Not Happy With Your Butt? Try Butt Implants

A large and round butt is often considered as a symbol of femininity, since time immemorial. Women with round butts are expected to be more fertile and attractive. Females usually have more fat stored in their posterior than male. This is due to the presence of estrogen which encourages fat storage in the butt area. Whereas, in case of a male, due to the presence of testosterone, fat storage is discouraged in these areas. This article will help you to know about Butt Implants.

For the past 10 years, the process of buttock augmentation has seen an increase. This procedure of buttock implants helps to enhance the shape and size of the butt. The most common method used is the Brazilian Butt Implants which is fat grafting techniques, using natural tissues to enlarge and enhance the butt.

Butt Implants? 5 Butt Implants Techniques?

  • Transmission of fat

This is the most famous technique, which is a cosmetic surgery in which butt size is increased with fat grafting. It is also known as the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure of buttock implants is similar to as the name suggests. Fat from one part of the body preferably, abdomen or thing (where fat storage is maximum) is through a procedure of suction, sucked out and transferred into to butt, which enhances its volume. Fat transmission is combined with a silicone implant to give a more natural look.

This is a procedure wherein, Sculptra is injected into soft tissues of the butt. This procedure needs a series of operations or injection sessions. As, in the first session, the butt size increased a little bit with regular sessions, significant differences can be examined. This technique helps in the development of collagen, which helps to add volume to the butt. This procedure can be costly.

  • Hydrogel injections and Silicone butts

Hydrogen shots are the most economical method to add volume to the buttocks. Though this technique does not involve a conventional method, it may not prove to be very effective. Silicone techniques are similar to hydrogen injections as these too involve a similar procedure like hydrogen shots and do not involve surgery, but these techniques may also prove to be fatal.

  • Silicone implant solutions 

A silicone implant is different from a silicone injection. Unlike silicone injections, silicone implants are tangible solid material which is inserted into the butt cheeks via the incision. A surgical incision is a procedure where a cut is made through the skin. Silicone treatments are said to be more effective and safe than injections. Silicone implants when combined with fat grafting gives the best result. Silicone implants are best for people with little fat in posterior as it will prove to be more effective than injection methods.

This process is different from the rest of the methods of buttock enhancement. In this technique, excess fat is removed from the butt area to give it a more sculpted or contoured look. A person with fat accumulation in their posterior may go for this method.

Butt implant procedure

There are different procedures of buttock implants The most famous and preferred ways of butt implant procedure are as follows:

Brazillian butt lift

This process is also known as autologous fat transfer and uses the fat accumulated from one part to be injected into another.

The procedure for the Brazilian butt lift:

  • Liposuction technique is used to suck or remove the fatty tissues from a part of the body( where excess fat is accumulated) to another part.
  • After the suction process, the fatty tissues are transformed into fat
  • The converted fat is then injected into the posterior through the syringe.
  • These are injected through some incisions made on the body via cannula.
  • Cannula remains injected into the veins and moves in a back and forth motion to ensure that multiple layers of fat are augmented into buttocks which helps to give volume to the butt and hence enhances its shape and size.
  • The procedure leaves marks and wounds which are then covered with stitches.

This process may not provide the desired results in the first attempt, as it often happens that after the surgery, the size of the butt reduces that what it was before the operation. More than one attempt may be required to acquire the desired results.

While this technique is popularly known to be apt for a butt lift but is also useful for countering or sculpting of the body, to get rid of back rolls and get rid of large waistlines.

Buttock implants or butt lifts?

This is the best method for flat or under defined buttocks. People with lesser fatty tissue cannot opt for a Brazilian butt lift technique, as it requires suction of fatty tissues. Though, this process may not prove to be the best method for treating saggy butts. This procedure makes the use of silicone technique, wherein the silicone is implanted into the buttocks via incisions. The silicone gets embedded below the large buttock muscles and above the pelvic bone. The surgery leaves some wounds which are later closed with stitches.

Procedure for buttock implants

The butt implant procedure involves various steps:

Step 1 – Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is given to make the body numb so that it does not experience any pain in the surgical process. Two choices are available intravenous sedation and general anaesthesia. The doctor may suggest what is more suitable for you.

Step 2 – Incision 

This is the second and the most important step after anaesthesia. An incision is made on both sides of the upper and lower buttocks or between the cease of the buttocks.

Step 3 –  Implantation

The silicone is implanted either into the muscle or on each side above the gluteal muscle. The method of procedure may differ based on body type, implant size desired or the implant ought to be done.

Step 4 – Closing incisions through sutures

After the completion of the implant, the incisions are closed with the help of sutures or stitches.

The best thing about opting for butt implants is that it gives instant and visible results. The swelling and incision marks fade with time. Apart from this, butt lifts and implants help in getting a desired body shape and physique with a proportionate figure. The final results look real, quite natural and enhanced beautifully. 

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