Love Coffee But Hate Coffee Breath: 8 Solutions For Fresh Breath

The best way to kick-start your morning is with a nice cup of coffee. It stabilizes your inner juices and gives you the energy to do daily activities. When no one likes it when the coffee we love gives an unpleasing smell to our mouth. 

This unpleasing odour has the ability to ruin our communication with important people as well as ruin our moods. 

The following article involves ways in which one can eliminate bad coffee breath but, lets us read what causes coffee breath in the first place?

What causes coffee breath?

Coffee beans consist of compounds such as sulfur. This sulfur produces an aroma when the beans are roasted. The sulfur gets even stronger when boiled. This causes the coffee to make the consumer’s mouth dry, further worsening the bad breath. 

Coffee also steals away the flow of saliva from the mouth making it dehydrated. This action is caused by caffeine, which highly contributes to coffee. 

Tannins that are molecules found in coffee can also cause coffee breath. Due to the presence of tannin, our mouth feels parched after drinking a cup of coffee. Tannin is also present in other beverage leaves such as tea and other plants. 

Tannin is also responsible for the sin of washing away saliva. Saliva forms a really important element for the mouth as it is responsible for swallowing foods, removing debris, and for killing odour-causing bacteria. 

The inhibiting of bacteria in the mouth releases volatile sulfur compounds (VSC), often referred to as sulfur gas. This sulfur gas becomes the root cause of coffee breath. 

How to get rid of coffee breath?

You can get rid of coffee breath by following any of these methods: 

  • Consuming an odor-neutralizing snack         
Coffee Breath

Eating odor-neutralizing snacks helps in producing saliva that helps in cleaning the odor-producing bacteria in the mouth. You can consume fresh and raw vegetables and fruits that include apples, carrots, celery, and parsley. This will help in eliminating the bad breath one gets after drinking coffee. 

  • Decrease the amount of milk and sugar

Cutting down the amount of sugar and milk incorporated in the coffee will prevent the accumulation of coffee breath.

 When any kind of dairy is added to a beverage, the bacteria of the milk begin to spread by multiplying themselves. These bacteria help in the breaking down of lactose contained by the milk. The uneasy odor that one gets after consuming coffee is the side-effect of that breakdown. 

If you cannot drink coffee without any dairy or sugar, try adding less amount of milk to your coffee and substitute sugar with honey. Studies have shown a significant cut down in coffee breath when this method is followed. 

  • Lots of water

Gulping down water helps in eliminating the coffee breath immediately. All you have to do is to drink lots of water before and after consuming coffee.

After drinking coffee, take a mouthful of water and swish it with the mouth closed for a few seconds or even a minute. This will prevent the stubborn bacteria from settling down on the mouth palette and releasing the coffee breath. 

You can also drink water infused with some lemon juice instead of plain water to give a fresh feeling to your mouth. 

  • Chewing gum
Coffee Breath

Like odor neutralizing fruits and vegetables, gum can also help in producing saliva. This is easily available and also gives you a flavor while eliminating the coffee breath. It is advised to go for sugar-free yet flavorful chewing gum.

One can eliminate the coffee breath by continuously chewing a piece of gum until the odor is gone. It cleans the lingering bacteria from the mouth palette as well as helps in whitening your teeth. It also fights against plaque acids hence, protecting the teeth from decaying. 

  • Chewing ginger

The ginger consists of a lemony and citrus flavor. While chewing a piece of ginger, along with its authentic flavors, it also gives a warm earthy taste to one’s palette. This helps one to get fresh breath by cleaning the coffee breath. 

Chew a small piece of ginger after drinking coffee. Chewing ginger will release its anti-bacterial juices which will kill the odor-causing bacteria. 

Along with aiding coffee breath, it will also help in digesting a heavy coffee beverage. 

  • Chewing cloves
Coffee Breath

Though cloves do not have a spice element, they certainly take very hotly and strong. Chewing this aromatic spice after drinking coffee will help to get rid of coffee breath. 

Chewing this for a longer time might cause difficulty so, chomp onto a clove for few seconds or a minute and then remove it. These few seconds of clove treatment will benefit one with a fresh breath by giving a tiny hint of sweetness. 

  • Eating probiotic yogurt

Probiotic yogurt contains a large number of good bacteria as it has odor-neutralizing power. The good bacteria help in eliminating the odor-causing bad bacteria hence, giving one relief from coffee breath. 

Consume one or two spoons of probiotic yogurt after drinking coffee. Instead of swallowing it at once, keep spreading and gently swishing it across the mouth. At that time, the yogurt kills the stubborn bacteria giving you an odor-less mouth. 

  • Brushing with zinc-containing toothpaste
Coffee Breath

Brushing your teeth with a toothpaste that contains zinc helps in eliminating the coffee breath. It is safe to use and helps in preventing common gum diseases. Help yourself immediately with this type of toothpaste after drinking coffee. 

Zinc prevents the breaking down of enzymes into amino acids and eventually helps in killing the bacteria. The zinc ions present in the toothpaste helps in reducing plaque bacteria hence, killing the odor-causing bacteria and protect the tooth from cavities.

Ways to prevent getting coffee breath?

Coffee Breath

Below are given simple ways in which one can avoid getting the mouth accumulated with coffee breath: 

  • Start drinking black coffee with less sugar. 
  • Lower the amount of dairy (animal milk or plant milk) in your coffee.
  • Try incorporating coffee with cinnamon powder or its stick. 
  • There are options available to switch from regular coffee to black tea, caffeine-free chicory root coffee, or caffeinated herbal tea. 

In short, you don’t need to stop drinking coffee to get rid of the coffee breath. Just follow the above methods and you are done. 

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