Are You Constantly Experiencing Cold Sweats? Learn About Causes & Treatments

Our body has different mechanisms inbuilt in it to maintain proper harmony and normal functioning of the system and one such mechanism is sweating. The main function of sweating is to regulate the optimal temperature of the body. When we feel hot and heated, our body produces droplets of sweat which upon evaporation makes our body cool. It also helps in providing a better grip and moistens the surfaces of our palms and soles. 

Now try to imagine another situation. You are sweating profusely but you are simultaneously shivering and having chills throughout the body. Quite disturbing to imagine right? Well, the above mentioned is not only imagination but an actual representation of a medical condition which is known as cold sweats. 

Are cold sweats harmful? Or is it a symptom of an underlying chronic condition? Continue reading the article to know more about this condition then 

What are cold sweats?

Diaphoresis is the medical term given to “Cold sweats”. This condition refers to the sudden sweating of the body that does not occur due to heat and toil. It is the body’s response to stress and cold sweats fall under the fight and flight mechanism of the body. Cold sweats commonly occur in palms, armpits and soles.

Generally, we sweat when we are feeling hot or doing some laborious won’t but in the case of cold sweats, it is completely different. It occurs suddenly and can occur at any temperature and time. Cold sweat is often compared to night sweats as it also falls under the broad spectrum of diaphoresis. However, unlike cold sweats, night sweats occur only while sleeping. 

Cold sweat causes 

cold sweats

Like we stated earlier, cold sweats act as a flight or fight mechanism of the body to different situations. Therefore, the causes of cold sweats can be wide and varied. It is also sometimes an indication of an underlying chronic condition and hence some of the most common causes are:

1. Shock- 

When the optimal level of blood does not reach the brain and the other vital organs, it leads to a condition known as shock. The lack of blood delivers insufficient nutrients and oxygen to the organs which lead to the condition of stress in the body. 

Shock is a life-threatening condition and immediate treatment is needed for the further proper functioning of the body. Look out for symptoms like sudden rapid heartbeat, pulse rate and dizziness along with cold sweats to diagnose shock condition.


If a person suffering from infections like sepsis and other severe conditions can also lead to cold sweats or to the shock condition in this matter.


Fainting or sudden temporary loss of consciousness is known as fainting. Imbalance in blood pressure levels generally leads to syncope. A person suffering from syncope will start having cold sweats profusely and can also experience sudden and severe bouts of nausea and dizziness.


Pain due to injuries like fractures and amputations can also lead to cold sweats. 

5.Heart attacks- 

Cold sweat is considered on the biggest sign for myocardial infarction. Cold sweats can be an early sign and if it is accompanied with extreme chest pain or if you feel immense pressure in your chest, arms and neck, immediately call a doctor or take the affected person to the nearest hospital.


Low blood glucose is a fairly common occurrence in people suffering from diabetes and when it reaches an extreme level, the brain considers the situation as an emergency and therefore produces cold sweats as a response to it.

7.Fear and anxiety- 

One of the most common causes of cold sweats is fear and anxiety. It can cause stress for anyone and it leads to activation of fight or flight mechanism in the body which then can produce cold sweats as a reaction to it.

Nausea, vertigo, dizziness, migraine and menopause can also be some other causes of cold sweats.

Cold sweats treatments

There are no specific treatments for cold sweats. If you want the cold sweats to go away, you have to treat the underlying causes. However, that being said there are some effective tips that can help you to prevent the repeated recurrence of cold sweats in the body and that are:

  1. Keep your skin clean and dry. Personal hygiene is extremely important to keep cold sweats at a bay. Use antibacterial soaps to prevent the odour that comes with cold sweat and does not forget to pat your skin dry after the bath.

 Drying will not only keep the formation of bacterial infections away but will also help you to ease the discomfort caused due to cold sweats.

  1. If you are someone who has been suffering cold sweats occurring repeatedly on your feet, wearing clean socks and alternating shoes every day can be a great help for you. Wear absorbent footwear in that matter. 

Wear socks that are made of the material that can effectively absorb the excess moisture from your feet.

  1. If the cause of cold sweats is due to stress and anxiety, try implementing yoga, meditation and biofeedback in your daily life to combat against the daily stress and anxiety. You can also use essential oils for amelioration.
  1. Food and beverages like certain fatty foods and caffeine can increase the occurrence of cold sweats. Try to exclude or avoid them as much as possible to reduce the number of cold sweats incidents.

Underlying chronic conditions can also be managed with medications like: 

  1. Prescribed antiperspirants
  2. Nerve blockers that prevent nerves to inform the brain to induce sweating
  3. Antidepressants
  4. Botox injections that block sweating inducing nerves. 

Now there you go, everything you need to know about the condition of cold sweats. Cold sweats are not the problems as it is considered as a symptom or sign for an underlying chronic condition. For treating cold sweats, eradicate the root cause of the problem. 

If you are suffering from a frequent recurrence of cold sweats, consult a doctor immediately as ignoring the condition will further aggravate the situation. With the help of correct diagnosis and proper treatments and medications, cold sweats can be easily cured and eradicated. 

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