Can Cold Shower Before Bed Help You To Fall Asleep Faster? Know About The Benefits!

Imagine this: after a long day of sweltering heat, you come home and you stand under the shower. The cold water hits you and you instantly feel a sense of calmness spreading through their body. 

Ahh, pure bliss!! 

Well, cold showers are not only the best way to cool off your body after a long day but did you know that having a cold shower before bed can help you to fall asleep instantly? 

Having a cold shower before bed acts as a pleasurable experience for the body and helps you to fall asleep faster by subtly regulating the body’s circadian rhythm. 

But can a cold water shower help us to fall asleep? 

If you are also curious to find the answer and wondering how a cold shower can have such a drastic effect on the body’s circadian rhythm, continue reading the article then as we share with you all the details. 

How does core body temperature affect sleep? 

Before we further elaborate on the benefits of cold showers, let us first look at how our body temperature can affect our sleep. 

Our bodies are controlled by a 24-hour master clock known as the circadian rhythm. This master clock regulates when to wake up, when to sleep and when to eat. 

This circadian rhythm also controls the energy levels of the body by regulating the core body temperatures. To fall asleep, the core body temperature should be lowered by one degree. Showering before bed helps in regulating the ideal temperature for sleep. 

Cold Shower Before Bed

What are the benefits of a cold water shower?

  1. Cold showers help in stimulating the immune system. When we immerse ourselves in a cold shower, our body naturally tries to warm us up. This process speeds up metabolism and results in a spike in white blood cell count. 
  1. Studies have showcased that cold showers activate the sympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the fight-or-flight response. This in turn results in a flood of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline hormones released into the brain which produces a natural and drug-free antidepressant effect. 
  1. Want to shed a couple of pounds before you go to bed? Then having a cold shower before going to bed is the answer for you. A cold shower helps in accelerating the metabolism process. When we shower in cold water, our body adapts to the process by creating brown fat cells in the bloodstream. These cells burn extra energy and help in producing a slimming effect. 
  1. The effect of cold water on the skin is twofold. It constricts the blood vessels and tightens the pore which visibly helps in decreasing puffiness or inflammation. Also, cold water improves blood circulation giving you a radiant, healthy look. One of the key reasons why ice is used on the skin before applying makeup. 
  1. Coldwater not only provides benefits for the skin but is also beneficial for our hair. Taking a cold shower helps you in preventing hair loss. It locks in the moisture and flattens out the cuticle so that the breakage can be reduced. Also, not to forget, cold water makes your hair shinier and healthier. 

Can a cold water shower before bed be beneficial? 

As mentioned earlier, the body’s circadian rhythm maintains the energy levels of the body, and to fall asleep, the core temperature needs to be lowered by one degree. 

A cold shower helps in causing a rapid decrease in the body’s temperature. However, cold showers also put your body on high alert and that is something you do not want to do before bed. 

When we shower in cold water, since the body’s temperature decreases rapidly, our body is sent into an overdrive where it turns to warm the body and this increases metabolic processes. 

The metabolic processes can indeed help you to shed off some kilos but it also puts the body into a high alert mode which then makes it difficult for the body to fall asleep. Also, having a cold shower is extremely difficult for a person who is living in the colder regions of the world. 

And that is the reason, having a cold shower before bed is not recommended to all. On the other hand, looking at the downsides of having a cold shower before bed, warm showers are often recommended to such people before bedtime. 

When we have a warm shower, our body starts to rapid-cool the body which helps the core temperature to reach an optimal degree. The stored heat energy is also released which alleviates the tension of the muscles and helps them to relax. 

Warm showers also help in relaxing toxins which promotes healing and relieves the symptoms of anxiety and tension, thus promoting a good night’s sleep. 

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Other methods to make you fall asleep faster

Having a shower before bed every night is not always possible, especially during winters, and is also a personal choice. But there are some other measures too that can help you to fall asleep faster. 

  1. Always try to fall asleep at the same time every night. This will help in keeping your body in a routine. 
  2. Try to sleep in a dark room or a room with minimum lighting. You can also decrease the lights in your room as you reach your bedtime. 
  3. Avoid doing any activities that increase alertness and also abstain from drinking alcohol or coffee before going to bed. 
  4. The room temperature also plays a very important role during sleep. So make sure your room is at the ideal temperature. 
  5. Always keep your bedroom for sleeping purposes only. Abstain yourself from all electronic gadgets. 
  6. Engaging yourself in a relaxing routine before going to bed. Aromatherapy or doing some light exercises, meditation, or yoga can help you to fall asleep faster. 

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Now there you go, everything you need to know whether you should have a cold shower before bed or not. 

The cold shower provides numerous benefits but it is not recommended to all as it puts the body into an alert mode. Also, cold showers are not possible for someone who lives in colder regions of the world. 

However, a cold shower is extremely beneficial for someone who spends his/her day in the sweltering heat and just wants to relax at the end of the day. 

Therefore, in conclusion, we can just say it is your personal choice and upon your body on how it will react to a cold shower. But we do recommend you to at least give it a shot. 

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