. Idiopathic scrotal calcinosis- One of the rarest causes of bump on scrotum, large, discoloured and lumpy bumps are seen on the surface of the scrotum. It neither causes any pain, nor it is considered to be cancerous in origin.

When should you visit a doctor?

Although most of the times, the cause of a bump on the scrotum is a minor issue and not hazardous, however, upon encountering the following symptoms, one should visit a doctor and get himself checked

  1. Swelling or tenderness of the scrotum or the appearance of lumpy warts on the surface or underside of the scrotum.
  2. Tremendous and uncomfortable pain is felt and unusual discharge or even blood through semen and urine is observed.
  3. Swelling of lymph nodes occurs that lead to a high fever.

How to get rid of the bump on scotum?

Except for some of the causes of bump, most of them can be cured with proper treatments and hygiene. 

Here are some of the processes that one can avail to for getting rid of the bump.

  • If the cause of bump is a pimple, sebaceous cyst or spermatocele, then personal hygiene can be your ultimate weapon.

 Proper cleaning of the bump should be ensured every day. If the process of cleaning is meted by tea tree oil or castor oil, then rapid benefits can be observed. 

Cornstarch mixed with water or application of an anti-bacterial cream can also provide you with your desired results. As both cornstarch and the creams help in the removal of fluids from warts leading to a speedy recovery.

Bump On  Scrotum
  • Bumps caused due spermatocele or varicocele can be removed by drainage methods which are removal of fluids from the swollen lumps. 

Another method that is practised is the removal of the bumps by permanent surgical procedures with help of scalpel and laser treatments.

  • Genital herpes is an incurable disease but also a sexually transmitted disease. Therefore, antiviral medications are provided to reduce the transmission of the disease and also regular cleaning during outbreaks should be properly ensured.
  • In the case of Orchitis, for a reduction in the intense pain, medications are provided but it has been seen that it is quite difficult to remove the bumps in this case and it often leads to Orchiectomy, that is the removal of testicles.
  • For the treatment of testicular cancer, radiation or chemotherapy along with proper medications are the possible cures available.

Hopefully, all your queries have been properly addressed through this article. Having a bump on scrotum is neither uncommon nor dangerous except for some. Through proper medications and treatment, everything can be cured.

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