Unbelievable Facts About Clitoral Erection

Cue the gasps! We know what you are thinking. Since when do ‘clitoral’ and ‘erection’ come together in one sentence to make sense? Tighten your seatbelts. Maybe since the time, the earliest human beings started having sexual intercourse. Yes! That is correct.   

We know how clitoral erection is such an unheard concept, but unheard as it is, it is as common as penile erections. It may be hard to believe, but we have all the facts to make you somewhat of an expert on clitoral erections. Read on to learn everything about it without further ado!

What is an erect clitoris?

The clitoris or the pleasure centre of the vulva is a spot that sits just at the apex of the labia. It extends up to 5 inches inside the female body and what is visible on the outside is just the clitoral hood. 

The main purpose of the clitoris is to give you pleasure. Just like men, when women are aroused blood rushes to the erectile tissues inside the clit, making it erect and sensitive. This concept is known as clitoral erection. Clinical sex experts say that an erect clitoris is a very normal, natural, and, physiological response. 

Clitoral Erection

Facts about clitoral erection in women

  • You might be wondering now what is the difference between clitoral and penile erections. The answer is- there isn’t much of a difference except just in the way they both look. 

Penile erections are out there while clitoral erections are more concealed. There are subtle color changes in the clitoris during an erection and clitoral hood becomes more prominent and Bartholin glands that release lube during the process might make the structure look like it is glistening.  

  • Another thing that comes to mind when talking about clitoral erection is- how much does the size change? Doctors who specialize in physical therapy and sexual functioning say that the change in the size can be in the range of 50 to 300 percent! 

We won’t lie, we were just as surprised. During a clitoral erection, the glands peak out of the clitoral hood, and the labia swells up to at least twice its size. The difference in clitoral structure differs from female to female. In some, it is quite visible due to the increased blood flow. 

  • Some females might not even realize that they have a clitoral erection. They can enjoy the feeling of being aroused without realizing that they have an erection. When touched during an erection though, the clitoris feels sensitive and a little hard. The external changes in the clitoral structure are more pronounced in cis genders and trans genders. Experts also say that some women feel a tingling sensation in their clit during an episode of clitoral erection.
  • Every vulva owner doesn’t have to get clitoral erections. This might sound a bit atypical but there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that every woman gets a clitoral erection. 

It can even depend on the female’s anatomy. Some experts on sexual functioning suggest that every vulva owner may get an erection but a rock-solid conclusion of whether all females get a clitoral erection cannot be given till more research is conducted. 

What can make a clitoral erection feel better?


  • Like the penis, the clitoris is very sensitive to touch during an erection. Women get a clitoral erection when they are aroused, so touching it might make the experience much better. Just going with the flow and doing what feels pleasurable is the key. 

Most women try tapping, touching the labia, rubbing in clockwise and counterclockwise directions, flicking and stroking it in different directions. If something different works for you, go ahead and give yourself an amazing time. 

  • There are many kinds of sex toys available in the market that use different technologies to make the whole experience feel different by increasing the blood flow in the clitoris. 

Some of the sex toys like Lelo Sona Cruise and Womanizer use suction technology to do the same. There are sex toys made like masturbation sleeves made especially for those who are on testosterone-like trans men and nonbinary.

  • People even experiment with the technique of edging, which involves stopping yourself over and over before climax so that the final orgasm is unmatched and lasts for longer. This technique even makes the clitoral erection stay even after orgasm and people go through multiple orgasms. 
  • Some people train and tone their pelvic muscles to make the whole experience of sexual activities better. A healthy pelvic floor makes a difference in the overall sexual functioning of the body and people even see pelvic floor therapists for the same. 

Pelvic floor therapist helps in the well being and enhancing the health of the pelvic floor. Although, it is optional and people might have a healthy and strong pelvic floor without even seeing a therapist. It’s all about making your experience the best!

  • Believe it or not, living a healthy lifestyle does make every experience better and sexual experience is one of them. Exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding nicotine and alcohol can make your clitoral erection feel better because these habits increase the vasocongestion or blood flow in the whole body including the erectile tissues of the clitoris. 

Can clitoral erection mean something else too? 

woman on bed.jpg

Mostly, a clitoral erection is a very natural response of the body when it is aroused, but in some cases, it is the sign of an underlying condition. Persistent genital arousal disorder or priapism is one such condition in which the clitoris gets erect without the presence of any kind of sexual stimulus. 

This kind of erection without any stimulus is not healthy for the body and can hinder the day-to-day activities of the person. The erection in such cases can last up to 4 hours and becomes painful and uncomfortable. Some causes of this condition include recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine, sickle cell anemia, leukemia, and medications like SSRIs or blood thinners, and other diseases and disorders. 

You should seek medical attention if you have a prolonged clitoral erection that feels uncomfortable and painful. Most of these underlying causes are completely curable with properly prescribed medication. 

The bottom line is that clitoral erection is very natural and very enjoyable. Isn’t it fantastic to know that there is a spot in the female body that purely serves the purpose of unmatched pleasure? Well, we think that it is incredible! So, as long as you are comfortable and happy, go ahead and have fun with all that you got to know today!